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Love Aid Singapore ramps up Gaza relief efforts with aid trucks and food programs

Love Aid Singapore intensifies its Gaza relief efforts with aid trucks and food programs, aiming to alleviate the critical situation in the region. Gilbert Goh expresses gratitude for donations while highlighting the urgency amid the impending invasion of Rafah.



love aid singapore food initiative

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, took to the organization’s Instagram on Monday (25 Mar) to provide an update on their Gaza aid initiative.

He expressed gratitude for the generous donations received, emphasizing their critical and life-saving impact, particularly with the impending invasion of Rafah.

According to Mr Goh, more than 5,000 Palestinians have benefited from the daily meals provided by the food kitchens funded by Love Aid Singapore.

The initiative costs approximately US$50,000 per month, with $400,000 allocated for the food program, expected to sustain operations for six months.

In a previous update, Mr Goh mentioned his current whereabouts in Beirut, with plans to return to Cairo shortly.

He also addressed the looming reduction in funds from UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees), stating that Love Aid Singapore has disbursed US$4400 to cover this month’s kindergarten teacher salaries.

The Palestinian kindergarten, Beit Atfal Assumoud, located in Shatila, employs seven teachers and relief teachers, catering to approximately 40 to 50 children.

The salary reimbursement provided by Love Aid Singapore is intended to cover two months, anticipating the impending reduction in UNWRA funds, which threatens the sustainability of such initiatives.

Love Aid Singapore plans to send aid trucks to Rafah

Mr Goh expressed grave concern over the planned invasion of Rafah, where 1.5 million Palestinians are currently seeking refuge.

He warned that thousands could perish during the onslaught, prompting many to contemplate desperate escapes into Egypt over the borders.

Tents have been erected next to the wall dividing Rafah from Egypt, though they can only accommodate around 100,000 refugees.

The situation is already dire, with immense suffering and untold death anticipated if further fighting erupts.

Mr Goh extended heartfelt appreciation for the support received from Singaporeans in aiding Gaza during Ramadan, speaking on behalf of all Palestinians.

Love Aid Singapore aims to dispatch aid trucks to Rafah this week, with plans for 50,000 food boxes, some of which have already entered Gaza thanks to another donor.

Acknowledging limitations, Mr Goh noted that Love Aid Singapore can only provide some of the required trucks, each costing US$3,500.

Nevertheless, he hopes this food aid will alleviate the suffering in Gaza.

Mr Goh also mentioned the difficulties in connecting with orphan sponsorship contacts in Rafah amid the chaotic and uncertain conditions of the ongoing war.

He assured donors that updates would be provided once the connection is reestablished, emphasizing the need for support and prayers for their initiatives in Gaza.

He concluded by urging continued support from Singaporeans, emphasizing the importance of standing on the right side of humanity.

Donations can be made through 87745281 paynow.

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Showing to the world his glorious feat and
of course secretly hoping to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ask Hamas to surrender!!

Do you think Israel will want a 2 state solution? Anyone?