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Two lives lost in Tampines multi-vehicle crash, including 17-year-old girl

Fatal accident at the Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4 intersection on Monday morning left eight hospitalized. Tragically, a 17-year-old student and another female passenger didn’t survive. Police are investigating a 42-year-old male driver.



Two fatalities resulted from an accident at the intersection of Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 4, occurring at 7:07 am on Monday (22 April)

Initially, reports indicated that eight individuals required hospitalization.

As per Shin Min Daily News, among the deceased is a 17-year-old junior college student, while the other victim is identified as a female passenger in a van. Both succumbed to their injuries after admission to the hospital.

In total, eight individuals were hospitalized: four were taken to Changi General Hospital, two to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and two to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

As reported by 8World News, police have stated that a 42-year-old male driver is currently assisting with investigations into the accident.

Footage captured from multiple dashboard cameras revealed the events leading up to and following the accident.

A black Saab was observed attempting to overtake a white Mercedes on Bedok Reservoir Road.

The Mercedes was struck when the Saab attempted the manoeuvre.

Subsequently, the Saab was observed disregarding a red light as it proceeded through the junction.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes successfully came to a halt at the red light.

Footage depicting the collision showed the Saab colliding with several vehicles either travelling straight along Tampines Avenue 1 or making a left turn onto Tampines Avenue 4.

Among these vehicles were one that overturned, another that appeared to have collided with a lamppost, one that struck a divider, and a mini-bus and van facing in the opposite direction.

Following the accident, an individual was found lying on the road beneath a car wheel.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force reported utilizing hydraulic rescue equipment to extricate the individual’s trapped leg from beneath the car wheel.

Several members of the public, including a nurse and two off-duty SCDF officers, assisted the injured following the accident, according to SCDF.

CPR was administered to two individuals at the accident site.

Additionally, another individual was observed leaning against the damaged door of the white car.

The police stated that the accident involved four cars, one truck, and one minibus.

The 42-year-old male car driver who was hospitalized is currently assisting with investigations. Police investigations are still ongoing.

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The driver should be banned for life from driving all classes of vehicles. He should also be liable to pay the family an equivalent to the amount of monetary support given to the deceases and what would eventually a family contributor when he/she started working.

The driver is not identified …why?
Is he from an elite, rich family..
Or one of PAP’s darling foreigners..
If SG sure full name & pic oredy plastered in the media!!
We can guess from past incidents…

I first time hear our laws are too lenient and pliant because of this mishap. I don’t want to hear anymore kpkb when parliament pass more draconian laws.

2 innocent folks died as a result of 2 selfish drivers …
They should be charged for manslaughter..
There are many speeding incidents on our narrow roads ..many from luxury sports-like cars..the sound is deafening n scary as it zooms past…
Is our gov toi lienient on such cars to please the elite groups?
If the drivers want to die go ahead…dun bring innocent persons with them…

Pls do not be fixated on your handphones while crossing the road.
You may not be able to avoid such accidents, but if you are always aware of your surroundings, you may be able to react and avoid death and severe injuries.

Teach your children this, especially by way of example to do so yourselves.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chi Can

The punishment is too lenient in our Courts.In the US if you are caught speeding the cops will confiscate the car and force you to face a judge until then the driver has to pay for the towing charges and daily impounded charges while waiting for the court case to be heard. This can run in thousands of dollars. We have too many people, too many vehicles and took many buildings. The roads are widen to accommodate more cars but what’s next if the population increase policy is not ditched? More to die on the roads?

We need to educate certain drivers who are still at large who think they own the road and can speed anytime they want for no reasonable reasons and without giving a thought at all and do not care at all for the safety and life of other innocent road users. The result in this senseless driver speeding and swerving lanes to overtake another white SUV then slamming into many cars shortly ahead at a road intersection as observed from car cameras and causing a serious multi-vehicle accident which ended taking the lives of 2 young girls aged 17 years. These… Read more »

My condolence to the families. Most of these accidents (as well as crimes) can be prevented if we have tough laws plus stiff punishments, e.g. caning for drink-drinking, speeding, beating red lights and etc, hanging when life is taken away, be it in traffic accident or crime. Tonnes of complaints year after year, but all, if not most, fall on deaf ear. Only when the GE is around the corner, then the respective government departments begin to work. Years before, they were telling the public our roads are getting safer every year. No wonder the ex-transport minister iguana is charged… Read more »

As for Ridout man, he is good only at dealing with gossip and rumours from foreign news media!😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sinkers Can’t Drive.

As I mentioned before, since the authorities do not want to crack down on night time speeding and reckless driving. Eventually this sort of behaviour will shift from night to daytime. Here is the end result.

What is the 9% GST monies being used for? Is this really a country with “rule of law?”

How fleeting life is! My heart goes out to the family of the student and the female van passenger.

My gut feeling is the SAAB driver was on a suicide mission. No, not the terrorist kind.

Unfortunately, he took two other lives (so far) by his blatant reckless driving (perhaps deliberate?)

If he was not out to kill himself, but was drunk or high on drugs, he should be jailed and the keys thrown away.

Hopefully we will know the identity of the killer driver and the condition of those still hospitalised.



死得要有 價值


If one were to LAMBAST the PAP Administration as contributing to these loss of innocent lives via living stresses, one sure were to encounter strong rebutt from them, and perhaps lawyers letter. Possible?

this is a sinking island.