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Workers’ Party leaders re-elected ahead of anticipated early General Election

The Workers’ Party reaffirms leadership with Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim staying on after Cadre Members’ Conference. New Central Executive Committee includes seasoned veterans and fresh faces, gearing up for imminent elections.



The Workers’ Party (WP) has reaffirmed its leadership ahead of Singapore’s anticipated next general election, with Secretary-General Pritam Singh and Chairwoman Sylvia Lim retaining their top positions following the party’s Cadre Members’ Conference held today.

The conference, convened at HUONE Singapore, saw the re-election of 14 members to the WP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), including Mr Singh and Ms Lim.

The newly elected leadership team includes a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging leaders poised to steer the party through the upcoming electoral season.

Ms Sylvia Lim, aged 59, will continue to serve as Chair of the Workers’ Party, while Mr Pritam Singh, aged 48, retains his role as Secretary-General.

Among the notable members elected to the CEC are former MPs and longstanding party figures, reflecting a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds crucial for effective governance.

The newly elected members to the CEC are:

  1. Mr Ang Boon Yaw, 42
  2. Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis, 37
  3. Mr Foo Seck Guan Kenneth, 47
  4. Mr Gerald Giam, 47
  5. Ms He Ting Ru, 41
  6. Mr Nathaniel Koh, 41
  7. Ms Lee Li Lian, 46
  8. Dr Jamus Lim, 48
  9. Mr Low Thia Khiang, 68
  10. Mr Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap, 49
  11. Mr Tan Kong Soon, 47
  12. Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong, 54

This newly constituted CEC has commenced its term immediately, underscoring the party’s readiness for the electoral challenges ahead.

Former Punggol East SMC MP Lee Li Lian’s return to the CEC marks a notable comeback after stepping down from her position in 2021.

The decision to convene the Cadre Members’ Conference approximately six months ahead of its anticipated schedule in November this year is seen as preparation for the upcoming general election, expected to be held in the coming months.

Details regarding specific appointments within the CEC will be announced in due course, as the leadership gears up for the upcoming electoral contest.

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we need a balance party in Parliament.

Can we have more oppositions? cheaper-err, faster-err, and better-err? What do you think?

Last edited 13 days ago by john lim

Reasha Khan Got Yellow Ribbon Or Not.

some fools cant see what are free riders. give you 1 example: back door parachuters.


Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

Marine Parade residents IN for DOUBLE BONUS of Luck.

MP, East Coast MRT Line just epened And NOW the PAP Administration RAID the State Reserves to BUY VOTES to begin a Bus Service to SERVE them.

Would the Govt Services, WHICH SERVES the WHOLE Nation of the People of SG, NOT ONLY M Parade, GET LTA to approve bus services in the SAME MANNER of needs IN VARIOUS OPPOSITION wards?


Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

I observed there’s an ABNORMAL, RECORD BREAKING neighbourhood renovation works, estate refreshing works, lift upgrading works ISLAND WIDE – VOTERS have to SIT UP, the PAP Administration IS USING a HUGE AMOUNT of tax payers money, RAIDING the Reserves to give the IMPRESSION they are improving lives.

Lan Jiao Lan Jiao Lan Jiao to the F PAP.



Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

For opposition to do well they got to unite and come out a overall GE game plan. Not asking to form alliance but work together to synergies to win. My approach will be wp to fill all the constituencies limits by their resources and the left over to be filled by psp and sdp. As the rest they should step aside as they could lose their deposit and make pap stats looks good. Understand what the voters want, simply blaming them doesn’t help as you don’t even understand what they looking for and think. No point telling them how the… Read more »

Many many 100s of 1000s of Singaporeans, Voters has been tricked, lied to by this PAP Administration for dozens and dozens of years – and many many PRIME years, PRODUCTIVE years of cultivation of SGons into smart, real smart people, wise people HAS BEEN LOST to UNFAIR competition with FOREIGN Trash ENWCTED SUPPORTED by PAP Millionaire Pigs. And also GIVING out 100s of Millions WORTH of Scholarships to FOREIGNERS INSTEAD of the PAP INVESTING in own people. The PAP Administration LIED, TWISTED their mandate MEANS they can DO any damn F thing. Giving MANDATE to PAP is to tame inflation,… Read more »

Sheegaporeans NEED to CRUCIALLY and CRITICALLY examine to decide – when the world is moving towards a CONSERVATIVE order of Most existing Political Orders – is the PAP Administration a future for SG, to MOVE AHEAD, LESS RELIANCE on Foreign Trash for ALMOST EVERY DAMN thing (recent incidents of FATALITIES, ACCIDENTS, pure COINCIDENCE of Million Dollars Monsters performances?), and to TRY OUT a more POSITIVE future for OUR CHILDREN and GRAND Children WHEN this PAP Administration of NO BLAME CULTURE has been nothing BUT DISMAL and MORE DISMALs. GIVE the Opposition a CHANCE. THEY are MORE DESERVING than COMPLACENT PAP.… Read more »

Is there anything NEW, anything EARTHSHAKING reasons for Voters to keep PAP Administration? Look at the NUMEROUS DEPROGRESSions of PAP – a. Keppel Corruption b. Bungalow Scandals AGAINST wishes and aspirations of 80 per cent of population of HDB Flat Stayers, Buyers. c. DECRIMINALISATION of Keppel Board, Keppel Managers, Keppel Owners. d. Constant Harass of Voters Choices of THEIR ELECTED Reps. e. Oil Spill SCREW UP. f. LTA WASTE of 100$ of million$ of Citizens Moneys. g. TFR FAILURE. h. HUGE and UNPOPULAR INFLATION measures. i. Long Wait of YEARS and YEARS for Flats. j. Poor COVID measures – ALLOWED… Read more »

The problem is not pappies, the problem are the free riders and pineapple lovers.

Best Wishes to Lee Li Lian.

PAP will threaten us SGs by various methods.0ne of which is holding back our CPF to later drawn down dates or payaout lesser amounts…citing economy factors…
Theyve been holding our cpf monies for ransom for ages…
PAPs are cruel and corrupt as they come…

Last edited 15 days ago by W.A.J.

LawlanWong will pull all tricks to get a “convincing” win for himself in the next GE.

Oppies parties should therefore avoid silly mistakes like posting unverified facts, reposting hearsay, jumping to wrong conclusions, fielding unsuitable candidates for the sake of fielding candidates, invite pofma against them, etc. It is the pap that needs to win our trust now, while the Oppies don’t need to lose the existing trust. Since pap already vilify voters are Free Riders, voters should remain Free Riders – take whatever goodies from the ruling, then go vote Oppies. Lawlanwong then becomes lanlanwong, hor.


Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

Will bonafide Sinkies rise UP & show the middle finger to papee by voting for WP on every constituency they stand in or will it another KPKB they habitually make & then sneakily vote papee?

All VOTERS need Be Extremely ALERT to PAP Psychology Play –

“PAP MAY loose Elections” – akin to Lawlan Wong buying insurance.


PAP has WEAPONISED the full army of Govt Services meant to serve population at large, BUT DIRECTED them to be WMDs against Opposition Politicians WHO ARE NO LESS LOVING for the Nation of Singapore (whereas the PAP regularly, constantly, explicitly refer SG under them as a Resilient Society, with repetitive harpings on our Muslim citizens) , NO LESS SACRIFICIAL to the ENTIRE good of SG.

In fact the PAP is SUPER HYPOCRITES – classic example how do they themselves put the National Pledge into practical actions by themselves.