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Singapore’s public discourse intensifies following Halimah Yacob’s comments on Israel-Hamas conflict

Former Singapore President Halimah Yacob sparks vital conversation, urging alignment with humanity amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict. Users discuss concerns over international laws, UN involvement, and Singapore’s role, prompting a call for stronger diplomatic stance.



SINGAPORE: Former Singapore president Halimah Yacob addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict on 12 December, using Facebook as a platform to urge individuals to align themselves with the cause of humanity.

Expressing deep concern about the escalating death toll in Gaza, which surpassed 17,000 in the past two months, she highlighted the significant number of women and children among the casualties.

Mdm Halimah, who stepped down as President earlier in September, questioned the apparent difficulty in standing on the side of humanity, emphasizing the selective invocation of humanitarian principles.

She criticized the global response for being immobilized in the face of the staggering loss of Palestinian lives.

Additionally, Mdm Halimah raises pointed questions about the blatant violation of international laws designed to safeguard civilians in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

She reflects on the role of these laws in conflicts worldwide, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the compromised standing of the United Nations amid the ongoing war.

Mdm Halimah stresses the importance of humanitarian international laws prohibiting the collective punishment of innocent civilians, highlighting Israel’s repeated violations and their impact on the credibility of international legal frameworks.

She urges contemplation on the potential ramifications of the rule of the mighty over the weak and the perilous implications for smaller, more vulnerable states.

The United Nations General Assembly recently approved a resolution, with more than two-thirds of participating countries voting in favour—153 countries to be exact, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the release of all hostages held by Palestinian resistance groups.

The resolution was proposed after a resolution for a ceasefire at the United Nations Security Council was vetoed by the United States, a permanent member of the council.

Singapore has aligned itself with the 152 other nations, collectively urging an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

This call comes at a time when Israel finds itself increasingly isolated on the international stage due to its ongoing military operations in the enclave.

Halimah Yacob’s advocacy sparks conversation on Israel-Hamas conflict, prompting calls for Singapore’s stronger stance in diplomacy

Mdm Halimah’s recent Facebook post has sparked a heated discussion among users regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Many individuals expressed their gratitude towards Mdm Halimah in the comment section for addressing this critical matter, appreciating her stance on behalf of humanity.

In response to the post, one thanked Mdm Halimah for her clear position, criticizing those who still focus on specific incidents like the 7 October event.

The FB user pointed out a perceived manipulation by Israel, using this incident as a pretext to displace Palestinians while the global community remains passive to the suffering of innocent civilians, including babies, children, and women.

comment halimah

Another FB user echoed the sentiments, expressing gratitude to Mdm Halimah for speaking out.

The user hopes that Singapore, as a nation, will take a more assertive stance in its diplomatic ties with Israel, emphasizing the importance of standing with humanity rather than supporting what they perceive as war criminals with no regard for international law.

comment halimah

These comments reflect a broader sentiment among users who not only appreciate Mdm Halimah’s vocal position on the Israel-Hamas conflict but also desire a stronger and more humanitarian approach from their own government in dealing with this international crisis.

Users critique double standards in global response to conflicts, drawing parallels between Israel-Hamas and Ukraine-Russia situations

In response to Mdm Halimah’s Facebook post, users engaged in a thoughtful discussion, drawing parallels between the Israel-Hamas conflict and other geopolitical situations.

One FB user highlighted the perceived inconsistency in the international response, comparing it to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

It is observed that world leaders seem selective in acknowledging humanity, with the United Nations facing challenges in exerting control.

The netizen criticized the swift sanctions imposed on Russia during the Ukraine crisis, contrasting it with the perceived indifference and disagreement concerning a ceasefire in the Palestine-Israel conflict.


Another FB user echoed this sentiment, noting the disparity in how superpowers attach values to humanity based on geopolitical considerations.

Reflecting on the Ukraine-Russia war, the user pointed out that while superpowers rallied to support Ukraine, a similar level of concern and assistance was lacking in the case of Palestine.

The netizen expressed distress over the apparent failure of International humanitarian law in addressing these disparities.

Concerns arise as netizens question Israel’s actions and scrutinize the role of veto power and the United Nations in the ongoing conflict

In response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, one FB user raised a poignant question about Israel’s actions.

They questioned the rationale behind not allowing Palestinians to return to their homes in Gaza, where it has been confirmed that there is no Hamas presence.

The netizen pondered whether the conflict was genuinely about addressing the threat posed by Hamas or if it extended to a broader objective of removing the entire Palestinian population.


Another FB user highlighted the role of the United States and its use of veto power in the context of a proposed ceasefire in Gaza.

The netizen expressed concern that the exercise of veto power by the U.S. indicated a discrepancy between the proclaimed democratic system and its actual implementation.

It is also suggested that such actions contribute to hypocrisy, contaminating the principles of humanity and universal peace.


Another netizen also questioned the role of the United Nations in the conflict.

Parallels were drawn between the current situation and the League of Nations, suggesting that silence in the face of the killing of civilians, including children and the elderly, could lead to dire consequences.

The netizen emphasized the need for global awareness, stating that the increasingly evident hypocrisy of certain parties and their agendas demands attention from the world community to prevent a repeat of history.



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Haliman and pappies in a nutshell. they should cry harder. thanks, Qatar.

For decades the Sri Lanka genocide has not been talked about by u But now u suddenly talk about Israel hamas which is a recent event. If u want to do something good then do something for Sri Lanka

Last edited 5 months ago by Marcie

Where were YOU on the side of HUMANITY…….for the LESS fortunate, LESS privileged, the PERSECUTED for being an OPPOSITION!

Where is the HUMAN factor, the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT?

Talk is CHEAP!

Actually, is this consider interfering with foreign affairs? So if Israel has our new law FICA, they can ask Halimak to shut up too?

A leader knows WHAT to speak and WHEN to speak it. After more than 2 months what others had been saying, our kelong queen also parrot what already had been said. This is the standard of the white monkeys nowadays, for which they justified paying themselves million$$$.

Shameful, disgraceful and dishonorable, indeed.

post this news, TOC. why you don’t dare? did halimah or pappy lawyers threaten you? or is fashionable to ONLY post pro-pali news in Taiwan now?

Please stop condemning our former President. She won her presidency fair and square with 100% in accordance to our constitution. If you are against her, that means you are against our constitution and are a traitor to our country!

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Harimau is a female. Is SHE CONDEMNING LOUDLY and CLEARLY Hamas raping, violation of the female hostages – at its MOST VILE FORMS.

If NOT she DO NOT speak for HUMANITY as some CLAIMED.

She was the PAP Administration Grand Puppet to Trick to TEASE Sheegaporeans the PAP draw on SG people’s money, and, National Reserves is Perfectly Fine. Now this Puppet also has PAP controlled tongue and jaws with a wooden mouth

Nowshe became the PAP’s voice box
PAP wrote her script….
Do we think she dared to speak such words w/o the PAP’s “licence”???

Since she had been the MOST EXPENSIVE president in the world, why don’t she show her supposedly capabilities & talents, go there any create a lasting solution. Or she is just an empty vessel, as many suspected? Act big only because the white monkeys had her back.

Whaa, so many missteps in the Prati-Liew case, this kelong queen very quiet when she was president. Yeah, FDW not human, just “transient worker”, hor. Now an event that is completely not within our span of control, she wants to kapo.

As much as I criticised HY when she was President, I completely support her stand for humanity and the preservation of lives. Please drop your religious cloaks and be human first.

This hijab mama better keep quiet on such issue, afterall all their kinds are the supporters of such Hamas terrorist in Gaza. Both Malaysia and Indon are also involved.
Open her mouth more on this, this shitty little red dot will be drawn into this conflict , have F35 or not, not withstanding hor!
Who is her ‘handler’ now that she is not longer President?😆😆😆😆

why you don’t post the pro-israeli comments too?
you’re starting to sound like a pappy mouthpiece too, TOC.

How come Halimah allowed to support one side? People say ask ceasefire but if ceasefire Hamas will take chance to be stronger and hide more. Halimah muslim. Of course will side muslim side and blame Israel. She not forget if Hamas no attack Israel on Oct 7, no Israel attack to look and kill Hamas to revenge.

Gaza people many hide Hamas terror. Israel must finish off Hamas first then Gaza people can go home.

Thank You !

Mdm Nasi Lemak