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Liu Jianchao: South China Sea dispute being “played up” by some countries

During his speech in Singapore, Chinese diplomat Liu Jianchao said the South China Sea issue is being “played up” by certain countries outside ASEAN. Recent tensions between China and the Philippines led to ship confrontations and diplomatic protests.



LEFT: Liu Jianchao; RIGHT: Video from Philippines Armed Force depict the supply vessel being targeted by direct water cannon fire from two CCG vessels.

SINGAPORE: Senior Chinese diplomat Liu Jianchao (刘建超) claimed that the South China Sea issue is being “played up” by certain countries outside the region for certain purposes.

Mr Liu spoke on Wednesday (27 March) at the “FutureChina dialogue” jointly organized by Business China (通商中国) and Singapore’s Chinese-language media Lianhe Zaobao.

Mr Liu, who is Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China, is in Singapore from 25 to 28 March at the invitation of Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan.

Liu Jianchao stated that Asia is currently at a crucial moment of development and revitalization, and it is essential to ensure that this region does not experience geopolitical conflicts and confrontations that lead to turmoil and crises.

On recent tensions in the South China Sea, Mister Liu said China has never started a war or invaded another country and it has worked hard with ASEAN to maintain peace in the region.

“The South China Sea issue, to be honest, is being played up by some external countries for certain purpose,” he told the audience.

“Thanks to the concerted efforts of China and ASEAN over the years, there has to be overall stability in the South China Sea. We have already signed the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC),  and working on (formulating) the SEA Code of Conduct (COC).”

While refraining from direct references, he criticized certain countries for “engaging in decoupling, disrupting supply chains, and building small yards with high fences in the name of security.”

He urged ASEAN to remain vigilant against becoming a battleground for parallel systems.

Mr Liu is widely regarded as a frontrunner for the position of China’s next foreign minister, especially after his predecessor Qin Gang was removed from his post by China’s top legislative body in July last year.

Mr Liu’s International Department of the CPC is in charge of cultivating and maintaining relations with foreign political parties.

On Wednesday, Mr Liu also held discussions with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, where both reiterated their commitment to further enhancing bilateral cooperation.

Prime Minister Lee and Mr Liu expressed satisfaction with the strengthening relationship between Singapore and China, particularly since the elevation of bilateral ties to an “all-round high-quality future-oriented partnership” in April 2023, as stated by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Mr Liu also provided PM Lee with updates on China’s current priorities.

“Prime Minister Lee and Minister Liu agreed on the importance for Singapore, China and other like-minded partners to continue working together to promote regional economic integration,” MFA said.

Escalating tensions between China and Philippines in the South China Sea

In recent times, tensions have escalated between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, marked by confrontations involving ships from both nations and diplomatic protests exchanged.

The growing concern revolves around the potential ramifications of further disputes between China and the Philippines over sovereignty in the South China Sea, posing a threat to the security and stability of the region.

ON 23 March, in the latest altercation near a disputed South China Sea shoal, two Chinese coast guard ships reportedly unleashed water cannon fire at a Philippine supply boat, resulting in significant damage to the wooden vessel, according to Philippine officials.

Videos shared on the Armed Forces of the Philippines Facebook page vividly depict the Philippine supply vessel, Unaizah May 4, being targeted by direct water cannon fire from two Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) vessels.

The Philippine government reported severe damage to the Unaizah May 4 during Saturday’s confrontation, which occurred as the vessel was en route to deliver troops and provisions to a Philippine navy ship stationed atop the Second Thomas Shoal.

Reportedly, this incident marks the second time this month that the Unaizah May 4 has sustained damage while attempting to resupply the outpost.

The shoal, which has been occupied by a small contingent of Philippine Navy personnel aboard a marooned warship since the late 1990s, is now surrounded by Chinese coast guard and suspected militia vessels, escalating tensions in the territorial standoff.

On Monday, the Chinese Embassy in Manila reiterated its stance on the West Philippine Sea, alleging that the Philippines has trespassed into the waters of Ayungin Shoal, which China refers to as Ren’ai Jiao (仁爱礁).

“On 25 March, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines lodged representations with the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines over the recent illegal trespassing by Philippine resupply vessels into waters adjacent to Ren’ai Jiao (Ayungin Shoal),” said the embassy.

Additionally, the embassy asserted that the Philippines had violated its commitments and ignored China’s firm opposition, which had been clearly conveyed to the Philippine authorities.

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Commie scumbag meets Chow Ah Gua.

If China is a rule-by-law country, they should not be afraid to go for arbitration.

When one looks at the area China claims as theirs in the South China Sea, it really beggars belief.

Unfortunately, in the real world the strong swallows the weak. While I commend President Marcos in being steadfast in defence of the Philippines, ultimately, China will do what it wants. Damn the consequences, if any.

Never started a war? Never invaded other countres.

What about attacking with Philippino fishermen? What about unilateral coercion to declare Taiwan as theirs.

, …… says the protagonist, perpetrator and pest in the SCSeas !!!

> Hot girls are waiting for you on —

Total nonsense. International court already ruled on the SCS, only one country disputes the international court.