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SCDF responds to suspected fire at Jurong West

Singapore Civil Defence Force investigates suspected fire in Jurong West on Sunday (29 Oct) after reports of smoke from a 10th-floor unit.



In a recent incident at Blk 517a Jurong West on Sunday (29 Oct), the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded to reports of a suspected fire.

The exact time the SCDF was alerted remains unclear since the incident wasn’t highlighted on its social media pages.

A resident from a neighbouring block, who later shared photos with Gutzy, recalled hearing a commotion from his living room. Upon investigating, he discovered multiple fire engines and police vehicles stationed at the block’s ground floor.

Another neighbour reported a strong, pungent smell and noticed smoke billowing from a 4-room unit on the 10th floor. Fortunately, the unit was unoccupied at the time.

While no flames were visible from the outside, the actual presence of a fire within the unit remained undetermined.

Gutzy noted that the unit’s door was secured with a digital lock, not the traditional padlock.

Firefighters were on standby, equipped with tools like a water hose and a saw, prepared to force entry if deemed necessary.

The tension subsided around 10:44 PM when the unit owner was finally reached via mobile and provided the pin for the digital lock.

Upon entering, the SCDF team inspected the premises and opened the windows to dissipate the smoke.

The origin of the smoke remains unclear, but the situation was quickly managed. With everything resolved, the SCDF team packed their equipment and departed, ensuring the safety and comfort of the block’s residents.

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