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Tragedy strikes as 3-year-old boy fatally hit by vehicle while riding kick scooter in Johor Bahru

In Johor Bahru, a heart-wrenching incident occurred on last Friday when a 3-year-old boy’s life was tragically cut short after being struck by a four-wheel vehicle while he was playing on his scooter.

The driver involved, a 32-year-old man, is currently under investigation for possible charges of reckless or dangerous driving



MALAYSIA: In Johor Bahru, a heart-breaking event occurred as a 3-year-old boy’s life was taken when a four-wheel vehicle struck him while he was playing on his kick scooter within his residential vicinity.

The driver is a 32-year-old man currently being investigated for causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

The incident occurred within the Eco Spring residential area located in Tebrau, Johor Bahru, on last Friday(4 Aug).

A 22-second CCTV footage recorded the incident and shared on “Akin” and “Bangang Forever” Facebook Pages.

The video footage captured the young boy riding his scooter in the vicinity and subsequently pausing at an intersection, where he was then struck by a black Toyota Hilux vehicle.

Moments after that, there were sounds of painful and distressing screams as people rushed toward the little boy lying on the road.

Netizens’ reaction

Internet users have been sharing their sympathies and offering prayers to the young boy, and his family in the wake of this traumatic event.

Additionally, a few internet users have also offered their perspective on the event, some consider both the driver and the parents of the young boy to be accountable for the unfortunate outcome, while others offered thoughts and advice.

“The parents should always be near their kid, preferably side by side where it is easier to reach for their hands,” and “drivers should be alert of their surroundings, especially those driving a bigger car,” a netizen commented.

One user stated if the driver was a lot more focused when driving he might have seen the kid, “…or he might have been looking around trying to search for a house,” she said.

“Pity for both parties, the boy was only playing, and the driver might have been too focused on searching/or in a hurry,” one user stated in the comment section.

The video of incident can be found here, viewer discretion is advised.

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