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Early morning fire at Kranji Crescent doused by SCDF after intense three-Hour operation

Singapore Civil Defence Force quickly doused a fire at 11 Kranji Crescent at 2:25 AM on Thursday, deploying 50 personnel and advanced tech. No injuries were reported, and the cause is under investigation.



In a swift response to an emergency call in the early hours of Thuirsday morning (28 Mar), the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was dispatched to a blaze at 11 Kranji Crescent, an industrial location.

The fire, reported at approximately 2:25 a.m., saw flames engulfing waste materials within a 20m by 20m sorting and processing area of the premises.

Upon arrival, the SCDF team found the fire to be well alight, presenting a significant challenge.

A robust firefighting operation was immediately launched, deploying an extensive array of equipment including four water jets, two foam jets, and an advanced unmanned firefighting machine.

The concerted effort of the firefighters paid off, with the fire being successfully extinguished within a three-hour window.

Post-extinguishment, the SCDF has been actively involved in “damping down” operations, a critical process of applying water to burnt surfaces to prevent any potential re-ignition from the remaining heat.

This operation saw the deployment of 10 emergency vehicles and approximately 50 personnel, showcasing the SCDF’s readiness and capacity to tackle large-scale emergencies.

Prior to the SCDF’s arrival, 25 individuals at the premises took swift action to evacuate, ensuring that there were no injuries reported in the incident.

According to SCDF, the case of fire is still under investigation.

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Nice…let it burnt!