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Red Dot United hopes Lawrence Wong will rise above PAP’s past laurels

In its congratulatory note to incoming Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, Red Dot United urges Mr Wong to rise to the occasion and eschew the past laurels of the People’s Action Party in order to leave his mark on guiding Singapore into the future.



SINGAPORE: Following congratulatory messages from other alternative parties, including Singapore’s Workers’ Party and Progress Singapore Party, Red Dot United (RDU) also expressed high expectations for Prime Minister Designate Lawrence Wong, urging him to embody true leadership characterized by charisma and compassion, with the aim of uniting all Singaporeans.

At 8 p.m. today (15 May), Singapore will witness the inauguration of its fourth prime minister, Lawrence Wong, as he is sworn in on the grounds of the Istana.

RDU extends its congratulations to Mr Wong, recognizing today as a pivotal day in Singapore’s political history.

In a statement issued by Mr Ravi Philemon, Secretary-General of RDU, it was noted that despite Mr Wong’s tenure in politics since 2011 and his increased visibility during the pandemic, surveys indicate that he remains somewhat unfamiliar to Singaporeans.

“RDU hopes that Mr Wong will rise to his high calling, not rest on the past laurels of the PAP, and will stamp his mark in leading Singapore in our next lap.”

Mr Philemon emphasized the significance of this, as many Singaporeans believe that heightened political competition fosters improved governance, with voters expecting accountability, transparency, and increased public engagement in policymaking.

He underscored the uncertainties stemming from generational shifts and the volatile external landscape, both regionally and globally.

“The Prime Minister needs to elevate himself as a true leader with charisma and compassion to unite all the people of Singapore and guide them towards a common destiny as one people.”

RDU also recognized PM Lee’s contributions, particularly in maintaining trust through political stability.

“We at Red Dot United acknowledge this, and we thank Mr Lee for his leadership over the years.”

RDU eagerly anticipates contributing and collaborating with the government, as their ultimate goal remains unchanged: to unite all Singaporeans and guide them toward a shared destiny as one people.

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