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Halimah Yacob speaks out on Gaza crisis: ‘Degradation of the human soul’

Former Singapore President Halimah Yacob, in a recent Facebook post addresses the distressing Gaza war, lamenting the degradation of the human soul amidst a rising death toll. She questions the world’s conscience, emphasizing the need to ‘stand on the side of humanity.



Halimah Yacob speaks on Gaza crisis through her Facebook post

SINGAPORE: Former President of Singapore, Mdm Halimah Yacob, has once again addressed the ongoing crisis in Gaza, sharing her thoughts on the matter through a Facebook post.

In a post from October last year, Mdm Halimah expressed her concern and condemnation for the situation in Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need for international intervention.

She reiterated her stance in a December post, urging individuals to align themselves with the cause of humanity.

Mdm Halimah passionately called on people to “stand on the side of humanity,” delving into the profound implications of the ongoing conflicts.

In her most recent Facebook post on Monday (26 Feb), Mdm Halimah commented on the disturbing nature of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, with the death toll rising to almost 30,000 civilians, mostly women and children.

“The degradation of the human soul,” Mdm Halimah remarked, citing instances such as the destruction of infrastructure and civilians being bombed in Rafah after being told to evacuate by the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

Mdm Halimah emphasized the blatant degradation of the human soul when food trucks promised safe passage into Gaza were bombed.

She pointed out images of IDF soldiers taking inappropriate actions after destroying Palestinian homes, as well as grandmothers and mothers proudly declaring on camera that they would prevent food trucks from reaching the vulnerable population.

Mdm Halimah noted that our natural instincts are to protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

Expressing deep concern, she questioned “What’s happened to the human soul? After this is over, will the same people be able to live with their consciences knowing that they contributed to the deaths and destruction of thousands of innocent lives?”

Mdm Halimah also noted that the degradation of the human soul is evident as the world struggles with ceasefire efforts.

She stated that international laws have become “irrelevant” and the consensus established to prevent atrocities after World War 2 has been severely compromised.

Concluding her post, Mdm Halimah called on readers to “stand on the side of humanity,” declaring that the world is forever changed.

Netizens support grows for Mdm Halimah’s stance on Gaza crisis

Under Mdm Halimah’s Facebook post, numerous individuals expressed gratitude for her vocal stance on the ongoing issue.

One user commented, expressing appreciation for Mdm Halimah’s stance and urging leaders to take more significant actions to halt the ongoing atrocities.

The user expressed concern over Singapore sending an ambassador to Israel amid the genocide, urging leaders to exhibit moral courage in acknowledging the unacceptability of such actions.


Another user acknowledged Singapore’s historic relationship with Israel.

However, the user suggested that it might be necessary to reconsider this relationship in light of Israel’s current behavior.

The user stressed the importance of not supporting depravity through silence or adherence to the status quo, advocating for a firmer stance from Singapore.

comment gaza

A different user commended Mdm Halimah’s words, stating that they resonate deeply and align with the priority of humanity.

Expressing dismay at the decline of human spirit in the face of violence and destruction, the user expressed a genuine hope that Mdm Halimah’s message would inspire more individuals to speak up for humanity, promoting peace, understanding, and the creation of a kinder and harmonious world.

comment gaza

Netizens express concerns over Singapore’s education approach to Israel-Hamas conflict

Several users brought up the recent issue involving Singapore’s Minister of Education (MOE), who incorporated the Israel-Hamas conflict into Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons.

One user expressed concern, stating that being good citizens doesn’t mean they will remain silent when the Singapore government crosses the line.

The user expressed concern that indoctrinating students could potentially lead to racial disharmony, undermining the collective efforts made over the years.

The user emphasized that being partial is one thing, but attempting to alter history is a different matter.

“If the Muslim community starts losing faith in the government then you don’t blame us but your own doings,” stated the user.


Another user suggested that Mdm Halimah would have been a better fit to lead the MOE.

They argued that even if her words might be harsh, they bring people together compared to the potential hatred and anger generated by the MOE’s approach, highlighting a perceived difference in competence between them.

comment on moe

A different user proposed a follow-up lesson by the MOE, utilizing Mdm Halimah’s post to discuss the actions of Israel.

The user expressed the belief that no one in the right frame of mind can justify the actions of Israel, considering it genocide regardless of any justifications presented by any party.

comment on moe

Recent online criticism has emerged regarding the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Launched in February of this year, the lesson aims to address contemporary issues, including the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Despite the one-hour time limit and resource preparation, the curriculum covers developments only from 7 October to December 2023.

Criticism has been directed at the teaching for lacking accurate historical narration of events related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

MOE responded to social media critique, defending its balanced teaching on the conflict and emphasizing the promotion of empathy and critical thinking in lessons, despite concerns over content neutrality and historical depth.

The curriculum includes discussions on various contemporary issues, such as casual racism, mental well-being, and other global conflicts like the Russia-Ukraine war.

However, some educational materials have come under scrutiny for omitting critical information.

Lesson slides include a summary of key events in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 1948 and a summary of Hamas, highlighting its non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

Notably absent were mentions of Israel’s non-recognition of a Palestinian state and recent accusations against Israel of committing acts of genocide against Palestinians.

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A fully-degraded soul telling Singaporeans about the degradation of the human soul. Finally, she has found her atonement? Or for the pappies, it is probably more Wayanging. (Remember the pappies’ dictionary is different from the common/normal/standard dictionary).

Please lah. Someone who can change from I to M, just to satisfy her boss, can understand or give any shxt to religious teachings, meh?

Theres been degradation of the human souls in PAP for so long too…
No conscience paying themselves mil$ salaries even when the economy is not doing so well..

Where is that botak Mr T? How come so quiet?

Busy eating his favourite pineapple tarts


After collecting $m, macik milo doing something meaningful.

Nevertheless, uncle is not impressed lah!

How come she DO NOT speaks for suffering people of SG, whereas she can open her big mouth on humanity.

Is she DEGRADING herself, not enough personal courage but use Hamas as her COVER of the fact PAP Administration DO NOT TREAT SG as humans, as ONLY VOTES and Sheeps to be USED, and MIS USED.

She WAS SO SILENT when the PAP left for DEAD a few Hep Patients, subsequent DIED a MOST TRAGIC death – PAP negligent in treatment, PAP put GE first, deaths as LAST priority.

She don’t even know the diff bewt black white grey. As long as she’s paid a woeful million dollars salaries form tax payers, into her pocket, she WORSHIP PAP as God, when the PAP used State Reserves, which is FAST DWINDLING NOW apparent from the SCARMBLING to RAISE PRICES, INCREASE CPF constributions.
Has she got eyes then?

Is this for the suffering Palestinians or the declining PAP popularity? This is Halimah, our unelected President, who became a Malay to seat herself in the Istana to collect $9million.

Using her to do damage control?… but….but ….but there are NO civilians in Gaza, they are either Hamas, affliated to HAMAS or supporter of Hamas.
Don’t believe can ask IDF.
So is she also affliated or supporting Hamas, if she speaks out for such ppl?

bye Gaza, bye harimau, bye PS. tsk tsk tsk

got ask Gaza eat fish or not? chicken is expensive tsk tsk tsk

bye .enjoy your $milliostar salaries lah….tsk tsk tsk

Too late. Past use by date!

Even the prosecution of anti PAP but honest for the, and love for, SG people, did she DENOUNCE the PAP Administration’s ATROCITIES?

Come on, DON’T BE ONLY A SELECTIVE critique and ONLY TO PROFIT for PR mileage – when u were the best person to F your PAP.

Did she speaks out when drug couriers were hanged by the dozens in SG done by her Political Masters?

How about people escaping from Burma – which I don’t think I read about her opening her Big Mouth

, … says the former speaker cum pretend president cum puppet of the ravenous regime, hell bent on “what’s wrong with collecting more money” for their own generations to come !!!

She’s a fine one to be talking about humanity and the human soul, … given her abandonment of such principles in accepting a “free ride” for 5 years and signing off all documentation placed before her, … without as much as a query, never mind a glance !!!

Deserting one’s humanity and selling off of one’s soul, … at its pappiest !!!

BTW, why didn’t this Kelong Queen similarly advocated for the plight of the Rohingya Muslims during her years in office? Surely more than 30,000 Rohingya had been killed, perished at sea, disappeared, displaced by the Myanmar gov, etc., etc, etc.

As said below: the pappies say one thing, but their actions speak differently. No sincerity, no honesty, no credibility, no honor, no shame. Only must Wayang.

“…Despite the one-hour time limit and resource preparation, the curriculum covers developments only from 7 October to December 2023….”


More contradictions to the “unhappy parents” camp’s assertions – again which slide(s) went back to 1948, since it is now stated the curriculum covered only 7-Oct onwards???

Also which genius can condensed events in the ME conflicts since pre-7 Oct 2023 (aka 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1973, 1967, 1948) into a ONE-hour lesson which kids can comprehend? Apparently only some in the “unhappy parents” camp can do such miracles.

“…Lesson slides include a summary of key events in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 1948 and a summary of Hamas, highlighting its non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist…” —————- Obviously the author (and sadly gutzy editor(s)) are just echoing the nonsense from some of the “unhappy parents” camp. No where in the slides (check the link provided) did the CCE lesson went back to 1948. 1948 seems to be a fixation for some commenters because that would question the existing of Israel in the modern-era – SOMETHING THAT I THINK MOE HAD WISELY AVOIDED. BTW, the link Lesson slides seems to be… Read more »

Halimah: “The degradation of the human soul…” —————— Yes, she would know about that after being a puppet president to the pappies for million$ and the chance to reside in the Istana. Accepting and becoming the reserved president, knowing that she did not get ONE single vote from the public; instead knowing her appointment was to prevent TCB (a popular candidate) from contesting — the depth of degradation of a soul indeed. Supposed to the “unifying president”, but instead Singaporeans became more polarized, as seen in last few elections. More cases of radicalization also surfaced during her years in office… Read more »