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Palestine defers Indonesia-Malaysia peacekeeper proposal, focuses on conflict resolution

Palestine’s UN Observer Riyad Mansour stated that now is not the right time for a peacekeeping force in Gaza, as efforts are focused on ending the conflict. Malaysia and Indonesia have expressed readiness to deploy troops if the UN mandates.



Palestine responds to Indonesia and Malaysia's proposal for peacekeeping force in Gaza

Palestine has responded to Indonesia and Malaysia’s suggestion of sending a United Nations (UN) mandated peacekeeping force to Gaza, currently under attack by Israel.

The Permanent Observer of Palestine to the UN, Riyad Mansour, indicated that now is not the appropriate time to implement this idea as Palestine and the international community are focused on ending the conflict.

Mansour made this statement during a visit to Indonesia with the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP).

“We are at the point of ending the war and saving lives, and our energies are exhausted. Most of our efforts are concentrated on ending the war,” Mansour emphasized during a press conference at Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry in Jakarta on Thursday (4 July).

He acknowledged the intentions behind Indonesia and Malaysia’s proposal but stressed that addressing this issue would only be feasible once the Israeli offensive ended.

Mansour highlighted the need to resolve numerous other issues post-conflict, including the readiness of Indonesia and Malaysia to provide security forces in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“While we welcome all intentions of those who want to help, at the moment we are not at a stage to address the issue. After the end of the war, we will look at all options with an open mind to consider which ones can be applied and which ones are useful and which ones are not,” he added.

Mansour pointed out that the current situation in Gaza has not yet reached a stage where peacekeepers are needed.

“We are not there yet. We are not putting it aside, but we are not dwelling on the idea,” he said, noting that deploying troops now would be premature.

Indonesia and Malaysia ready to deploy peacekeeping forces to Gaza

The idea of sending a peacekeeping force to Gaza was first raised by Indonesia’s Defense Minister and President-elect Prabowo Subianto.

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue 2024 forum in Singapore on 1 June, Prabowo specifically addressed the conflict in Gaza, condemning Israel’s actions in attacking civilians in Rafah.

He called for an immediate investigation into these incidents, which have resulted in the loss of innocent lives, including children, women, and unarmed citizens.

Prabowo advocated for a two-state solution as the only viable path to lasting peace and security for Israel and Palestine.

“We believe that along with many other countries in the world today, the only real solution for lasting peace and security for Israel and Palestine is a two-state solution,” Prabowo stated.

He also confirmed Indonesia’s readiness to deploy peacekeeping troops and medical personnel to Gaza if requested by the UN.

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, during a telephone conversation with Prabowo on 1 July, expressed support for the idea of a joint international peacekeeping mission.

Anwar welcomed the idea of cooperation in a Malaysia-Indonesia international peacekeeping mission, with the potential for this collaboration to be extended to the ASEAN region.

“In our approximately three-minute conversation, we also exchanged views on current issues, particularly Prabowo’s recent role in representing Indonesia on the international stage, and his vision for regional and global collaboration and peace.”

“Touching on the humanitarian situation in Palestine, I conveyed Malaysia’s readiness to cooperate, including in the deployment of peacekeeping forces alongside Indonesia, should a mandate be granted by the UN,” he stated in a Facebook post.

According to the UN, peacekeepers are deployed to provide security, political support, and peace-building to help countries transition from conflict to peace.

The deployment of these forces involves the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, the UN Secretariat, troop and police contributors, and the host government.

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nothing news. always when there is oppression, jihadists will takes place. Just like September 11. sad truth.

2 other Islamic radical countries bid to enter a terrorist state to perform peacekeeping?
Makes sense.

Terrorists are wasting everybody’s time by trying to wipe out Israel.

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Zionism is the glory of GOD.
It culminates the manifestation of human dignity and decency.
Aliyah and shalom.

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How to have cease fire when Hezbollah are firing missiles at Israel?

If Israel retaliate, will Israel be called genocides?

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Singapore has obtained independence in 1965. Did we use force or terrorism like Hamas to be an independent state?

Singapore respect Israel. Many have undergone training under the Israel during NS.

Do not compare Israel with Hamas terrorists. Palestine was never a state.


Last edited 5 days ago by Blankslate

Israel will win

Singapore does not belong to Malaysia anymore. We are not Hamas or the Roman Empire who fought and take others land.

Singapore went through the legal rights to obtain independence in 1965, definitely not through terrorism, wars, etc

Please do not compare Singapore with the Romans Empire or Hamas terrorists.

Should Jews have the right to retake the land of Israel by any means necessary? Should we return Singapura to the State of Johor? Hussein Shah was installed as a puppet ruler of Singapura when Raffles made a treaty to set up a trading port here in 1819, bypassing the legitimate authority of the Johor Sultanate which had Singapura in its jurisdiction. Hussein Shah was in fact smuggled from Penyengat Island to Singapura by the British so that they can hastily install him as a new Sultan. No negotiations or consultations with the reigning Johor Sultanate whatsoever. (Hussein Shah was… Read more »

Zionism is about Judeo-Christian values.
Christianity is the daughter of Judaism.

This guy simply has no credibility. 1) He represents the PA (as allowed by the UN as an observer), yet PA seems to have ZERO control of what is happening in Gaza. All the on-going talks about a ceasefire – PA is not involved; knowledge of the 7 Oct attack – PA caught off-guard by Hamas; getting the hostages released – PA is very quiet and impotent. PA is simply a paper authority and its UN observer is simply veiled tokenism. 2) Once international peacekeepers are in place, Hamas will have no reasons to hold any remaining hostages. If any… Read more »


Last edited 6 days ago by Blankslate

Once Israel is done ridding Hamas from the Gaza strip. I’m sure Israel would be happy to allow Malaysian and Indonesian troops to garrison in Gaza, for as long as they wish.

They can handle whatever terrorist cell pops up and expend the men and dollars to play mack-a-mole in-perpetuality.

The US spent trillions of dollars over 20 years to depose the Taliban…only for the Taliban to return back to power.

Perhaps God will be on their side and there will be lasting peace. But I doubt it.

Last edited 5 days ago by Blankslate

No way there will be a cease fire.

Hamas terrorists are paid $10,000 and an apartment to kidnapped civilians.
Do you think these terrorists will forgo the money and apartment?

Anyway Palestine was known as Judea. It never existed before . Now crying to the world to grant them a state?

Pale-ass thin got no food. USA is providing them food.

Mansour is wrong. He should allow Indonesian and Malaysian peacekeeping troops. The Zionists will not end the war soon.