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Malaysian auxiliary police officer claims to have caught ‘Pontianak’ on tape during night shift

A TikTok video of a ‘pontianak,’ a female vampire from Malaysian folklore, is stirring debates. An auxiliary police officer, Ikhwan, recorded the eerie encounter during a night patrol, garnering millions of views. Netizens share their experiences and beliefs about the paranormal sound. On Facebook, a user relievedly shares their encounter with the ‘pontianak’ sound, while another warns of its deceptive mimicry.



JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA: Real of fake? A few days ago, a video of female vampire known as ‘pontianak’ in Malaysia has been circulating on social media, especially TikTok.

The 14-second-long video was uploaded on Tuesday (1 Aug) by an auxiliary police officer named Ikhwan, taken while he was doing night patrol with his colleague.

According to the officer, the incident occurred around 2 am in a restricted area.

In the video, he said he always encounters such paranormal experiences since he has been working as an auxiliary police officer for 8 years.

However, he would usually only hear eerie sounds, but of all days, that day, the ‘pontianak’ decided to show itself.

Ikhmal said he recorded the video as evidence to show others what he has been hearing while doing night patrol.

In his captions, he reminded the junior auxiliary police officers not to be alarmed, as this is a normal occurrence for them.

The officer firmly stated that the video is authentic and not solely for content purposes.

The video has garnered over 4 million views since it was uploaded 5 days ago and has 229 thousand likes and 11.4 thousand comments.


Kuatkan semangat sahabat seangkatan, nawaitu kita cari rezeki, dia pun mahluk allah jugak. Untuk adik adik Baru benda ni normal .

♬ Horror Music(907870) – Pavel

Despite the shaky short video, most netizens in the comment section seem to believe him and even shared their own experiences hearing such eerie sounds.

A TikToker commented, “This is its voice. I heard this one time on my way back from work at 2am, I cursed at it and it stopped.”

Another TikToker said, “All this time, I thought it is the sound of animals. No wonder I felt goosebumps.”

“I heard this sound when I am back in my hometown. I thought it is the sound of an owl. I regret knowing what the sound is.”

A few others expressed their regrets for knowing what ‘pontianak’ sounds like.

“I regret knowing what is the source of this sound. I thought it was the birds.”

Someone commented that despite the sound coming from a real bird, the person will always associate it with a ghost.

There is also a comment expressing a hint of annoyance, “I just knew what it sounded like, so all this time, who has been making such hysterical laugh?”

A Facebook user with the name ‘Maira Majaa’ took to her Facebook page to express how she felt relieved someone is finally brave enough to record ‘pontianak’ sounds.

She posted, “Before this I thought it was the fox, but my late mother corrected me saying it was the pontianak.”

Her post garnered over 3000 likes and 10000 shares.

Another Facebook user explained in the comment section, “This is what real pontianak sounded like.”

“It can imitate any animal sounds so we will be deceived and fall into its trap.”

“I knew this from my experience as a security officer and I heard the sounds when doing night shifts.”

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This looks like quick copy and paste on video editing software. I can see the tree bark behind the translucent “pontianak.”

Funny how these supernatural beings never appear to atheist people. It’s all in your mind.