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Singapore firefighters swiftly respond to HDB flat fire in Tampines

In a harrowing incident, Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) successfully rescued two individuals stranded on a Tampines apartment’s fifth-floor window ledge during a fierce blaze. Their heroic efforts averted potential tragedy in a daring aerial rescue operation.




SINGAPORE: Firefighters swiftly responded to a distressing situation on Sunday (15 Oct) when a fire erupted in a fifth-floor HDB unit in Tampines.

The blaze left two individuals stranded precariously on their window ledge, prompting a daring rescue operation.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) received the fire alert at approximately 9:10 pm that day. They acted promptly, utilizing a water jet to extinguish the fire engulfing Block 872A Tampines Street 86.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the fire’s source likely stemmed from the batteries of two personal mobility devices (PMDs) left charging in the living room.

The SCDF confirmed that the fire primarily impacted items within the living room of the aforementioned unit.

Upon their arrival at the scene, civil defence personnel forcefully entered the premises, even deploying a water cannon to douse the flames.

Two individuals, desperate to escape the fire, resorted to climbing out of windows. One found precarious refuge on the kitchen window ledge, while the other became trapped on the bedroom window ledge.

Fortunately, both individuals were safely rescued by the SCDF using an aerial rescue platform.

In a remarkable turn of events, a third individual, initially stranded on the bedroom window ledge, managed to return to the unit.

Simultaneously, firefighters who had gained entry into the apartment were located and assisted the third person in returning to safety before removing them from the fire-stricken area.

The fire predominantly affected the contents of the living room within the apartment.

Throughout the firefighting process, authorities diligently evacuated 15 residents from neighbouring units, prioritizing their safety.

The three individuals rescued from the harrowing incident were promptly transported to Singapore General Hospital for medical attention.

According to a Parliamentary reply in January this year, the number of residential fires of electrical origin has remained constant from 2018 to 2022, ranging between 250 and 300 cases annually.

Through their official Facebook page, the SCDF seized this opportunity to remind the public of the importance of preventing PMD/PAB fires.

They emphasize the significance of avoiding prolonged charging periods and overnight charging, as well as refraining from using non-original batteries.


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SCDF please stop bragging !!!

Go read what happens to our 19 yr old NS fire fighter below:

” A palpable tension shrouds the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) as it grapples with the aftermath of the tragic death of Sergeant 1 (SGT1) Edward H Go, a 19-year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF), and the ensuing legal and procedural ramifications. “

What is the point of promoting him to Sergeant?????? Hello !!!! Remember a corporal was drowned by your own SCDF people.

The heads in SCDF must roll !!! What do you think?