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Netizens praise Malaysian police officer’s approach to instill unity in school children

A Malaysian police officer’s viral address instilling moral values in elementary students has garnered widespread acclaim on Twitter.

Netizens laud his message of unity and love, endorsing him as a role model for all.



MALAYSIA:  A Malaysian police officer’s powerful and inspiring address, aimed at instilling moral values in elementary students, has gone viral on Twitter.

In the video, the officer can be heard consistently delivering messages centered around unity and love to the young students.

“Never call a person like this (racially). Treat your friend with kindness. Repeat after me. I love my friend!” he stated in the brief 55-second video.

The students seemed to enjoy his speech and display, expressing laughter and dutifully following his guidance.

“‘Uncle’ (referring to himself) doesn’t want to hear any racial conflicts! ‘Uncle’ wants to hear that you love each other!” he proclaimed during his address, eliciting an enthusiastic collective “Yes!” from the students.

While the exact location of the school remains uncertain, some online users suggest it might be in Johor Bahru.

At present, the video, initially shared by user @khairulazizi75 on Twitter (X), has garnered an impressive 241,000 views and has been retweeted 1,411 times.

The policeman has received widespread acclaim from netizens, with many suggesting that his approach should serve as a role model for all.

“Truly motivating… schools should consider inviting police officers and firefighters for more motivational talks or presentations like this,” one user recommended, highlighting the importance of exposing students to such inspiring figures.

Echoing a similar sentiment, another individual applauded the officer’s initiative in fostering unity among students within the school environment.

“This is exactly what’s needed. If all police officers could provide motivation like this, it would be exceptional,” he remarked.

“Well done, thank you for educating the young children. May all matters be facilitated in their youth, amen.”

In a lighthearted manner, another user humorously proposed that the policeman deserves a crown as a token of recognition for his remarkable efforts.

Meanwhile, a netizen highlighted that the school is located at SK Kangkar Pulai 2 in Johor Bahru.

“It’s truly fitting for this school, which is attended by students from diverse backgrounds. The police often collaborate with schools in the vicinity. Excellent work!”

Another Twitter user stated that the officer actually lives near his residence.

“This is SK Kangkar Pulai 2 school, that police officer lives in my housing estate at the very end.”


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