18-year-old admits guilt in River Valley High School axe murder case

On Friday, an 18-year-old teenager admitted guilt for the killing of a fellow schoolmate with an axe that occurred two years prior.

The 2021 tragic incident at River Valley High School elicited a widespread emotional response of grief and shock from the public.

Former Leighton Holdings CEO faces trial in Sydney over alleged bribery by Singapore-based Leighton Offshore

Former Leighton Holdings CEO faced trail in Sydney for alleged improper payments made by Singapore-based Leighton Offshore.

The company allegedly funneled bribes through entities associated with UAB businessman and Unaoil to secure a $US1.46 billion contract.

In 2016, Australian media investigations uncovered Unaoil’s engagement in bribery activities allegedly aimed at assisting Keppel in securing contracts.

Unaoil considered Keppel an attractive client due to its purportedly lenient anti-corruption measures compared to Unaoil’s other multinational partners.

Additionally, Unaoil believed Keppel possessed connections with allegedly corrupt officials in the Kazakh government.

Keppel refuted these allegations in April 2016.

Trial of Apple Daily tycoon a ‘test’ for Hong Kong’s freedoms: son

Jimmy Lai’s trial in Hong Kong is a litmus test for the city’s autonomy. Delays and legal obstacles raise concerns about fairness. Lai, a pro-democracy figure, could face life in prison under the national security law, emphasizing global importance in monitoring Hong Kong’s commitment to the rule of law amid China’s influence.

Who’s who in Hong Kong’s national security trial

Hong Kong’s largest trial involves 47, including scholar Benny Tai, accused of subverting state power via a 2020 primary. Joshua Wong’s “resistance camp” opposed the security law. Witness testimony implicates Tai. Voter Gordon Ng, unrelated to organizers, faces charges for promoting the primary’s alleged conspiracy.