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S’pore’s former President Halimah Yacob speaks up on crisis in Gaza, calls for urgent intervention

Singapore’s former President Madam Halimah Yacob has addressed the dire situation in Gaza, where over 8,000 Palestinians, including 3,000 children, have lost their lives. She emphasized the suffering due to bombings and resource blockades and called for urgent international intervention.

Additionally, Singapore supported a recent UN resolution for a humanitarian truce and civilian protection.



SINGAPORE: Singapore’s former President Halimah Yacob took to her Facebook account on Mon, Oct 30, to express her concern and condemnation of the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

In a heartfelt post, she highlighted the dire situation and the urgent need for international intervention,

Mdm Halimah began her statement by describing the catastrophic conditions in Gaza, where the loss of life has been staggering.

With over 8,000 Palestinians, including more than 3,000 children, reported dead, the toll of this conflict has been devastating.

She emphasized the suffering caused not only by the bombardment but also by the blockade of essential resources such as food, water, and medicine, leaving the population with nowhere to hide.

Despite attempts to move south as advised, Gazans have found no respite from the relentless bombings and destruction.

Mdm Halimah also noted that more than 100 Palestinians in the West Bank have lost their lives in the conflict, and over 1 million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes.

She decried the siege-like conditions that have engulfed Gaza.

Madam Halimah cited the UN Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) assessment, which revealed that even before this crisis, Gaza was already grappling with dire economic challenges due to prolonged restrictions, frequent military operations, and infrastructure devastation.

“The situation now is perilous,” she said, emphasizing the need for immediate international action.

Mdm Halimah called on the world not to stand idly by in the face of such immense suffering and destruction.

She stressed the importance of urgent humanitarian intervention, echoing Singapore’s support for the recent UN resolution that called for an immediate humanitarian truce and civilian protection.

Additionally, Mdm Halimah voiced Singapore’s backing of the two-state solution, highlighting the necessity for genuine negotiations to achieve this goal, which requires serious efforts and strong political will.

She stressed the urgency of allowing aid into Gaza to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians, underlining that international law prohibits collectively punishing civilians who are not responsible for the actions of a few.

“It is wrong to kill and kidnap innocent civilians on 7 October and they must be released, but, international law also prohibits collectively punishing innocent civilians who are not responsible for such actions,” she added.

Madam Halimah Yacob concluded her Facebook post by expressing her heartfelt sympathy for the children who are bearing the brunt of this conflict, and she acknowledged that humanity is being severely tested in this ongoing war.

Netizens’ reactions to Madam Halimah’s statement

In the comments section, many people express their appreciation and gratitude to Mdm Halimah for addressing the ongoing conflict.

One user wrote that “more prominent voices” should make a stand “when gross injustice” is blatantly happening, while adding that “now is not the time to sugar coat our words.”

“This is a crime against humanity. This is ethnic cleansing. This is genocide,” the user said, calling for an immediate ceasefire.

“Let there be peace in Middle East,” he added.

Another user stated: “This is not a war ma’am, this is a genocide clear as day.”

Contrastingly, one user thinks otherwise, calling out the supposed “hypocrisy” of not speaking up during a previous attack by Hamas.

Singapore’s vote in UN 

On Oct 27, Singapore had voted in favour of a resolution to protect civilians and uphold legal and humanitarian obligations amid conflict in the Gaza Strip during an emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly.

In a statement at the session, Singapore’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Burhan Gafoor, expressed Singapore’s strong support for UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ efforts to maintain the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

“We support all efforts to defuse tensions in order to avoid an escalation of the conflict,” he said.

“We mourn the loss and suffering of so many innocent civilians, including children and the elderly.

“(The attack on Oct 7) cannot be condoned or justified by any rationale. We condemn this terrorist attack in the strongest possible terms,” he said, while calling for the immediate and safe release of all hostages held by Hamas.

The resolution received support from 120 countries, while 14 countries voted against it, and 45 abstained from voting.

Singapore’s Law and Home Affairs Minister, K Shanmugam, emphasized that the country’s “major vote” in favour of UN resolution signified a clear stance on Israel-Hamas conflict, with the country taking a clear stand and expressing its concerns at the grave situation on the ground.

“The resolution expressed grave concern at the escalation of violence since Oct 7. It called for immediate, durable, sustained humanitarian truce, leading to a cessation of hostilities. And it called for immediate, continuous and unhindered provision of essential supplies to the civilians in Gaza,” he said.

“And it called for Israel to rescind its evacuation order in the Gaza Strip, and it rejected the forced transfer of Palestinians and reaffirmed that the solution to the conflict should be through a peaceful two-state solution.”

Additionally, he highlighted two areas which the resolution “should have mentioned.”

“One, we must still condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas on Oct 7 which cannot be justified; and two, we need to note also Israel’s right to self-defence, but that right to self-defence cannot include indiscriminate killing of civilians and must be done in accordance with international law,” he said.

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Loong claimed this lady brings wamth to SUNNY SG. How about she spread her warmth to the cold blooded events over in Gaza and Israeli Kibbutz’s?

Go Lady Go Quick. Are U a BIG ASS HYPOCRITE manipulated by the cold hearted masters.

Mdm is so very rich after her term as President. Should donate a few millions dollars (small change to her) to Palestine and fly there to help out in humanities work

Has she got CLEARANCE from the “LORD” to “speak out” another wayang to show the muslims in sinkeepore they have a voice,any way where is the million$ foreign mininter is he ,busy mowing his lawn?

Charity begins at home.

Can anyone state what she had done for peace in Palestine during her kelong term in office, when her say would at least carry more weight? Dumb at a rock, hor. Did she even ever set foot there, to meditate, look at the actual ground? It seems only when there is international news (aka world attention), then she expresses concern . . . clearly just for the cameras.

With so many problems here in Singapore during her Presidency, she never once spoke up for Singaporeans. Now she wants to poke her nose into the affairs of people who are thousand of miles away. Useless!

Foremost in most Singaporeans mind now is INFLATION and COST OF LIVING. Yet kelong queen and Kayu Son only worry about their international standings, NEVER (repeat NEVER) hear them say anything about the spiraling costs in SG. How useless is useless, hor?

PS: we can all say some prayer or make some donations to aid to BOTH sides of the gaza conflict but our priority now still should be to help ourselves first. Please vote wisely in GE2024/25.

talk cock. indian ex-prez can go send herself to gaza strip, then tell those people they can eat fish if chikken too hard to find in warzone.

She should STFUnSD. Now want to kapok about international issues when she didn’t care about Singaporeans local issues during her kelong tenure. What did she achieved for us as the most highly paid puppet?

This Is The Real One-sided “WAR”, Crime Against Humanity.

OMG. A bitch remained VOICELESS, SILENT on local incarcerated, the persecuteds Terry, Gilbert, Jolovan, Leong, Roy, Han HH, Lee HY, et al – but has the CB guts shout her voice for others

I would be impressed if she had condemned the Hamas 7 Oct terrorist attack when it happpened. While now giving lip service about asking Hamas to free the hostages, is she decrying the bombardment and blocade of Gaza because of religious affinity? Lest she forgot, the Gazans voted the terrorist organisation as the government in 2006 knowing that Hamas would needle the Israelis. Furthermore, Hamas tactic is to operate among the civilians to deter Israeli attacks. And if Israel attacks and hits civilians; Hamas will use that as propaganda. So much for Hamas caring for the Gazans! Anyway, since Iran’s… Read more »

It’s really ironic that the ex President doesn’t speak up when there are injustice domestically in Singapore. Is she tasked to say something given that Singapore is a friend of Israel?

Halimau, you should express your sentiment at Hong Lim Park 🙂

Auntie, don’t you have pisang to goreng or lemak to cook? Why you go and kpo this matter? You know is mostly big boys in the playing field so don’t be another Jinx to interfere with outsiders business.

Halimah speaks! Amazing! I thought it’s pap’s policy of not interfering in other countries’ politics? Pap often chided other countries for speaking truths about pap’s oppression of Singaporeans, but now it’s ok to interfere in others’ internal politics? What double standards, what hypocrisy! Halimah, please mind your own business in your nasi padang stall. Diam lah machik!

Eat fish is chicken is expensive