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Former Singapore President Halimah Yacob speaks out on deaths of Gaza aid workers

Madam Halimah Yacob, former President of Singapore, condemned the tragic deaths of aid workers in Gaza. The incident, resulting from an Israeli strike, sparked outrage and ignited online debate.



Singapore former President Halimah Yacob speaks out on Gaza aid worker deaths

SINGAPORE: Former President of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob, known for her vocal stance on issues concerning Gaza, recently addressed the tragic death of aid workers in the region.

Taking to her Facebook account on Wednesday (3 April), she expressed her condolences and concerns regarding the recent incident.

“It’s tragic,” Mdm Halimah remarked solemnly.

The incident involved the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza, six of whom were foreigners affiliated with the charity World Central Kitchen, alongside their Palestinian driver.

Mdm Halimah emphasized the altruistic intent of the aid workers, stating, “They came to save lives by bringing food to the starving Palestinians in Gaza but lost their lives instead.”

Despite taking precautions to signal their non-combatant status and focus on humanitarian aid, the aid workers tragically lost their lives.

This event adds to a grim history where aid workers have often faced dangers in conflict zones, sometimes resulting in injury or death.

“Some aid agencies and countries have suspended aid operations because of this,” Mdm Halimah said.

This decision, however, has chilling consequences, potentially exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and leading to more deaths from starvation.

Mdm Halimah underscored the paramount importance of ensuring the safety of aid workers, who represent the humanitarian efforts of their respective nations.

Despite the challenges, she expressed hope that efforts to deliver food and aid to the starving Palestinians in Gaza would persevere.

The recent Israeli strike in Gaza has tragically claimed the lives of seven staff members of the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen.

This adds to the already grim toll, with a total of 196 aid workers killed in Gaza, including over 175 UN personnel.

On 3 April, UN Secretary-General Guterres addressed the violence in Gaza, expressing profound sorrow over the loss of aid workers.

Guterres strongly condemned these deaths as “unconscionable.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has acknowledged the involvement of Israeli forces in the attack. He attributed the tragic incident to unintentional actions amidst the chaos of warfare.

Netizens condemn Israeli attack on aid workers in Gaza

Under Madam Halimah’s Facebook post, numerous netizens have condemned the recent attack in Gaza.

One user expressed outrage, labelling the killing of nearly a million Palestinians and seven aid workers as unacceptable and tantamount to genocide.

The user called upon responsible governments worldwide to take action against Israel.


Another user commented on the systematic nature of the attacks, accusing Israel of targeting not only terrorists but also their families, UN workers, and now aid volunteers.

The user described the operation as a calculated effort to starve, kill, and wipe out generations of people, stating, ‘It is criminal and genocide.’

The user lamented the apparent lack of intervention by the international community.


A different perspective emerged as one user speculated that the attack might have been carried out by a rogue soldier defying orders.

They suggested it could be a deliberate attempt to discourage aid workers from volunteering in Gaza.


Netizen calls for a balanced perspective from Mdm Halimah

However, a dissenting voice urged Madam Halimah to maintain a balanced opinion and remember the truth of the situation.

The user emphasized the importance of remembering the origins of the conflict and argued that while no innocent lives should be lost, it’s essential to acknowledge the events leading up to the recent tragedy.

They referenced the loss of innocent lives on 7 October, attributing it to terrorism and evil acts.


A subsequent comment challenged this perspective, asserting that the truth lay elsewhere. The user highlighted the longstanding violence endured by innocent Palestinians, pointing to incidents of Palestinians being shot by Zionist snipers over the span of 70 years.

They rejected the notion that the conflict began on 7 October, urging a broader examination of historical injustices inflicted upon Palestinians by Zionist forces over decades.


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Excuse me Mak Cik. The wet market is over there.

You’ve already stolen $five million$ from us peasants. Please go away in silence.

Let me requote something that a certain “Jessie” wrote below about how this conflict is supposed to play in the minds of the pro-terrorist camp:

Jessie: “..In simple English if you are raped, it does not give you the right to kill the rapist family and friends...”

Let’s hear if anyone finds this repulsive – so a rapist and his family/friends get to dictate what actions are PERMITTED against them when they have approved and celebrated raping, kidnapping, murdering, mutilating, burning, torturing, etc… in the first instance.

Looks like radicalization is very much alive in SG already.

Correlating to the recent disclosure that 94.5% of jobs created in 2023 went to foreigners. Wasn’t 2022/23 still under this Kelong queen’s tenure? So she wasn’t aware, as the People’s president, that much more jobs were for foreigners than for Singaporeans? Not her concern then? No idea Singaporean workers were being displaced by cheaper imported labor? She didn’t move her butt to know the ground with the people she was supposed to represent? Or simply she didn’t care??? Yet 7 aid workers killed in a place thousands of km from SG, in a conflict that doesn’t really affect us, and… Read more »

IDF has reprimanded their officers for this unfortunate incident.
All duly caused by Hamas.
Total disregard for their own people’s food aid & safety of the people who are actually, sincerely helping them. That in itself A War Crime.
They do not live in our time.
They are driving the Living & Loving People Into Chaos.
This must be understood or We As Humans will suffer another Dark Age..

I strongly recommend that she quickly puts up a team to go there NOW, ASAP to deliver the AID herself.
Then she will know!!!!
Hahahaha. Talk is Cheap.

The new “independent EP ” is no better…so silent on PAPs unfair policies …he was equally silent when he was a full minister …as now.
Why are SGs so dumb.
Must be too much PAP control from school days till adulthood..that theyve lost the ability to use their own reasoning…

How many Singaporeans were displaced or lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners under her watch? She so fast speak out for a couple of dead aid workers in Gaza, but what do records show of her concern for Singaporeans – Singaporeans regardless of race, religion or language? Didn’t records also showed number of racialization increased under her tenure?

Kelong once, must continue to kelong, issit?

The World Central Kitchen provides meals for war torn countries without borders. Any comments about their contribution, existence and even presence presented itself with such in human wordings and comments! None political, what amazes here on are breathe of Human writings, some condemning and taunting what these people have voluntarily given up their human lives for the cause of feeding and providing some basic food & comfort, knowing what hunger is. The pathetic presence of words show how shallow people can be in the domain of this presence, amid regimented as might be in Singapore, none herewith are qualify as… Read more »

Still allowing herself to be used by her former boss ..

Supporting the israelis is right after all, We are indebted for their service to us during the early sixties.

This is mere lip service. More needs to be done to force the Zionists. I have been suggesting expelling the Israeli Ambassador as the next course of action. The killing is only going to continue as everyone is condoning the Zionists. There is really no need to talk or write so much if the govt. wants to remain status quo. Let the mad and insane Zionists continue. This will give the Arab world the right to retaliate. The Americans will succeed in selling more arms sale and let more people die. Aren’t many on this thread supporting the killing? Isn’t… Read more »

Did she sponsor milo drink packs in the supplies that SG has flown to that region?

Thoughts of an amateur PAP watcher. The PAP Administration is focus on winning this round of votes seems to take place very soon. They can bluff many other sotongs, sorry not me, anytime. The PAP cannot be seen to make political statements, remarks about the Mid East Hamas attacks and Israeli counter attacks. They probably has to forfeit this time round seen by the world punching above its weight. They have 2 quasi mouth pieces or more. Obviously Harimau’s voices carries some weight, a few ounces. So Harimau is de facto PAP mouth piece this occasion. The others quasi loud… Read more »

Apparently, she has forgotten why she was appointed by her masters to be the kelong president; because of her minority, meh?

Question is why do World Kitchen knowingly see that there is fighting going on, put people there at risks of loosing lives, when it’s common sense to expect casualties, esp via accidents, stray bombs, or misfires?

If I were a soldier, in the midst of gun fire, do I take time to seive, to filter who are the good guys, baddies when my own life is at tremendous risks.

When aid workers knowingly put themselves in harms way, who’s to blame?

Why she sew her mouth, on migrant workers deaths, suicides?

Why was she appears complicit not to speak when the 2 gigantic Monsters rented Ridout Bungalows without 3rd party audit processes, preferably, since there was apparently perceived conflicts of interests, not those that decided there was none there and then by for eg. recusal?

How factual is recusal in reality application in terms of acts and actions beyond making statements, ‘I recuse’.

Are my questions/statements relevant or redundantly irrelevant?

Speak up for foreign peoples
Own natives she bo-chap

Just drink your free milo and go back to sleep.
You have done enough for PAP…

Another biased useless blood sucker giving her thoughts. Aloud. How about the Ukraine situation?

In Fantasy Island, only the Elites can talk.
Others have to remove their social media post.

Think a post like that won’t stir up sentiments?
Just look at the replies and the answer is clear!

Double standard. 1C2S!

For those who “… rejected the notion that the conflict began on 7 October, urging a broader examination of historical injustices inflicted upon Palestinians by Zionist forces over decades….” ———————– Ok, so let’s look back over the decades. Egypt (1978-79) and Jordan (1994) have both make peace with Israel, accepted that the Jews/Zionists/whatever have the right to coexist in that region. How many Egyptians and Jordans had been shot at by Israeli snipers, imprisoned by the “evil doers”, land “stolen” from them, etc, etc, etc… over the decades since they made peace? None. What is the difference then with the… Read more »

Russian missiles DELIBERATELY targeting civilians areas in Ukraine – i.e. it is NO MISTAKE Ukrainian civilians are intentionally killed. International volunteers also got killed, what. Why not a beep from this kelong queen? The smell of hypocrisy is strong on this one, hor.

In war time, accidents do happened. Lets Move On !! Unavoidable . Ponding happens once in 50 years, $8 heart surgery only. tsk tsk tsk

Who is talking? Who is the papsident now? LOL

Eat Fish if Chicken is Expensive !!! tsk tsk tsk

Google Palestine please. 90% Palestinians are supporters of Hamas terrorist group.
They wanted free food, free medical aid, free Palestine.
Totally absurd.
What rights does Hamas terrorists have?
Netanyahu already said: No Hostages, No Cease Fire!!! Stop bargaining please.

Why is she speaking out only on the Gaza issue? What is the connection between our Kelong Queen and the Palestinians? Surely not simply because of “humanitarian” grounds. Myanmar – very quiet. Sudan – very quiet. Yemen – very quiet. 7 Oct attack on Israel – act blur. Certainly more ppl had died, are still suffering, will continue to die in Myanmar, Sudan, Yemen, etc … than in Gaza. Having been involved in the greatest political Kelong scam in SG history, it is proven that her views/morals can be bought, be biased, changed from I to M if required, bent… Read more »

This one gets paid for life under what scheme?
Boot licker scheme?
Or Wayang scheme?
All paid by taxpayer’s money, of course!😆😆😆

Do we have more than one president?

got use by date!