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Love Aid Singapore raises US$60,000 in two days for Palestinians iftar meals

Love Aid Singapore, led by activist Gilbert Goh, raises a remarkable US$60,000 in two days for Iftar meals in Gaza. The funds ensure Palestinians in Jabalia and Rafah can break their fasts during Ramadan.



Love Aid Singapore Gaza food aid initiative

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently provided a positive update on the organization’s Gaza food aid initiative through his Instagram account on Wednesday (21 Feb).

With Ramadan approaching, Love Aid Singapore, alongside its ongoing food kitchens, is actively seeking funds for iftar meals in Jabalia and Rafah.

The aim is to provide meals for 1000 Palestinians during the holy month.

Mr Goh emphasized that the estimated cost for each meal is US$2 per person daily, amounting to a total of US$60 per person for the entire month of Ramadan.

In his recent update, Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore successfully raised a total of US$60,000 within two days.

This achievement ensures that Palestinians will have the means to partake in their iftar meals after breaking their fast throughout Ramadan.

Furthering their support for Palestine, Love Aid Singapore, in collaboration with Singaporean Ida Liana, is organizing a private event titled “SING FOR PALESTINE” on Sunday (25 Feb) from 4:40 pm to 6:00 pm.

This gathering will take place in person at a private venue in central Singapore, with the specific address provided upon registration completion.

Ida Liana highlighted that the event operates on a donation-based community circle model, ensuring that 100 per cent of the funds collected will be donated to Love Aid Singapore.

Love Aid Singapore raises US$60,000 for Gaza food kitchens, urges support amidst challenges

Mr Goh expressed gratitude for the generous donations that have enabled the funding of two food kitchens situated inside Jabalia and Rafah in his recent Instagram update.

The video accompanying the update showcased the distribution of meals in Rafah, illustrating the tangible outcomes of the community’s support.

Mr Goh highlighted the dynamic nature of the food kitchens, explaining that their movement is strategic, responding to the needs of the area and avoiding detection to mitigate the risk of potential bombing raids.

Due to security concerns, Goh emphasized the organization’s decision not to disclose the exact locations of the food kitchens.

This precautionary measure aims to safeguard the safety of those involved in preparing meals for the Palestinian population in Gaza.

Looking ahead, Mr Goh expressed the organization’s aspirations to extend support during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

The goal is to provide iftar meals for approximately 3000 Palestinians across both kitchens, reinforcing the positive impact of the ongoing fundraising efforts.

The update revealed that a remarkable US$60,000 was raised within just two days, ensuring that Palestinians in Jabalia and Rafah can partake in iftar meals after breaking their fasts.

Mr Goh outlined plans, with a commitment to allocate US$200,000 for the food program, aiming to sustain the provision of hot meals for hungry Palestinians over the next few months.

The situation in North Gaza has worsened as it is now cut off from the rest of the world, with the World Food Programme discontinuing aid transportation due to security concerns stemming from looting and shooting incidents by the Israeli army, Mr Goh reported.

Goh noted that Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen in Jabalia is potentially one of the last remaining sources of ready meals for the 300,000 Palestinians residing in North Gaza.

Acknowledging the uncertain geopolitical situation and the remote possibility of a ceasefire before Ramadan, Goh underscored the importance of continued support.

Despite these challenges, Love Aid Singapore is committed to doing its best to address the pressing needs on the ground.

Efforts are underway to secure funds for a potential third food kitchen, acknowledging the rising costs associated with maintaining such facilities.

Goh highlight that each food kitchen now requires up to US$30,000 per month to sustain operations, reflecting the substantial financial burden.

Notably, a food kitchen providing meals with meat, such as the one inside Jabalia, incurs double the operational costs.

The financial demands underscore the urgent need for continued support, and Love Aid Singapore is making a fervent appeal for generous donations to its food program.

The organization emphasizes the significance of ongoing contributions until a ceasefire is achieved, emphasizing the importance of standing on the right side of humanity.

For those willing to donate, Goh provided the PayNow details, 87745281 – keowwah61 nickname.

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New news. Just I read UK use Jordan air force to drop food medicines and fuel in Northern Gaza. Gilbert also busy collecting money for palestinians. But where Arab countries like Saudi Arabia? Plenty rich Arab countries. No give food and medicines? Now Singapore people also want sing for Palestine to collect money.

Israel are bombing Rafah to get rid of terrorists.

He loves Palestine so much, perhaps consider staying and migrating in Palestine? what do you think? tsk tsk tsk