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Singapore Police Force tenders to expand camera network from 90,000 to over 200,000 islandwide

Singapore Police Force aims to expand its camera network to over 200,000 units islandwide through a new tender.



SINGAPORE – The Singapore Police Force (SPF) announced a new tender this Monday (Oct 30) with an ambitious plan to double its surveillance coverage using police cameras throughout the nation. This expansion is partially to provide coverage to the new housing and infrastructure developments that have emerged since the introduction of these cameras in 2012.

Ever since their introduction in 2012, more than 90,000 cameras have been methodically installed in key public locations, including housing estates, neighbourhood centres, and car parks.

The Police’s camera system, termed PolCam 2.0, received significant financial backing in 2019. The project was greenlit with a budget of $45 million, inclusive of maintenance expenditures.

The present tender aims to refurbish these existing cameras and, by the mid-2030s, increase the number to over 200,000 cameras distributed islandwide. This upscaling ambition, initially unveiled in 2021, received further details from SPF this week, revealing the future placement strategy to include high-footfall zones like commercial hubs, entertainment venues, and recreational areas.

Reiterating the commitment to safeguarding citizen privacy, an SPF spokesperson confirmed the cameras’ placement in public zones exclusively. With stringent data retention and access guidelines, recorded footage is guaranteed deletion after 31 days, except when earmarked for investigative purposes. The SPF remains vigilant against unauthorized access, with violators facing severe consequences.

Addressing rising concerns regarding privacy implications, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam shed light on the broader picture during his parliamentary address in 2021. He emphasized that while privacy is essential, it should not eclipse the broader communal desire for safety. “Conceptually, cameras in public domains resonate with the idea of police interviewing eyewitnesses. A camera serves as a continuous, ever-alert observer, offering unambiguous, black-and-white evidence,” Shanmugam elucidated.

The technological prowess of these police cameras is also evolving. Though their specific features vary based on operational necessities, common traits encompass 360-degree panoramic views, high-definition recordings, and adaptability to diverse lighting scenarios.

A 2021 public survey revealed that an overwhelming 91% of participants supported the use of police cameras in public spheres, underlining their significant role in fostering a sense of security and safety amongst Singaporeans.

According to the police, these surveillance tools have become invaluable assets, assisting officers in resolving approximately 7,500 cases since 2012. However, during this period, over 300,000 crime reports have been made.

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It was expensive for the PAP to get the surveillance video of Leon Perera and Nicole Seah. So this is a way to reduce costs. Hall our smart leaders!

They want to monitor us more and more …
While they are becoming more and more intransparent to us.

comment image

Together with ERP 2.0, this is what “Big brother is watching” is all about.

One of the heaviest policed state in the world. Just like trace together won’t give out personal info ha? More like to spy on all public citizens. They should put more cameras outside our ministars house so we can see what time they go to work and what they do.

Using public resources to put CCTV but public has no access to it … Great ideas ya?!?

People who ride on buses on public transport are monitored.
Cameras at every bus stop by 2030…

Assumption & conclusion is that people with less means are up to no good.
People who have private cars, homes and who do not need bus stops are excluded.

Who is dividing society..?
Who encourages this division of we, us, ours..?

Will they put cameras on Ridout Road? And livestream?

comment image

Using tax payers money to catch tax payers – where in earth other than in Sheegapore?

State secrets belongs to the country of SG and its people. Politicians ARE voted in to SERVE people AND NOT TO SERVE THEIR orders on people.

Who prosecute the law makers like the judge who dishonestly decided WITHIN is NOT INSIDE. Which appears laws made in SG for SGpns DO. OT APPLY to law makers.

Who Police the policemen?

comment image

Should put a camera in parliament – let the public see how good/bad the attendance is for each session. How many MPs/Ministers are part-timers?

The cameras are used to monitor every moments of Singaporeans especially those Opposition parties and those who voted for the Opposition parties which under target of Singapore PAP government Ministers if they found suspicions of going against Singapore PAP government even voice out their unhappiness against Singapore PAP government,their source of income will be cut off by Singapore PAP government and left starve to death going hungry, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be sending police to arrest those Opposition parties and those who voted for the Opposition parties to jail and beat them to death inside the prison

Isn’t this cost necessary because of population increase? Only govt. In the world that spends taxpayers’ monies because of foreigners.