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PM Lee encourages more births in the year of the dragon amid declining fertility rates

PM Lee urges Singaporean couples to add a ‘little dragon’ to their families in the Dragon Year, highlighting the dragon’s auspicious symbols of power and good fortune. He emphasizes government support for parenthood aspirations amid declining fertility rates.



In his Chinese New Year message on 9 February, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporean couples to welcome new additions to their families in the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

The Prime Minister emphasized the symbolic significance of the dragon year, associated with power, strength, and good fortune, as an ideal time for couples to consider expanding their families.

“So now is as good a time as any for young couples to add a ‘little dragon’ to your family,” PM Lee encouraged, highlighting the joys of parenthood and sharing his personal happiness as a grandparent.

Acknowledging the very personal nature of the decision to have children, he expressed his hope that his encouragement would prompt more Singaporean couples to pursue this fulfilling journey.

Amidst concerns over Singapore’s declining fertility rates, which mirror a global trend in developed societies, the Prime Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting Singaporean couples in their marriage and parenthood aspirations.

With fertility rates hitting a historic low of 1.04 in 2022, and the annual number of citizen births dropping to 30,429 from 31,713 the previous year, the urgency of addressing this issue is more pronounced than ever.

The government has introduced various measures to support infant caregiving and work-life harmony, including doubling government-paid paternity leave to four weeks for fathers of Singaporean children born on or after 1 January this year.

However, PM Lee acknowledged that while such initiatives are enablers, the ultimate decision to have children rests with the couples themselves.

In Parliament, the issue of Singapore’s fertility rate and its implications on future generations was highlighted by the Non-constituency Member of Parliament, Ms Hazel Poa, during the motion by Mr Leong Mun Wai, Secretary General of Progress Singapore Party, for the government to reassess its budget and reserve accumulation policies.

She criticized the government’s reliance on immigration to sustain the population, noting the disconnect between the accumulation of national reserves and the diminishing citizen population due to low fertility rates.

“We keep hearing that the reserves are for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. But our total fertility rate has fallen to 1.05, which is half the replacement rate of 2.1,” Ms Poa stated, questioning the sustainability of current policies and calling for a reassessment of budget and reserve accumulation strategies.

Despite the motion being rejected and facing criticism from the Prime Minister and the ruling People’s Action Party, PM Lee’s CNY greeting underscores Singapore’s complex challenges in balancing population growth and social well-being, such as close family ties.

It is possible that PM Lee might not fully understand this, considering that he has not had a reunion dinner with his siblings since 2015, following his father’s passing. It is understood that no invitation was extended to his brother’s family again this year, according to Gutzy.

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Full of Crap!

When they run out if idea and solution now they bring out superstition!!

This PAP has no idea when condition is not right, reproduction is always affected, not only for human but also for animals and plants.

Small space may just be good for sex but not good for making babies.

PAP does not have the will to the the condition right!

Loong empire just go Palestinian or Israelis to adopt some children for their empire purposes can already lor … Not as if they have not done it?!? War mongers create wars to adopt their children for Empire agenda. No?! Try tagging all these orphans and see where they end up and what they are doing …

Just like the POTUS Biden.
Lame and talking nonsense..
Just step down lah..

Last edited 3 months ago by CantTahanYourFace

When he is not good enough to get a strong mandate during elections, he attributed it to Free Riders.
When he couldn’t tackle our TFR after near 20 years, he attributed it to Couples’ choice.
When he and/or his million$ ministers fail to deliver, he allows attributed it as No Blaming Culture.

Whaaa, highest paid PM sure got lots of excuses, hor.

Wayang…he already had you low ses Sinkie REPLACED WITH FTs liao… citizens plenty plenty for guaranteed votes for his party for yrs to come!
Since you locals were and continue to be daft, in the end kenna replaced!
CECA flood in by the millions….yes…millions…jobs ,shops, schools specially to cater to them!
Guess the Sinkie losers better be FTs themselves in other countries lah!
Who ask you ,your forefathers and later gen after gen…don’t wake the fuck up every election!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Simply CONCLUDE, which any Tom Dick or Mary can VOUCH and, POFMA can trash down the drain – this PAP Administration has, and is FOCUS so blooody MUCH on perpetuating own POWER, A FAKE SUPREMACY, a DISJOINTED scheme of management of Sheeps – POFMA, BIASED LAWS, Unfair JUDICIAL executions, HORRIFIC TREATMENT of Oppo Politicians AND ANTI PAP Citizens and MANY MANY more to write a book on – the ENTIRE generation of PAP Administration Millionaires DO NOT has MORAL COURAGE, EQ and COMPASSION for any, and ALL Singapreans. Whoever DENY and Blind willSoon realised ONLY when PAP Administration snatched their… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by the trishaw

The ruling government has bungled up the demographic crisis by failing to address two issues: 1) High cost of child rearing 2) Insufficient Housing Existing schemes do not address the issue of having more children. What it does is to encourage people to have their single child earlier in life. Even then, couples are choosing to have their first child later in life. It is proven that couples who have children later in life, will have fewer children. Perhaps even just one child. The scarcity of public housing coincides with demographic “bump” of those born in the late 80s –… Read more »

Our government is to be blamed for the low fertility rates to begin with. With the sharp raise in cost of living and increases in all sorts of stupid taxes, couples are mainly concentrating on how to make more money instead of making babies. To bring in rich foreigners only makes things worse, as locals struggle even more due to inflations caused by these rich foreigners.

Use ppl like Nothing. Give birth to so many children for what. Have their 2 sons and 2 daughters to rule the world can liao … One Alpha and the other Celebs … That what these politicians wanna KEEP. No?!?


都會有 安慰獎

Cost of Milk Power and Diapers? Affordable? tsk tsk tsk

Are you telling us this 70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of
12) Failed 2 Child Policy
We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

why? failed 2 child policy? who is responsible? what happens to the $600,000 mayoniase duties and responsibilities? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Dear oppies, please don’t blame the government for bringing in more foreigners to fill the ranks of Singaporeans cause you guys are not producing. For the survival of the country, we have no choice but to bring in more foreigners.

A good opposition will come out solution proposals rather than taking opportunity to mock the government, or being fixated on what you think is the problem. Being sarcastic and critical without a suggestion doesn’t serve any good, can only provoke and creates more animosity. How to win votes from the other fence? BTW population started to decline after the baby boomer stop at 2 “wrong ” policy, not very related to the high cost of living or housing and cost of upbringing, in case the oppies still want to solely harp on this problem to blame the government. This could… Read more »

“…It is possible that PM Lee might not fully understand this <aka importance of close family ties in our once tru-blue SG culture>, considering that he has not had a reunion dinner with his siblings since 2015, following his father’s passing. It is understood that no invitation was extended to his brother’s family again this year, according to Gutzy.…” —————– At least Gutzy is willing to highlight the unfortunate truth. What more can we say about Ah Loong and his million$ monkeys always talking one thing but their deeds show otherwise. SG Golden Boy has simply shown to be consumed… Read more »

Seriously, the Ownself Paid Ownself highest salary PM, can’t address our birthrate issue after near 20 years, now he is betting on the zodiac cycle to solve the problem. Maybe he convinced himself that that is a more workable solution than one of his million$ minister’s previous idea of making babies in small spaces. Truly these must be the most expensive Clowns in SG.

People don’t just have babies because you said so. There are things to consider like having a home to call their own and the cost of bringing a child up in a country where prices are spiralling out of control. The low birth rate is a direct result of PAP’s family unfriendly policies of driving up costs, lack of affordable housing, and long and stressful working hours, among many others. It also takes 9 months from conception to birth. If you’re calling for Singaporeans to make dragon babies only now, you’re way too late to have any meaningful effect. Just… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by notanothernameicannotuse

To themselves money is here and there, they talk everywhere, omnipresence. Dragon wife chipped him telling others how to use reserves wisely when her own gang flush away SG reserves as though its for their free own unencumbered MBS funds – dragon wife is smart and cunning foxen, slanted her statements as though giving others a lesson how PAP is doing fine with tax payers money. When come to using money, an effective time tested tool in other countries that saw huge sexual fireworks – they don’t talk about it here. Hypocrites the PAP Administration brand. So much for a… Read more »

Urging people to have more children is one thing, and go understand the root of problem is another. I realised there is one very obvious telling stats, when people get more educated, they reproduction drops. Why? This group suppose to be better off in supporting the off spring, and they have bigger space. I think there are more to why people are not reproducing. Getting aliens to fill up the hole is not long term solution, as they might not be reproducing in the future due to some unknown reason. The oppies attribute this to high standard of living and… Read more »

Pathetic PM Loong ..resorting to begging and bribing locals to have more children.. Previously he and his regime just resorted to inviting in hoards of foreigners , giving them lots of perks in addition, to take up citizenship to make up for the shortfall… When that is showing some not so favourable results vs the trublus , he comes out with that eerie clown faced smile , to cajole sgs to have a “dragon” baby …so cunning. Some fools would just go do as he says w/o thinking of the consequences. Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Hope it s a… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Dragons galore?

Pinky has no idea what it takes to procreate, he cannot expect husbands to score a bulls eye in next two months and Sg gets a bumper crop of dragon Year babies before next lunar year .
As a Maths grad he should have made this speech at least 6 months ago??

Has this man got any morals??

Paying themselves MEGA salaries with almost barely recognisable, pit bottom KPIs and REFUSAL to adjust it downwarda when 1,000,000s ARE CHOKING on Sky high inflation – paying lip service to multiply true SGpn population.

How to reconcile his asking mothers to get F more?

Hypocrite. Liar are the best description of this IMMORAL man.

Talk is talk, you may be critical about the policy, but start mocking about people’s personal family matters is low blow and too much. He is just merely urging people’s to consider procreate, got nothing to do with his relationship with his sibling. That’s is why I will not feel anything qualm when dumb oppies get sued, and sites without any conscience got shut. Why bring up personal matters, opposition having you as supporters is unfortunate as you are tarnishing their reputation, you know?

Eat Fish if chicken is expensive? who said that? tsk tsk tsk

Off topic.

But since its CNY – Terry, wish u a great Dragon Year, including to your family. All the best for doing all the
work at Gutzy.
We appreciate.

Last edited 3 months ago by John Doe

Is he speaking from his arse hole which is ONLY for DISPOSAL of faeces? I don’t think so bcz the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE Political Leader Manipulating 6 Million people IS NOT expected to…. shit/speak like t.h.a.t….!! BUT he J.U.S.T did. OMG.

Strange thing OR ELSE isn’t he should be REPEATING his sexy Minister to cajole people to have sex in small holes.

So, … will the patter of tiny feet reverberate across the island, because, the “dishonourable man in red” wants it enough to encourage it !!!

So, will the villages, farmers and fishermen on the island, … grant their head honcho his dragon year wish ?!!! !!!

And if they do, one can only hope that it gives rise, … to an entire generation of strong willed, outspoken and not easily swayed or vouchered off individuals !!!

Leehsienloong, how about adding your own bro LHY, and sis LWL who is gravely sick, to your own reunion dinner? No matter what unhappiness and quarrel you have with them, be a big man and a big brother . Forgive and unite and stop persecuting them. Bring them home and embrace them. Forgive and accept them before your karma catches up on you.

Most expensive city..foreigners are becoming hesitant to come plant roots here..many prs and fts gone back to seek cheaper pastures.
So now hes back begging locals to reproduce..?
our citizens are already struggling with so many challenges brot on by this very sgov under this weak LHL.
. its madness.
3rd world war is on the horizon…yes our country is at peace times but other stresses of life prevails in our crowded SG, from cradle to grave.
So no thank you.
Just stop being greedy and the world will be a better place for sure.

Last edited 3 months ago by ThinkBeforeYouLeap

Lee hsien loong has no moral standing to talk about family. Look at the way he treated his own flesh and blood brother and sister in full public, international view! Shameful sial. And how he treated Li ShengWu his own nephew! And his own sister in law LSF! A person’s character is known and revealed by how he treated people, especially family people who are his juniors. This Lee is morally bankrupt. He is definitely 李显虫, not a dragon but a worm.

Why not he, our Pappy ministar and Pappy parliamentarians have more themselves since they consider their gene as superior and hence occupying important government posts by their offsprings. This will solve our talent issue as theirs is definitely considered talent.

If they are tired of their partners, they could consider legalising orgy session just for themselves and backdate same if need be to cover those already practising same.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).