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Pap replaces Sengkang branch chair to lead efforts in reclaiming GRC from Workers’ Party

The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in Singapore revealed the selection of a fresh branch chair for the Sengkang Group Representation Constituency on Thursday (Oct 26).

Effective November 1, Mr Marcus Loh is set to lead the Sengkang East division, succeeding Mr Ling Weihong.



SINGAPORE: On Thursday (Oct 26), the ruling party of the Singapore People’s Action Party (PAP) unveiled the appointment of a new branch chair within the opposition-led Sengkang Group Representation Constituency.

Commencing from November 1, Mr Marcus Loh will assume leadership of the Sengkang East division, taking over from Mr Ling Weihong.

Mr Ling, who was introduced in March 2022 as part of a refreshed PAP slate, will be reassigned within the party structure.

Joining Associate Professor Elmie Nekmat (Sengkang Central), Ms Theodora Lai Xi Yi (Sengkang North), and former Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West), Mr Loh forms part of a team that aims to reclaim the GRC from the Workers’ Party during the upcoming General Election.

Dr Lam remains the sole survivor from the PAP’s Sengkang lineup in the previous 2020 polls, where the party was ultimately defeated by a Workers’ Party slate featuring Ms He Ting Ru, Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Mr Louis Chua, and Ms Raeesah Khan, who subsequently resigned following an incident of falsehood in parliament.

During the announcement, the PAP highlighted Mr Loh’s extensive involvement as a party activist since 2015, serving on the council of its policy forum and also as a member of its Southeast District’s executive committee.

Presently aged 40, Mr Loh serves as the director and head of strategic communication, public affairs, and corporate marketing at a Singaporean digital transformation services firm. His professional background includes working at Temus, a startup predominantly owned by state investor Temasek, as per his LinkedIn profile.

The PAP described Mr Loh as a strong advocate for a meritocratic society that places value on diverse talents and offers opportunities for redemption.

Furthermore, he is actively engaged in the Industry Advisory Committee at the Singapore University of Social Sciences’ School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, as well as the Singapore Management University Alumni Philanthropy Council.

On Thursday, Mr. Loh affirmed the news on Facebook, expressing his humility in taking up the significant responsibility of Sengkang East chairperson.

“I am determined to roll up my sleeves and build on our Party’s record of service for Sengkang residents over many years through the sincere efforts of the chairpersons and activists before me.”

“As one PAP team, we will continue to work hard to earn the trust of every resident, win the mandate to represent your aspirations and build a future for Singapore with bigger hearts, broader minds and bolder spirits.”

Mr Loh was elected president of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore in 2019 and is a fellow at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre’s Company of Good initiative.

Mr Loh holds a degree in communication from Edith Cowan University, as well as master’s degrees in science from the University of Ireland and Singapore Management University. Additionally, he completed an executive program in public leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Following the restructuring of the PAP’s Sengkang GRC team last year, political analysts suggested that the new members would have more time to establish connections with the community before the forthcoming elections, giving residents the opportunity to assess them against the incumbent Workers’ Party candidates.

The Workers’ Party’s triumph in 2020 marked Sengkang as the second GRC to be controlled by an opposition party, following Aljunied, which the Workers’ Party has held since 2011.

The defeated PAP team in Sengkang included labour chief Ng Chee Meng and former Senior Parliamentary Secretary Amrin Amin.

Singapore’s next General Election must be conducted by 2025.

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We need solutions, not price increases. My kid also can PM !

The white termite colony knows why SK fell to WP in the last election. Because most SK residents are young people and the white termite team there was comprised of some lao-kokok, all did not match nicely.
When JL came for the challenge there, with his babyface look and high qualification, he attracted many more votes.
If in the next election WP sends a chio young lady to one GRC, the chance is there. The white termite colony will follow suit, just like SXL vs NS in the past election…

Dun need to think Replacement theory … Old to them is NOT reliable… Will chao keng and so on. Then they know their rights Too Much. Compare to a NEWBIES still trying to please their Boss!!! And will let boss trample their rights!

MY CB (cuckoo bird) ask me” Did we really need so many MP’s? If yes then why served Part Time?

For jobs creations: Why cant they have a portal separately for those seeking for elderly seeking for jobs? don’t copy my idea hor.

They should have a portals targeted for age 50, 60, 70 etc. for serious employers, rather than mixed them up with the juniors age 24 to 40’s seeking for jobs? What do you think?

Thank you CB!

Wonder how is the Is-warranted case?

Yes, white is clean.

Grassroots need to follow orders from master

Last edited 7 months ago by Senkehpoh

Dun need to create so much shit everywhere already. Come Seng Kang and get the electoral voters to clean your arse! Rich People Perorgative!

Dun need to focus here. Ain’t voting another wayang party.

Google always hack my location. One of the abusive tech with zero accountability. Dunno why always changing locations. Cannot be trusted at all.

Excellent career move for the PAP team. Will be placed like the ” Kate Spade,” MP. Surely will earn millions of dollars. No need to win Sengkang. Leave it to WP. We need them in Parliament to represent not only Sengkang but all Singaporeans. You guys can lose and be rewarded by LHL.

definitely … A SUICIDE SQUAD !!!
and brother NG left the boat (for a better GRC)

Only their mothers can love them and vote for them…
Remove the PAP badge and fight on your own, you cowards.

Haha!!! What about 5 more GRCs PAP basturds will lose in this election??

Common practice by PAP is to replace rubbish with garbage.

70% pineapple tarts lovers :

1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase etc etc etc

What do you think?

To me I interpret as sacrificial lambs.