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Singapore mourns loss of 17-year-old Temasek JC student in Tampines multi-vehicle crash

The passing of 17-year-old Afifah Munirah Binte Muhammad Azril, a Temasek Junior College student, is mourned by family and community after the Tampines multi-vehicle crash. Netizens urge authorities for investigation and stricter penalties for reckless driving.



SINGAPORE: The loss of 17-year-old Afifah Munirah Binte Muhammad Azril, a first-year student at Temasek Junior College, deeply mourned by family, schoolmates, and the community, following her tragic passing in the Tampines multi-vehicle crash on Monday morning.

The fatal accident at the junction of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, occurring at 7:07 am on Monday (22 April), resulted in eight hospitalized individuals, including two 11-year-olds.

As per Shin Min Daily News, among the deceased is a 17-year-old junior college student, while the other victim is identified as a female passenger in a van. Both succumbed to their injuries after admission to the hospital.

Ms Afifah Munirah’s uncle, Mr Firdaus Kassim, confirmed her passing on Monday afternoon.

He also revealed that Afifah’s father, involved in the accident, has undergone surgery and is currently hospitalized.

“We seek your prayers and understanding in these difficult times,” he wrote.

Enrolled at Temasek JC

According to Chinese media Lianhe Zaobao, Ms Afifah, a first-year student at Temasek JC, was described as academically excellent and cherished by her family.

Accompanied by her father to a school running event on the morning, their journey was tragically cut short when a Black Saab, running a red light at the intersection of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, collided with their vehicle, causing it to overturn—the most severely damaged among six vehicles involved.

Principal Liu Earnler of Temasek Junior College expressed deep sorrow over Afifah’s passing.

He stated, “The school has been in touch with the family of the student and will render additional support to students and staff who may be affected by this incident during this difficult period.”

In Primary 6, Afifah Munirah Muhammad Azril served as the head prefect at Meridian Primary School in Pasir Ris.

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School celebrated her accomplishments in an Instagram post on 9 February, highlighting her graduation and numerous awards, including the Service Award, Good Character Certificates, and the EAGLES Award for leadership and service.

On Tuesday, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School conveyed condolences to Afifah’s family, recognizing her as an outstanding graduate and esteemed leader within the Girl Guides community.

Han Zirui, Afifah’s teacher, shared heartfelt sentiments about the deceased, praising her kindness, leadership, and service to her peers.

She highlighted her resilience in overcoming challenges and her deep respect for teachers and others. Han recalled feeling proud when Afifah informed him of her acceptance into Temasek JC, expressing ongoing pride in her.

“My dear angel, rest in peace. I will always remember your smile and the sound of your laughter. You are dearly missed.”

Netizens call for investigation and stricter penalties for reckless drivers

Observing comments on Singapore’s state media, many netizens express sadness upon hearing the news, offering condolences to the deceased’s family.

Additionally, some call for authorities to investigate the culprit behind the fatal accident and advocate for heavier punishment for reckless drivers.

As reported by 8World News, police have stated that a 42-year-old male driver is currently assisting with investigations into the accident.

Footage captured from multiple dashboard cameras revealed the events leading up to and following the accident.

A black Saab was observed attempting to overtake a white Mercedes on Bedok Reservoir Road.

The Mercedes was struck when the Saab attempted the manoeuvre.

Subsequently, the Saab was observed disregarding a red light as it proceeded through the junction.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes successfully came to a halt at the red light.

Footage depicting the collision showed the Saab colliding with several vehicles either travelling straight along Tampines Avenue 1 or making a left turn onto Tampines Avenue 4.

Among these vehicles were one that overturned, another that appeared to have collided with a lamppost, one that struck a divider, and a mini-bus and van facing in the opposite direction.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force reported utilizing hydraulic rescue equipment to extricate the individual’s trapped leg from beneath the car wheel.

Several members of the public, including a nurse and two off-duty SCDF officers, assisted the injured following the accident, according to SCDF.

CPR was administered to two individuals at the accident site.

The police earlier stated that the accident involved four cars, one truck, and one minibus.

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Is a disgrace to be with the same camp of the oppies. The hates of the government has make people turn insane, I suppose. Do spare some thoughts for the affected. This would happen no matter who is running the country.

Thanks to the negligence of the authorities, another young life is lost.

Where is the article talking about the reckless driver? Or the other victims and their stories? What is the response of the ruling government and their oversized ministries, agencies and statutory boards? Silence?

On another note, Nikkei Asia just published an article on how Singapore’s TFR just dropped below 1.0. That means, there will no replacement for this squandered young life.

Hang that black car bugger culprit driver. Period. No need to go to court. All evidences are against him.
No hang, no one is afraid of the law. Once one gets hanged, all other balls will shrink….lol….and they will drive/ride carefully.
“We must have that ironfist to govern this little country called Singapore. If your fist is soft, then you can jolly well forget on becoming the government.”

May they rest in peace. And the families find closure. Also GWS to the others.

Why are you folks politicised this sad accident. Please be more sensitive to the victim. Life is lost. Traffic light and traffic rules are there and individual just breaks the rules and beat the traffic light should be held responsible why blame the government? This proves and shows we got a lot of idiotic persons here. Really hopeless bunch.

As an example of a good working democracy to serve the people, in USA 🇺🇸 the President will recommend, and short who and who so and so to positions of authority, at various institutions to serve the country, even tho the jobs appear to be politically affiliated, or so in its job functions. That’s NOT conclusive or final. Congress will scrutinise and vet each recommend appointee which is meant to seive out biased people, people who carry political balls. Congress do the final checking, de facto approval means the finally employed person IS NOT PARTISAN or FAVOURING certain political party… Read more »

This Govt is beholden to PAP unnecessarily, and they have MISTAKENLY pay homage to PAP which is RIDICULOUS and AWESOMELY ABSURD. LTA is supposed to be FULLY INDEPENDENT with NO political strings OR umbilical cord. They are to SERVE the COUNTRY NOT SERVE POLITICIANS, and THEY MUST BE FULLY AWARE, ANSWERABLE to the PEOPLE of A country, here it’s Singapore. This LTA HEAD OUGHT to Commit Harakiri when this ACCIDENT PROVES there is NO DETERRENT exists. Obviously the LTA can play tai chi and QUOTE the PAP founded NO BLAME CULTURE which IS FOOLISHLY inappropriate because LTA is NOT a… Read more »

“Singapore mourns”? A bit of a overstatement, isn’t it?

Though we lament this horrible accident and the innocent injured and passing of 2 individuals, is there a need for such dramatic narrative?

10 million coming soon.
Traffic accident going to happen like nothing on earth on your roads!
Traffic laws and laws of your land are for the RICH!
So where you Sinkie peasants can run to?
JB? Thailand? Or some Polynesian island?
Or best lah, like Ah Yang in some Swiss standard of living country!

The driver of the black car must be flogged, banned from driver for life, and serve 30 years in jail.

Well one is a Bright Star while the other Not … So trying to lament the loss of bright star … Hierarchical created by our Loong empire then rank society. So aren’t they playing Gods cos they put themselves as the Top overlords while despising others … Should society be this way??? Worst steal money to be on the Top tier.

Go check the Saab list of cars in SG and why never report on driver?!? Why is he driving so fast. All censored for them to spin their story!!???

Thought 2 lives were lost in the accident. Why the media and focus are on only this 17-YO student; what about the other victim? One life is more precious than the other, issit?