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“SING FOR PALESTINE” private event scheduled for 25 February in Singapore

A private singing session, “SING FOR PALESTINE,” is scheduled for Sunday (25 February) in Singapore. All funds raised will be donated to Love Aid Singapore.



SINGAPORE: A private event in support of Palestine, titled “SING FOR PALESTINE,” is scheduled for Sunday (25 February) from 4.40 pm to 6 pm (Singapore Time).

The gathering will take place in person at a private venue located in central Singapore.

The specific address will be provided upon completion of registration.

The event was announced by a Singaporean known as Ida Liana on her Instagram page, in collaboration with Love Aid Singapore.

In her Instagram post, Ida stated that she will also be live-streaming the session on Instagram through Love Aid Singapore’s account for those who are unable to attend in person.

Ida will be leading the singing session, emphasizing the use of song as a means of liberation.

“Let’s move through this time together, as a collective, for humanity.”

She also encourages participation from everyone, highlighting that no singing experience or ability is required.

“Just come with your open heart, you can come and simply listen in silently as well if you wish.”

The session operates on a donation-based community circle model, with 100 percent of funds collected to be donated to Love Aid Singapore.

Those interested may also reach out to Ida personally on her Instagram account to join the session.

In Gaza, the Health Ministry reported a death toll of 29,092, with approximately two-thirds being women and children, and over 69,000 Palestinians wounded.

The war began on 7 October last year when Hamas-led militants entered southern Israel, resulting in 1,200 casualties and the hostage-taking of around 250 individuals.

Following exchanges in November, 130 remain captive, with a quarter believed to be deceased.

Recently, the United States vetoed a third UNSC resolution on Israel’s Gaza war, drawing widespread criticism.

This move occurred a day after Washington proposed a resolution linking a temporary ceasefire to the release of all Israeli captives.

The vote, 13-1, with the UK abstaining, underscores global support for ending the conflict that has claimed over 29,000 Palestinian lives.

In a report, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) warned that the ongoing conflict has caused severe devastation in Gaza, and projected that it may take nearly 70 years for Gaza to recover its GDP levels from 2022.
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What happened earlier protest march got called by police. No action? That why Hamas lovers still challenge police. Now want sing in secret and collect money. Police must act fast. Police not only talk to this people but arrest also.

An UNRWA worker kidnapped my son’s body. How can the UN pay this man who dragged my son’s limp body on the ground, and then picked him as if he was a trophy back to Gaza?

Ayelet Samerano, the mother of 21-year-old Yonatan Samerano who was brutally murdered on October 7, gave a heart-wrenching public plea to the UN.


money for foreigners. more GST for sinkies.

Her first song would be the top requested Hamas’ favorite rap: “Kidnapping, Murdering and Raping Hostages are Our Thing”, followed by “Burn Baby Burn”, “Stairway to 72 Virgin Camels”, “Romance of Hiding Hostages”, etc….

A check in today’s world atlas, Palestine does not exist.
Instead we see Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.
Palestine is there only in their dream!

Sure kenna ban….songs to glorify terrorists?..venue also want to be secret…but then…Gibert the shxt stirrer …you know lah!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

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