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Man rescued from 40-metre high crane at Tuas Nexus Drive by SCDF’s elite team

In a high-stakes rescue, SCDF’s DART specialists safely evacuated a worker feeling unwell atop a 40-metre crane at Tuas Nexus Drive. The worker was later conveyed to the National University Hospital for assessment.



SINGAPORE: In a perilous situation that unfolded earlier today at 71A Tuas Nexus Drive, a man working atop a 40-metre high tower crane found himself in dire straits when he felt unwell and was unable to descend safely.

At approximately 2:25 pm on Sunday, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded swiftly, deploying firefighters and specialists from their elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART).

The operation was initiated following concerns about the well-being of the man who was stranded inside the crane cabin.

With precision and professionalism, a team of four DART specialists ascended the tower crane using a cat ladder.

Upon reaching the stricken individual, the specialists promptly set up height rescue equipment to initiate the safe evacuation of the worker.

To guarantee the worker’s safety during the descent, the DART specialists secured him onto a stretcher.

One of the DART members attached himself to the stretcher, accompanying the worker during the entire descent to ensure no mishaps occurred.

Upon reaching the ground, an SCDF paramedic was at the ready to assess the man’s health condition.

Following the preliminary assessment, the worker was promptly conveyed to the National University Hospital for further medical attention.


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