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Driver’s swift action prevents disaster as car bursts into flames upon entry to Singapore

During an trip entering Singapore via the Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex, a driver’s Honda Civic unexpectedly burst into flames.

Fortunately, the quick-thinking driver swiftly used a fire extinguisher, dousing the fuel rail fire within 45 seconds



SINGAPORE: What began as an ordinary journey turned into a terrifying ordeal for a driver heading towards Singapore via the Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex, commonly known as the Second Link, on Tuesday (19 Dec).

The incident unfolded around 9:49 PM when a Honda Civic suddenly burst into flames near the Tuas Checkpoint.

A dashcam footage capturing the dramatic scene surfaced on the Facebook group The video uploaded on Thursday reveals the car approaching a gantry when an unexpected burst of flames engulfed the vehicle.

Although the dashcam footage did not show a detailed view of the aftermath, the flaming car seemed to have come to a stop at the point of ignition.


Vehicle owner’s narrow escape from fire

The vehicle’s owner, identified as Muhd Suhail, later shared his ordeal on his own Facebook account, humorously labelling it as a “spontaneous BBQ session.”

Fortunately, at the time, Suhail acted swiftly as he had a fire extinguisher on hand and managed to extinguish the fire on the fuel rail within 45 seconds.

“I’m always ready with my fire extinguisher! Fuel rails on fire? No big deal! Within 45 seconds, I had that situation under control,” he wrote on his post.

In the post, he shared photos showcasing minimal damage to the vehicle, with no significant impact on the engine, chassis, or the recently applied paint job.

Furthermore, he attributed the fire to injector leaks, which he aptly dubbed as “troublemakers.”

Expressing gratitude that everyone on board emerged unscathed, Suhail thanked both divine intervention and those who offered their blessings.

In his Facebook post, Suhail emphasized the importance of being prepared for unforeseen circumstances in “this crazy motorsport world.”

He credited his minimal loss to the presence of a fire extinguisher in his car, urging fellow drivers to take note.

“Lesson learned: injector leaks are troublemakers. But hey, having a fire extinguisher on hand is also a lifesaver. Trust me on that, guys. Now I have another experience to share,” wrote Suhail.

Netizens highlight fire extinguishers in cars as essential for emergencies

Despite the gravity of the situation, a few online users have managed to inject a touch of humor into the incident, with some referring to it as a “bombastic entry” and drawing parallels to the popular movie “Ghost Rider” due to the vehicle suddenly bursting into flames when attempting to pass the gantry.

However, jokes aside, the majority of responses did express concern for the safety of the driver and occupants too.

One user voiced their hope for no severe injuries, emphasizing, “luckily, no biker is near the car.”

On a different note, another user shared his similar experience in 2015, coincidentally having a fire extinguisher on hand and successfully putting out the fire before the arrival of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

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We can just invoke Bo Bian to avoid confronting this issue.

COE : Bo Bian
GST : Bo Bian
Water Tariff hikes: Bo Bian
Electricity Tariff Hikes : Bo Bian
Kra Thai LandBridge : Bo Bian? 🤭

too bad. was it diesel or patrol?