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SCDF officer faces charge in connection with the tragic death of 19-yr-old SCDF NSF

In the aftermath of SGT1 Edward H Go’s tragic demise last December, the Singapore Police Force has charged a senior SCDF officer for procedural violations and is investigating another, casting a harsh light on potential operational lapses and prompting sweeping introspection within the SCDF regarding firefighting protocols and leadership scrutiny.



A palpable tension shrouds the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as it grapples with the aftermath of the tragic death of Sergeant 1 (SGT1) Edward H Go, a 19-year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF), and the ensuing legal and procedural ramifications.

The Singapore Police Force stated on Saturday (14 Oct) that a 38-year-old SCDF officer, who acted as the superior of SGT1 Go during the fateful operation on 8 December 2022, will be charged on 16 October (Monday) for allegedly violating standard operational procedures, leading to the tragic incident.

The charge, slated under Section 338(a) of the Penal Code 1871, accuses the officer of causing grievous hurt by a rash act which endangers life or the personal safety of others.

A conviction could result in a penalty of up to four years of imprisonment, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

According to the police, the officer allegedly left SGT1 Go alone in the fire-engulfed unit in Block 91 to combat the blaze independently, without notifying any team members, starkly contravening SCDF’s standard firefighting protocols.

The death, certified by autopsy as suffocation due to a depleted air cylinder, was not linked to equipment failure, as per investigative findings.

However, the circumstances surrounding the incident have catapulted the SCDF into a thorough introspective review of its operational protocols and safety measures.

SCDF Commissioner Eric Yap, in a press briefing held at the SCDF’s headquarters in Ubi, expressed that the charged officer defied the SCDF’s firefighting doctrine by leaving SGT1 Go unaccompanied in the unit.

Moreover, another officer, implicated in having potentially compromised the overall safety of the firefighting operation upon assuming command, has been referred by the police to SCDF for further investigations concerning the incident.

Pending these investigations, the officer has been reassigned to a non-supervisory and non-operational post.

SGT1 Go’s demise, occurring amidst the hazardous operation at Henderson Road, where firefighters forcefully entered a smoke-engulfed, two-room unit on the fourth floor, has spurred SCDF into initiating a comprehensive review of its firefighting methodologies, safety measures, equipment, and training.

Commissioner Yap noted, “The SCDF doctrine on firefighting is consistently and systematically imparted to our officers and is a practiced norm on the ground. However, moving forward based on the internal review group’s recommendation, enhancements, including an emphasis on command responsibility and exercises to assess their command and control abilities, will be instated.”

An audit of over 260 firefighting operations, conducted between January 2021 and December 2022, was undertaken as part of the review to assess the competence and safety of command and control within operations.

Though deemed competent and safe, occasional individual lapses were identified, which, according to Yap, are not uncommon in dynamic, high-stakes operations such as firefighting.

To mitigate such lapses, the SCDF has fortified measures, ensuring that equipment is diligently checked upon arrival before entry into fire sites and stressing the criticality of adherence to operational protocols.

In a poignant tribute and sombre reflection of the perilous nature of their duty, the SCDF held a ceremonial funeral last December to honour the brave and dedicated NSF.

The funeral, organized with the concurrence of the NSF’s grieving family, stood as a solemn remembrance and a heartbreaking farewell to a young life dedicated to service and bravery.

The NSF was also posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant 1 (SGT1) from the rank of Corporal and given full ceremonial honours during a “last call” symbolised by the sounding of fire call alarms across SCDF’s 23 fire stations as well as its headquarters, division HQs and the Civil Defence Academy.

In previous statements, the SCDF meticulously outlined SGT1 Go’s training and operational history, painting a picture of a committed young man, singularly devoted to his duty and service. SGT1 Go enlisted with the SCDF to serve his National Service on 5 January 2022 and embarked on a rigorous 12-week firefighter training course starting on 3 February 2022.

He successfully completed his training on 28 April and was subsequently posted to the Central Fire Station on 4 May 2022, after demonstrating his proficiency by successfully completing his firefighter course.

Prior to his enlistment, SGT1 Go was certified as medically fit and assessed to be of Physical Employment Standards’ (PES) A, according to the SCDF.

As per the Central Manpower Base’s website, individuals within PES A and PES B1 are suitable for frontline operational vocations, reflecting a high level of physical fitness and readiness.

It was mentioned that after completing his firefighter course, he responded to more than 20 fire and rescue incidents, highlighting his active engagement and dedication to his role.

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So finally they’ve found their fall guy. Any big fish to be fried? I guess not. And this poor fella have to bear the brunt of it all while some overly paid pen pusher who’s in charge gets away with another overpaid monthly salary.
I guess that’s the way it works here where there’s 2 systems. And not forgetting the untouchables.

There is always a scape goat to be found. What do you think?

Wow wow. It seems they afraid of a match stick – running away from even people burning incense during prayers time.

Politicians in Sheegapore, take the world’s highest salaries, enjoy the best of the best of super good lives, and happy working, satisfy themselves they done a bloody good job. No match from anywhere.

But, what about responsibly and admission of fallibilities (no, they are gods?). Yes there is – IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S problems and THEIR MISTAKES, NOTHING to do with these Politicians.

They have to find a scrape goat and push the shit …somewhere…every case….different case…EVERY TIME!
Which explains why after decades your own self check ownself system is always ‘PROTECTING’ those same kinds!
Swee boh?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

In fairness, the public should first be informed: 1) how long did the officer left the deceased to be alone; 1min, 5min, 1hour? 2) how long should an oxygen cylinder last? 30sec, 10min, 30 min? 3) was sufficient personnel dispatched to fight the fire in the first place? How were they deployed? (I asked because previously, my neighbor’s father had a fall, called the ambulance, and when that arrived, the paramedic was alone, couldn’t lift the guy onto the stretcher. So a couple of us had to help. It is the ambulance service FAILURE to ensure what they dispatched can… Read more »

Cylinder not full….hmmm
Buddy leaves him during critical operation….hmmm
During SCDF investigation……this never come up…..hmmmm
1 person getting charged…..hmmmm
Looks like SCDF CPA is malfunctioning.
Police also lobang, SCDF lobang, Army, Navy, Air Force….hmmmm
Something wrong in CCC.

In the first place, why does the ruling government need conscripts to be firefighters? A “First world” country cannot afford a fully professional fire brigade? If cost is the issue, what are the national reserves for? For the ruling elite to stare at and feel wealthy? Also what about the road obstruction and the fact that those HDB flats did not have a dedicated area for firefighting vehicles? Is the Town Council / HDB not at fault too? Where are the charges against them for negligence? Perhaps some money can be funnelled from the “Life taking force” (The paper military)… Read more »

This shows how incompetent our how-liao million$ PM/ministers are. SG is a VERY small place, the common-daily life issues we faced are not excessive – other countries face wildfires that waste 1000s hectares of land, endangering 10,000s of animals and humans, yet they are up to the task. Here, our authorities can’t even indoctrinate correctly the procedures to fight fire in a small (aka HDB?) unit of likely less than 80 sq.m.

So sia suay, hor. We really, really, really have to ask if our million$ PM/ministers are worth what they pay themselves for. Such shameful leadership, indeed.

Here, Is-Ra-El, At It Again, And Again.

Blame It On The Sea Pirates Of The Old World, But Definitely NOT Admiral Cheng Ho.

After 12weeks training, can fight fires? Scrap the NS and have trade schools and a professional army. Why use our children as cheap labour for two years?


NEGLIGENCE OF SCDF !!!! What do you think?

I am indeed very sad to hear this news.

RIP my friend. God Bless

CB (cuckoo bird) ask me:
1) Why send an in experienced 19 yr old National Serviceman to fight the fire?

2) Why not send the Mini star’s son an see what these stars said?

3) Is this another situation of SCDF drowning case where the regulars bully the NS

4) What is the compensation for some one’s lost son?

5) Do we have lack of fire fighters?

6) Why not send foreign imported fighters instead than sacrificing our Singaporeans?
Good jobs go to foreigners?

7) Any heads roll?

Thank you CB !!!

Seems like SCDF had learnt nothing since the ragging well-drowning of a NSF in 2018. Clearly they have leadership issues. Oh, could it be because the minister-in-charge is too busy defending his Ridout saga and chasing LHY?

Can’t sue mindef .

70% right .

Deserve it .

“The death, certified by autopsy as suffocation due to a depleted air cylinder, was not linked to equipment failure, as per investigative findings” Comment: I can imagine how his parents must feel to read that his death was really and totally avoidable if simple but critical safety steps were taken. First, how on earth could he run out of air fighting a fire? Obviously, either the air cylinder was not full (which means no prior check was done) or he (Go) was fighting the fire beyond the capacity of the air cylinder. The questions to ask; how long does a… Read more »

Tekan him wash toilet lah .

Can’t wash toilet anymore .