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Selfless acts of Malaysian ‘auntie’ in hospital warm the hearts of netizens

In a heartwarming viral video, a compassionate woman at Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Kedah goes above and beyond to help patients.

Netizens praise her selflessness and note how kindness in Malaysia transcends religion and race.



KEDAH, MALAYSIA: In a heartwarming and inspiring demonstration of compassion, a viral video captured a remarkable act of kindness by a woman at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Kedah, showcasing her dedication to helping fellow patients.

Posted by user @divyasree0605, the video quickly gained traction on TikTok, drawing an outpouring of admiration for the compassionate “auntie” who went above and beyond to assist strangers in need.


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Netizens lauded the “auntie” for her altruism

The touching footage depicts an Indian woman tending to a Malay patient suffering from kidney failure and impaired vision, exemplifying a genuine and selfless commitment to another’s well-being.

Commending her actions, netizens lauded the “auntie” for her altruism, acknowledging her unwavering devotion to improving the patient’s condition, all without seeking recognition.

A TikTok user emotionally recounted how they were deeply moved by the sight of the “auntie” nurturing another patient, a poignant display of empathy that left a lasting impact.

Kindness beyond religion and colour

Some users highlighting the profound message that love and kindness know no bounds of skin color or belief.

“This embodies the true essence of love – irrespective of skin, race, or religion,” one user eloquently commented, while another echoed the sentiment, emphasizing that true virtues emanate from the heart rather than superficial attributes.

“This is what love from the heart means, regardless of their skin, race and religion…” they commented.

Beyond caring for her own daughter, the “auntie” extends her helping hand to other patients in the room, offering assistance with hydration, organizing belongings, and ensuring overall comfort.

In a separate video on the same account, the mother expresses gratitude for the support and kind words received, apologizing for any delay due to her daughter’s current condition.

The comments section is brimming with well-wishes and encouragement from netizens, united in their hopes for a swift recovery for the daughter.


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