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Love Aid Singapore donates US$20,000 to support Gaza orphans

Love Aid Singapore, led by Gilbert Goh, donated US$20,000 to assist Gaza orphans, encouraging more Singaporeans to contribute. Their support provides clothing, toys, and monthly sustenance for caregivers.



Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently expressed profound gratitude to the Singaporean community via the organisation’s official Instagram (27 February).

In a heartfelt message, Goh extended thanks to those who have generously donated to Love Aid Singapore, bringing joy to orphans in Gaza.

Initiating the Orphan Sponsorship Programme in Gaza

He announced a donation of US$20,000 to assist children who lost their parents in the Gaza war, providing approximately US$60 per month to each caregiver responsible for an individual orphan.

Goh explained that they initiated the Orphan Sponsorship Programme in response to the prolonged and unrelenting war.

With an estimated 17,000 orphans in Gaza, Love Aid Singapore recognises its modest impact amidst a significant need.

He assured ongoing support for the orphans over a year, acknowledging the devastating scenes of children waking up to rubble and loss.

“We see children waking up to surrounding rubble on the news after a bombing raid and found that both their parents have perished,” Mr Goh said.

“If they are fortunate, their siblings may be found alive if not they are left alone in this dark desolate world fending for themselves,” he continued.

For those able, Goh encouraged the sponsorship of an orphan or more than one person, highlighting the immense comfort and impact it brings amidst the chaos of war.

“It will mean a lot to them that someone cares despite the world of bombs and bloodshed going on around them right now.”

He stated that sponsors provide essential items such as new clothes, toys, candies, and most importantly, “love from someone thousands of miles away.”

Sponsorship details, costs and contributions

The sponsorship cost is US$60 (approximately S$80.58) per month, with contributions for the programme commencing in March.

Love Aid Singapore will transfer the US$20,000 to its partner NGO International Relief Organisation once all funds are collected, urging more sponsors to join.

Understanding the financial challenges faced by many, Goh assured that Love Aid Singapore will not pressure sponsors to continue if circumstances change.

As of now, Mr Goh revealed that they have a total of 100 sponsors, leaving them still short of 230 sponsors needed.

Raises US$60,000 in two days for Palestinians’ iftar meals and collaboration event

In a previous Instagram post on 21 February, Love Aid Singapore appealed for funds to support iftar meals in Jabalia and Rafah, aiming to provide meals for 1000 Palestinians during Ramadan.

Each meal costs US$2 per person daily, totaling US$60 per person for the entire month of Ramadan.

Mr Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore successfully raised a total of US$60,000 within two days.

In a show of solidarity with Palestine, Love Aid Singapore also collaborated with Singaporean Ida Liana and organised a private event titled “SING FOR PALESTINE” on 25 February from 4.40 pm to 6.00 pm.

The gathering was held in person at a private venue in central Singapore, with the address provided upon registration completion.

Donations can be made via Paynow 87745281 or DBS Savings 074-0-009474.

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The “all-palestinian-children-are-terrorists” netizens must be quite upset and throwing tantrums at this effort to help the orphans.

involving in overseas donations or politics in the future might need a license? …what do you think ? tsk tsk tsk gd luck GG !

All the terms oso empire create one …

My Kakis and Not my Kakis …

Then pretend to Serve the Whole Country while special groups got all the benefits perks and discounts …

Win already loh!

STOP calling them “palestinians”.

They never were but are migrant descendants of the Bedouins and nomads of neighbouring Arab States of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Saudi.

The Soviet KGB invented and made up this term for Yasser Arafat to portray themselves as the oppressed and to win world sympathy as the under dog.

You can check all the correspondents, the newspapers reports and documents from the UN prior to 1964 that there weren’t any usage of the term “palestinian”.