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42-year-old driver in Tampines fatal accident charged in court for causing two deaths

A 42-year-old male driver faces four charges in the fatal Tampines crash, including dangerous driving causing death. He was granted S$30,000 bail and ordered to avoid contact with witnesses.



SINGAPORE: The 42-year-old male car driver, Muhammad Syafie Ismail who was involved in Monday’s (22 April) catastrophic multi-vehicle crash in Tampines charged in court on 25 April, facing several serious offences.

The four charges include:

  1. Dangerous Driving Causing Death
    • Section: 64(2)(a)
    • Penalty: Imprisonment for a term not less than two years and not more than eight years. Additionally, disqualification from driving all classes of vehicles is mandatory.
  2. Dangerous Driving Causing Hurt
    • Section: 64(2B)(a)
    • Penalty: A fine of up to S$10,000, or imprisonment for a term of up to two years, or both. Disqualification from driving all classes of vehicles is also applicable.
  3. Dangerous Driving
    • Section: 64(2C)(a)
    • Penalty: A fine of up to S$5,000, or imprisonment for a term of up to 12 months, or both.
  4. Failing to Stop After an Accident
    • Section: 84(1)
    • Penalty: A fine of up to S$1,000, or imprisonment for a term of up to three months, or both.

He was granted bail set at S$30,000 and ordered not to have any contact with the prosecution witnesses.

When asked by the judge if he wished to make a statement, Syafie indicated that he would be seeking legal representation.

The prosecution proposed electronic monitoring, citing concerns about his potential flight risk.

In response, Syafie addressed the court, stating that he believed electronic tagging was unnecessary since his documents, including his passport, had been seized by the police.

He affirmed his compliance with bail conditions and assured his presence at all court proceedings, leaving the decision to the court.

Police investigations are continuing to explore other possible offences.

Syafie was arrested by police on Wednesday upon his discharge from the hospital.

The charges are in relation to the accused’s involvement in the tragic incident on the morning of 22 April 2024 at the junction of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, where a collision involving four cars, a van, and a minibus claimed two lives and injured several others.

At about 7:05 am on the said date, police were alerted to the accident which resulted in immediate and severe consequences.

A 17-year-old female car passenger and a 57-year-old female van passenger were conveyed unconscious to the hospital, where they later succumbed to their injuries.

The two have been identified as a Temasek JC student Afifah Munirah Binte Muhammad Azril and 57-year-old victim Norzihan Bte Hj Juwahib, an employee of a pest control company.

Ms Norzihan had recently realized her dream of owning a home by purchasing a two-room flat in Sengkang just three months ago before the accident.

Additionally, three male car drivers aged between 42 and 48, a 64-year-old male van driver, and two 11-year-old boys, one a car passenger and the other a minibus passenger, were also hospitalized with injuries.

Later, a 42-year-old female car driver and a 39-year-old male van passenger sought medical treatment independently.

Footage captured from multiple dashboard cameras revealed the events leading up to and following the accident.

A black Saab was observed attempting to overtake a white Mercedes on Bedok Reservoir Road.

The Mercedes was struck when the Saab attempted the manoeuvre.

Subsequently, the Saab was observed disregarding a red light as it proceeded through the junction.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes successfully came to a halt at the red light.

Footage depicting the collision showed the Saab colliding with several vehicles either travelling straight along Tampines Avenue 1 or making a left turn onto Tampines Avenue 4.

The Singapore Police Force, in a statement late Wednesday, expressed their commitment to upholding road safety, emphasizing that egregious traffic offences endangering the safety of other road users will be met with strict enforcement.

They highlighted the severe penalties associated with these offences, reflecting the serious nature of the charges laid against the driver.

The community of Tampines and the wider Singaporean public have been deeply affected by the loss of the two victims.

In response to this tragedy, there has been an outpouring of grief from the community, with many expressing condolences online and calling for stringent action against reckless driving to prevent future losses.

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Dumbass Saab driver trying to escape after side swapping the Merc because Merc didn’t want to let him overtake by spring up.

One dumbass Saab driver and one asshole Merc driver, combination of a perfect story line for a new sequel of the movie “Final Destination”.

I viewed the video from the merc glc43 multiple times. Now, I am not blaming the motor bike BUT in this situation of the motor bike is not in the way of the Saab or in the inner lane, there’s maybe a great chance the chain reactions of things that follow would not take place.

Killed 2 and sent several to hospital, still granted bail, a small 30k at that.
Doesnt reflect the serious nature of this persons actions.
The judge his uncle , issit?
He still has not issued an apology to the families of the victims…such arrogance that caused such a tragic accident too.

Last edited 24 days ago by Somethings not right

We all learnt this at school…so please practice when driving…
“Better Late Than Never”.

This guy going to engage lawyer, either to fight for his innocent or mitigate for a lighter sentence. My guess his defence is he is provoked by other road user that don’t give way, or he can blame the government for not educating him enough on traffic rules (like some dumbies claims in this forum), or blame government did not build a longer runway before traffic junction for him to stop in time.

Only $30k bail? Ridiculous…
Should add another 6 zeroes…rmbr killed 2 and few more in wrecked several other vehicles..

So it is same kind kill same kind, both victims also same kind.
Sinkie take out Sinkie.
Buy TOTO group 1 and strike also not so ‘chun’!
Cannot say the same for the other injuried though
These kind as so admitted by the PAP themselves have a 50% re-offending rate.

Get good & expensive lawyer
Comes from good family
Come from good school
Contribute alot to taxes
Claim depression get expensive mental doctor
Maybe serve in some crassroot…err..i mean grass root

The above list is not exhaustive cause some have ‘connection’ that cannot be known…
O.K done…
6 months to 2 years!
Want example .. AYE driver speeding in reverse direction killing 1 ,seriously injuring 4 …get 1 yr holiday at Changi resort…y paid lodging and meals….heard his lawyer very ex one hor!

42 years old & Racing!!!???
My simple suggestion, Do Not Go On Bail!
Sit Inside Prison, Safer.
The Police will pile on more charges.
He is fully monitored.
The worst case in Singapore was a driver hitting 6 people at a Bus Stop, going to work. All Dead!!!!
Subaru WRX, guess who’s son he was????

Foreigner…documents & passport held by police…in case flight risk…
Oredy killed 2 innocent persons and put 7 in hospital, still got choice re electronic tag…can tell the judge is not neccessary????!!!
Maybe related to some datuk datuk or elite tier of our neigborng ctries?