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57-year-old victim in fatal Tampines crash bought 2-room flat in Sengkang 3 months ago

The 57-year-old victim of Monday’s fatal multi-vehicle crash in Tampines had recently achieved her dream of owning a home, buying a flat in Sengkang just three months prior. Her brother described her as a devoted daughter, vital for their 78-year-old mother’s care.



SINGAPORE: The 57-year-old woman, who tragically lost her life due to injuries sustained in a fatal multi-vehicle crash in Tampines on Monday morning, had recently realized her dream of owning a home by purchasing a two-room flat in Sengkang just three months ago.

The fatal accident at the junction of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, occurring at 7:07 am on Monday (22 April), resulted in eight hospitalized, including two 11-year-olds.

Among the deceased is a 17-year-old student at Temasek Junior College, while the other victim is identified as a female passenger in a van. Both succumbed to their injuries after admission to the hospital.

According to reports from Chinese media 8World News, the female passenger was identified as Norzihan Bte Hj Juwahib, a 57-year-old employee of the pest control company First Choice Pest Specialist.

Ms Norzihan’s brother confirmed her passing due to the tragic accident in a Facebook post yesterday, receiving numerous condolence messages.

Brother reveals sister’s crucial role in caring for their 78-year-old mother in Tampines

The victim’s younger brother, during an interview, described his sister as the eldest among six siblings, unmarried throughout her life, and deeply connected to her family.

He explained that she had always been remarkably independent, living on her own for an extended period. She aspired to own her own home.

“Finally, three months ago, she fulfilled her dream by purchasing a two-bedroom flat in Sengkang.”

“In celebration, she hosted a gathering at her new residence during Eid al-Fitr, where everyone rejoiced for her.”

The brother shared that their 78-year-old mother had relied entirely on his sister’s care. Living in Tampines, their mother’s daily needs were attended to by her.

Being a capable and devoted daughter, her passing left their mother profoundly saddened.

He also disclosed that, including his sister, three family members had passed away within the last year, including another sister and their father.

Following the incident, the brother received a call from his sister’s colleague at the pest control company, notifying him of the accident.

“We rushed to the hospital immediately. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, they eventually informed us, ‘We’re sorry, we did all we could,’ confirming my sister’s passing.”

At that moment, the family was overwhelmed with tears, filled with profound sorrow and shock.

Ms Norzihan’s brother then urged road users to exercise patience and caution.

“On the roads, it’s essential to show respect and cooperation. These are human lives at stake, each with loved ones waiting for their safe return home.”

Singapore mourns the loss of 17-year-old Temasek JC student in the multi-vehicle crash

Besides Ms Norzihan, the Singaporean community also mourn the loss of 17-year-old Temasek JC student Afifah Munirah Binte Muhammad Azril.

According to Chinese media Lianhe Zaobao, Ms Afifah was described as academically excellent and cherished by her family.

Accompanied by her father to a school running event on the morning, their journey was tragically cut short when a Black Saab, running a red light at the intersection of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, collided with their vehicle, causing it to overturn—the most severely damaged among six vehicles involved.

Principal Liu Earnler of Temasek Junior College expressed deep sorrow over Afifah’s passing.

He stated, “The school has been in touch with the family of the student and will render additional support to students and staff who may be affected by this incident during this difficult period.”

Temasek Junior College also paid tribute to Afifah on social media, highlighting her dedication as a student councillor who took her studies seriously and actively contributed in tutorials.

TJC expressed their profound condolences to her family, loved ones, and all who cherished her deeply.

Netizens call for investigation and stricter penalties for reckless drivers

Observing comments on Singapore’s state media, many netizens express sadness upon hearing the news, offering condolences to the deceased’s family.

Additionally, some call for authorities to investigate the culprit behind the fatal accident and advocate for heavier punishment for reckless drivers.

As reported by 8World News, police have stated that a 42-year-old male driver is currently assisting with investigations into the accident.

Footage captured from multiple dashboard cameras revealed the events leading up to and following the accident.

A black Saab was observed attempting to overtake a white Mercedes on Bedok Reservoir Road.

The Mercedes was struck when the Saab attempted the manoeuvre.

Subsequently, the Saab was observed disregarding a red light as it proceeded through the junction.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes successfully came to a halt at the red light.

Footage depicting the collision showed the Saab colliding with several vehicles either travelling straight along Tampines Avenue 1 or making a left turn onto Tampines Avenue 4.

Among these vehicles were one that overturned, another that appeared to have collided with a lamppost, one that struck a divider, and a mini-bus and van facing in the opposite direction.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force reported utilizing hydraulic rescue equipment to extricate the individual’s trapped leg from beneath the car wheel.

Several members of the public, including a nurse and two off-duty SCDF officers, assisted the injured following the accident, according to SCDF.

CPR was administered to two individuals at the accident site.

The police earlier stated that the accident involved four cars, one truck, and one minibus.

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17 + 57=74
I Do Not Think So President.
Welcome To The Valley Of Death, Singapore or Rather Sinkies.

While the police is investigating and questioning the SAAB driver, they (the police) should release some basic information of the said driver; like his name and what he does for a living. I believe most Singaporeans are very upset with the loss of the two lives (hopefully no more will succumb to their injuries) because of the action and behaviour of the SAAB driver. The more I studied the videos of the incident, the more I am convinced the SAAB driver was out to kill himself. He was literally ploughing through everything and anything in his path. To me it… Read more »

“Killer” Driver not identified…perhaps from one of the elte rich families in sg or one of PAP’s darling foreigners?
Just my guess , cuz its happened b4…if a SG, the face and full name will be plastered on the news media oredy.

Condolences to all the family and friends of Ms. Norzihan and Afifah Munirah. This was a senseless death but we pray for them to Rest in Peace.

57 yrs old then can buy 2 room HDB?
Gosh what was she doing for the past 30 yrs of her life?
A clear example to ppl like her type, please do not waste your life away.
You are living in a very high cost country.
And will be even more costly next yr and henceforth.
If you cannot ‘make it’ kindly ship yourself out, early!