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Singapore policewoman’s unwavering poise amid alleged assault garners praise from netizens

Amid an incident captured on social media, a policewoman’s unflinching professionalism during an alleged assault has earned widespread praise. The video depicts the arrest of a man, highlighting the officer’s composed response and commendable conduct in the face of adversity.




SINGAPORE: Maintaining the role of a law enforcement officer comes with its challenges, often involving encounters with individuals who resort to public displays of anger and frustration.

Unfortunately, there are instances where officers even face physical aggression, enduring slaps and punches.

Such was the case for a policewoman in question.

However, the response to such adversity sets this policewoman apart, earning her admiration from onlookers.

In her line of duty, even a seasoned officer can find being slapped a jarring experience.

But this particular policewoman prioritized professionalism over personal feelings.

The incident, caught on a widely circulated video on social media was uploaded by user “dingdingchew” on TikTok (28 Aug), captures the arrest of a man wearing a light blue polo tee by two police officers.


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In the video that has been seen more than eight thousand times, it can be seen that the situation seemed intense, requiring the assistance of a civilian to restrain the suspect’s hands.

A third individual was present, gesturing towards the suspect while holding a cigarette.

Though the exact moment of the reported assault isn’t entirely clear in the video, a brief commotion is evident.

Despite the turmoil, the policewoman maintained a composed demeanor.

Ultimately, the suspect was subdued and apprehended.

Online commendation followed for the officers, highlighting their handling of the situation.

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Notably, some netizens offered legal insights into the case.


Location details unveiled

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the motive behind the arrest, further details have come to light.

The confrontation took place in a coffee shop situated at Blk 143 Teck Whye Lane.

On 27 August, approximately at 7:00 p.m. local time, a distress call compelled police response.

The 71-year-old suspect was taken into custody for allegedly causing harm to a public servant.

Although both officers sustained minor injuries in the course of the incident, medical treatment was not necessary.

The ongoing police investigations persist in uncovering more about the situation.

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