Philippines announces start of joint patrols with US forces

US and Philippine troops resume joint patrols to counter China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea. President Marcos emphasizes collaboration for regional security, deploying navy vessels and aircraft. Tensions rise amid warnings of Chinese military interest and recent incidents at sea.

Xi warns Biden not to arm Taiwan, agrees to restart military talks

Xi Jinping urged Biden to cease arming Taiwan, emphasizing reunification support. Despite this, they agreed to resume military talks and enhance cooperation in AI, counternarcotics, and climate change, with Xi cautioning against suppressing China’s development through sanctions.

UN chief leads calls for ‘united’ response to AI threats

UN Chief Guterres urges global AI threat response at the AI Safety Summit in the UK. Western governments and AI firms agree on new safety testing amid concerns over job displacement and geopolitics.

The summit aims for a united global strategy and includes notable figures like Elon Musk. Future AI safety summits are planned.