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Singaporean tribute song honors Palestinians’ lives lost in kitchen bombing, encourages continuous support

In a heartfelt tribute, Singaporean Ida Liana dedicates ‘For Those Who Remain’ to the lives lost in Love Aid Singapore’s tragic kitchen bombing. A poignant remembrance amidst ongoing efforts for justice.



SINGAPORE: A Singaporean woman has dedicated a heartfelt song to honor the lives lost in a recent tragic bombing at Love Aid Singapore’s kitchen on 2 March.

Ida Liana, who had previously collaborated with Love Aid Singapore for a private event in solidarity with Palestinians, “SING FOR PALESTINE,” shared the song on her Instagram account, tagging Love Aid Singapore in her post.

The song, titled ‘For Those Who Remain’, is a poignant tribute, with captions “In remembrance and gratitude to the nine martyrs who died while serving the Palestinian cause.

May this song honour their sacrifice and motivate all of us to keep going, keep fighting, together.”

Love Aid Singapore’s kitchen bombed, resulting in nine fatalities

The bombing at Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen in Jabalia resulted in the tragic loss of nine Palestinians who were preparing meals, with an additional 9 to 10 individuals sustaining injuries during the attack.

This devastating event not only destroyed kitchen equipment but also left the Jabalia kitchen non-operational.

Gilbert Goh, the Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, was in Cairo at the time and expressed his profound sadness upon learning of the news.

He emphasized that this was the first time individuals he had worked closely with during his humanitarian efforts had lost their lives.

Love Aid Singapore plans compensation for victims’ families

Love Aid Singapore had managed to raise S$1 million as of the incident, which has been allocated to various Gaza-related projects.

These initiatives include providing financial assistance to 400 orphans, funding for solar panels at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in north Gaza, and other impactful programs.

In Jabalia camp, Love Aid Singapore operates three kitchens, two mobile kitchens offering vegetarian meals and one stationary kitchen featuring meat dishes on its menu.

Unfortunately, it was the static kitchen that was targeted in the recent bombing.

Taking to Instagram on 4 March, Goh shared that while he did not personally know the deceased, he felt a deep connection with them through their shared commitment to a common cause.

He also disclosed ongoing discussions between IRO and Love Aid Singapore regarding compensation for the victims’ families, considering an amount of about US$1,000 ($1,343) for each family.

Goh also acknowledged that no monetary sum could ever replace the lives lost, but hopes it will offer some support during this difficult time.

Love Aid Singapore’s resilient efforts in Gaza despite tragic losses

Despite the tragic loss of nine Palestinian workers in Jabalia, North Gaza, Goh remains committed to maintaining the food program in other Gaza areas.

Love Aid Singapore plans to acquire new pots and pans for North Gaza, aiming to resume cooking for the starving population.

Goh highlighted the harsh reality of over 30 Palestinian children succumbing to hunger in Gaza, with numbers expected to rise by Ramadan.

In response to these challenges, Love Aid Singapore’s field kitchens are relocating across Gaza to reduce detection and potential bombings.

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Obviously they do not know the root of the problems

Why not have a song for Hamas to free all the hostages?

Did Palestinians condemn terrorists? hmmm What do you think?