Malaysian auxiliary police officer claims to have caught ‘Pontianak’ on tape during night shift

A TikTok video of a ‘pontianak,’ a female vampire from Malaysian folklore, is stirring debates. An auxiliary police officer, Ikhwan, recorded the eerie encounter during a night patrol, garnering millions of views. Netizens share their experiences and beliefs about the paranormal sound. On Facebook, a user relievedly shares their encounter with the ‘pontianak’ sound, while another warns of its deceptive mimicry.

Malaysian kindergarten teacher voices alarming concerns about ‘Skibidi Toilet Syndrome’ impacting young children

In Malaysia, a conscientious kindergarten teacher has raised concerns over the adverse consequences of “Skibidi Toilet” on young children.

This animated video series contains violent scenes and unsettling imagery that is inappropriate for children under the age of 7. The teacher strongly recommends parents take an active role in supervising and regulating their children’s online content.