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Workers’ Party extends congratulations to Lawrence Wong, Singapore’s forthcoming Prime Minister

The Workers’ Party congratulates Mr Lawrence Wong on becoming Singapore’s PM. Pritam Singh, party leader, expresses thanks to outgoing PM Lee Hsien Loong and emphasizes the need for diverse voices in Parliament under Mr Wong’s leadership.



The Workers’ Party of Singapore has warmly congratulated Mr Lawrence Wong on his appointment as the nation’s fourth Prime Minister.

Mr Wong, aged 51, will officially assume office on Wednesday (15 May), succeeding Mr Lee Hsien Loong, 72, who has been at the helm for the last 20 years.

In a heartfelt statement, Pritam Singh, Leader of the Opposition and Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, expressed gratitude towards Mr Lee for his extensive service, noting, “We sincerely thank Mr Lee Hsien Loong for his long years of public service and leadership, including his two decades as Singapore’s third Prime Minister.”

Mr Singh highlighted the challenges that Mr Wong will face, stating, “Mr Wong is stepping into the leadership role at a time of greater political contestation, with our electorate demanding increased transparency and a more significant role in shaping public policy.” He emphasized that the inclusion of diverse voices through elected opposition members in Parliament “serves as a crucial stabilizer and a testament to the strength and confidence in our people and our democratic process.”

The Workers’ Party underscored their commitment to constructive politics under Mr Wong’s leadership.

“We wish incoming Prime Minister Wong the very best as he steps into his new role. The Workers’ Party will continue to advance the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans, ensuring a robust and vibrant legislative debate,” added Mr Singh.

The transition was set into motion when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong formally announced his intention to resign on Monday after an earlier announcement by his office on 15 April.

In his letter to President Tharman Shanmugaratnam, he lauded Mr Wong’s preparedness to lead, “I now formally advise you to invite Mr Lawrence, who commands the confidence of the majority of Members of Parliament, to form the next government.”

Responding to Mr Lee’s resignation, President Tharman praised Mr Lee’s “four decades of selfless service” and conveyed his intention to appoint Mr Wong as Prime Minister. “Your sense of duty and integrity, wisdom and compassion, have set a high standard, and will inspire those who follow,” he stated.

Furthermore, addressing Mr Wong, President Tharman expressed his unequivocal confidence in Mr Wong’s capabilities: “I have every confidence that as Prime Minister, you will lead Singapore with honour and ensure the continued stability and vitality of our nation.”

As part of the leadership transition, Mr Wong announced a Cabinet reshuffle on Monday, promoting Mr Gan Kim Yong to Deputy Prime Minister while retaining his role as Minister for Trade and Industry.

The official swearing-in of Mr Wong and the new appointments will occur on Wednesday at 8pm, marking a new chapter in Singapore’s governance.

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Great of WP to do the right thing – gentleman action to offer greetings, goodwill to Lawless Wong tho the sincerity underlying greetings dubious or not. It’s normal to be skeptical – after all who can take the weaponsied laws used by PAP to smother SG opposition?

Ah Singh : Hey, you Boss now can give chance or not?
LW : What? You know someone is still looking over my shoulders!😆😆😆🤣🤣😆😆