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Singapore’s first female president, Madam Halimah Yacob, to be honored with prestigious Order of Temasek

Former Singapore President Madam Halimah Yacob will receive the prestigious Order of Temasek for her impactful service.



In an official statement released on Wednesday, October 25, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) disclosed that Madam Halimah Yacob, Singapore’s eighth president, is slated to receive the nation’s esteemed Order of Temasek from her successor, President Tharman Shanmugaratnam, during the National Awards Investiture this Sunday.

Madam Halimah, who notably emerged as the country’s first female president after an uncontested, race-reserved election from 2017 to 2023, heads this year’s list of National Award recipients. In May, she announced that she would not seek a second term and would not be contesting in the Presidential Election scheduled for 1 September.

Her presidency was marked by significant decisions, including sanctioning the government’s draws on past reserves to support the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, she has been a stalwart advocate for women’s issues and various other social causes.

This high honour places Madam Halimah in esteemed company, alongside former Presidents Wee Kim Wee, S R Nathan, and Dr Tony Tan, who have all similarly been conferred with the Order of Temasek in the past. Other illustrious personalities who have received this recognition include former Chief Justice Yong Pung How, ex-Temasek Holdings chairman S Dhanabalan, and former Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar.

The PMO’s website highlights that the Order of Temasek was inaugurated in 1962 and is segmented into three grades. Though primarily awarded to Singapore citizens, exceptional non-citizens may also receive the honor under extraordinary circumstances. A prime example is Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who in 2014 was bestowed the highest grade of the Order for his contributions to regional cooperation and fostering robust bilateral relations between Indonesia and Singapore.

The Order of Temasek stands as a highly prestigious award, second only to the Star of Temasek, which is reserved for Singapore’s military and civil defense personnel demonstrating acts of incredible bravery or commitment to duty under perilous conditions.

President Madam Halimah has been lauded by the People’s Action Party for her approval of the government’s draws on past reserves during the COVID-19 pandemic and for her advocacy for women’s issues, among other social causes.

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If she is …. sooooo meritorious … then why didn’t she stand for reelection? Tharman would then still be the heavy-weight (aka anchor) MP in one of their GRCs, and SG would get to “benefit” from the “best of bests” president pap ever fielded. Something just doesn’t add up, hor.

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Who the fcuk cares?

What will be next? Let me guess …
(1) Chairman of GIC?
(2) Honorary professor of a local university?
(3) Honorary doctor in quantum mechanics?

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Mdm Halimah Yacob is indeed first of many things. The first person to switch from one “race” to another “race.” The first woman to take the role of an elected “President” without contesting in an election in Singapore. The first to suggest that if chicken is too expensive, buy fish (A paraphrase). The first sitting president to advertise “Milo Gao Kosong.” With all of these breathtaking incredible feats of accomplishments. Why should she not be awarded an award given by the same ruling government that employed her at taxpayer expense. Because this is surely what the 70% voted for, Uniquely… Read more »

To me, this award has the corrosive power that tears away the Presidential values that reflected the times of when the late Mr Ong was an Elected President holding the sacrosant office.

President Ong took the PAP to task, to serve the entire people of SG, yet won no award, NOT EVEN an honourable sent off on his passing.

And OMG, look at the balls carrying acts – DESERVES an award. Who can stop 😂.


It is to nail the mouth shut permanently…

On the premise SG do not have, strictly, a national identity, knowing this PAP Administration’s preference, is usually referring SG as a resilient society (tho years ago, we had been like a mini United Nations SG Inc, with dozens of other nationality Singaporeans which politicians treat as ghosts) – I am curious to understand what our Malay Singaporeans make of this award to Halimah.

Hope nationally controlled media can gauge and publish this info as newsworthy.

Goes to show how far and low they will go to reward their own kind regardless. They have inadvertently wipe the true value of such awards. What a blemish. Unbelievable truly!!!

Audited internally
Appraised internally with unknown criteria.. will not even pass any skills credit program
Ownself check ownself, ownself appraise ownself and award ownself.

And they can make statements like:

“We have strict controls and criteria, and will not leave any stone unturned”

And SPH repeats every comma, alphabet.. and 70% consider it has the truth and the whole truth.

“…Madam Halimah, who notably emerged as the country’s first female president after an uncontested, race-reserved election from 2017 to 2023.…”


Aiyoh, even a donkey can emerged as the country’s first non-human president if the election is made uncontested and animal-reserved only ….

Kelong 101. Kayu Son’s legacy.

Must be for the “DIGNITY” and “warmth” she brought to the presidency …

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Do we have an award for someone saying:

Eat Fish if Chicken is Expensive?
$1000 salary can afford HDB?
Heart surgery Only $8?


This clown get award? For being a PAP puppet? Not surprising as most awards got to their lap dogs and hand bag pooches.

Almost all on the list who are Singaporeans belong to the PAP. Ownself praise Ownself. Ownself give awards to Ownself. It says much about the participants in the charade. Any one refusing will be considered honourable.

Shake hands with babies, entertain visitors at the Istana lawns, sit on Charity shows, become a puppet – QUALITIES to deserve an award. Uniquely Singapore, REALLY.

Award? Just by a stroke of pen and ink creates a recipient deserving of an award?
Either the award IS DEVOID of any VALUE – CHEAPO.

Or the Person Entitled is BEING POKED fun of – sort of indirect DISRESPECT bestowed.

And I am not going to join the OPPO or Hamas Group either. You Lee Teo Repub and Demo can continue to pretend to be White. Nobody believes in you and continue to spawn all the Black overlords to disturb the public … Fractured Society created by Ppl who can’t let go of their Powers and their needs to lord over others.

Dun need to keep provoking an action. Just becos the Empire loves to play Jealousy Game. I still do not want to join the GOVT especially with Lee, Teo, Repub and Demo all together in it. Even if you brand me as a Hamas And eradicate me and my entire family, I have seen what I need to see how you war mongers are at work to present your Reality Show.