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MSF issues POFMA correction directions over falsehoods regarding financial aid rendered

Minister for Social and Family Development issues POFMA correction directions to PSP’s Leong Mun Wai & news sites for false claims about support to a needy couple, with the ministry clarifying the extent of aid rendered.



The Minister for Social and Family Development, Masagos Zulkifli, has issued correction directions under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) to Leong Mun Wai, the Secretary General of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), and alternative news platforms Gutzy Asia and The Online Citizen.

The orders were issued on Thursday (15 Feb) in response to false statements published regarding the extent of support provided to a couple facing financial hardship.

The issue originated from posts by Mr Leong on his social media on 12 February, which were later republished by the news websites. These posts inaccurately portrayed the government’s assistance to a couple in West Coast, prompting the Minister to direct the Pofma Office to issue correction orders.

Mr Leong claimed the couple received only a Home Caregiving Grant (HCG), overlooking other substantial aids.

Correcting this misinformation, the Ministry of Social and Family Development stated, “In reality, the couple has benefitted from a wide array of support, including monthly NTUC vouchers and Community Development Council Utilities Vouchers since early 2022, amounting to approximately $39,000 in various aids since 2021.”

Addressing another false assertion, the ministry clarified the situation regarding the woman’s MediSave account. Contrary to the claims of depleted funds, “the cost of the woman’s inpatient treatment, including her leg operation, was substantially covered, leaving her with a balance of more than $60,000 in her MediSave account, debunking the myth of financial exhaustion due to medical expenses.”

MSF added, “All of the woman’s outpatient physiotherapy sessions at NTFGH, which cost around $25 per session after Government subsidies, were also fully covered by MediFund. She did not have to pay any cash out-of-pocket for those sessions. She will continue to receive full MediFund assistance for her outpatient bills until June 2024, at which point her eligibility for MediFund will be re-assessed.”

As for the affordability of physiotherapy and transport cost assistance, the MSF corrected, “The man has been receiving subsidised medical escort and transport services from community care providers since 2021. When the woman fractured her ankle, the Silver Generation Office offered to refer her to subsidised medical escort and transport services, but she had declined the offer.”

The ministry also revealed the couple’s financial resilience, with over S$100,000 in their CPF Retirement Accounts and a S$5,000 lump sum CPF payout in April 2023, and detailed the regular assistance and care provided by a People’s Association officer.

In response to the correction directive and clarification from the ministry, Mr Leong retracted the misleading posts and issued an apology, stating, “I had a chat with a couple who had fallen on hard times…It was saddening, and I was drawn in. I spoke about their circumstances, not knowing that this may not be the full picture.”

He expressed his appreciation for the government’s efforts, “I’m thankful that the Government has given help to this couple, as their well-being is of the utmost importance. Accountability is important, and I hold myself accountable for the posts.”

Mr Leong has since removed the posts and complied with the correction directions.

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This proves one thing, that PSP and TOC are big liars!!!

Since the govt. has access to this couple’s financial portfolio. Why was $39,000/- of taxpayers’ monies given to them? LMW, thank you for your rant. There may be inaccuracies in what you said because you have no access to the financial portfolio of this couple like the government has but now please use the revelation to ask why did the govt. assist this couple with $39,000/- while ComCare is reducing amounts to families if their combined income spreads out to $1800/- each. There is no consideration if there are children in schools or tertiary education. In increasing the value of… Read more »

People spread despicable lies without a wink of eye. Who dare say POFMA is not needed.

Ah Leong ah…..the more you stir untruths….the more this will discredit yourself….you already is known officially as an oppo shit stirerr….both in and outside of Parliment.
If you want to stir shit might as well pang sai right infront of the Parliment House gate ,every time you go in there, right?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Whatever meager financial assistances currently dished out to help those desperate PGs and MGs are grossly inadequate to meet the increasing COL and high hospitalisation and health care cost.Apart from providing free basic Medicare ,all true blue retired seniors should be given a monthly payment of at least S$750/=

Whatever the Pofma be Sinkies know that the government is unable to tame inflation, neither did they bring col down!

In fact, they contribute immensely to Sinkies misery by raising the gst successively thus allowing food sellers to up their prices.

What privacy you talking about when you dishonestly portrayed yourself to flame government who offer you great help. Seriously they not being sued very good already. You moron expecting government to hide the truth and they continue with their fabricated lies? Such twisted thoughts you oppies have.

This Administration IS NOT for the People of Singapore when they BLATANTLY AND ARROGANTLY disclosed Private citizens Details, data and information.

These Politicians ARE PAID with Tax Payers money & many a times they RAID SG”s Reserves, esp FICTONALLY some of which they CLAIM is For FUTURE Generations.

Next is they ALWAYS CLAIMED their own info, data, details are HIDDEN bcz of ‘STRATEGIC’ reasons. Why so?

Did the couple lie or honestly lost track of the assistance they received?
In his earnest bid to listen and help, now Mr LMW got POFMA-ed.. thats one thing.
Like many others already commented, how could the ministry open this couples’ “book wide open ” …their privacy had been invaded..
Totally not right,.

Here where got citizens privacy act?!? Only the PAP and elites dun need to declare salary and perks … No?!?

Why do an APOLITICAL public service for AND to the people of SG, ASSAILED by the PAP and OBEYED into PAP’s demands to reveal a citizens confidential data?

Doe the PAP has applied for a Court Order To PRISE into private citizens rights which is strictly a Constitutional Protection in a democracy like in the 🇺🇸 or 🇬🇧?

Well the PAP Administration has a point to prove. Frankly it is a right tg to do and their right – to dispute Leong’s original or first write up on the couple. Possibly it could also be the couple attempted to magnify their predicament which had sort of touched Leong’s eagerness to publicise the couple’s situation and PAP’s handling. Fact is also this PAP has nvr has had a good record of assisting the SG poor viz a viz their HUGE LOVE for FTs and ULTRA WEALTHY. That’s HOW I see. However one swallor DOES. NOT TELL a summer based… Read more »

Very fast to issue POFMA..!!

Next time should post about the reserves, election dates, etc
then the answers will come fast…unlike dragging feet in Parliament.

Just like those who accuse me of SHIT. All becos they wanna enslave Ppl so that they can claim ppl give and take back. No?!?

Twart justice with bullshit

What is it they cannot admit they play in school, apologize and compensate?!?

They will still maintain the trust that you make mistakes and set things right. Instead of wayang wayang and waiting to enslave others … Or use as shield for other empire to purge …

Ppl who refuse to grow up and own their mistakes and wanna teach other how to live?!? Why ah?!?

Selected Wayang… Why they charge me $150 tax amt when they know I not working?!? Why the govt send me msg I have received Assurance Package when they never do it. Yet want to wayang about the “fact” they are not discriminating?!? They are a bunch of descriminating elites and are selective of what they give. All slaves are given resources so that they can take back. It is which empire u belong to. No empire no resources becos they feel they cannot take back YET who take anything when they are dead?!? Flawed mindset perpetual by greedy ppl.

I have already told you that Singapore PAP government Ministers are making every opportunity to eliminate the Opposition Parties and those who are not happy with Singapore PAP dictatorship government, later Police from Tanglin Police Division will be sent out by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to beat the Opposition Parties members and those who are not happy with Singapore PAP government to death including the editor who published news that affect PAP reputation or anti PAP news

Isn’t this a privacy intrusion by the govt. How can details of their CPF or any help rendered, be made Public? Since it is already in the public domain, how about revealing the details of the $39,000/- given to the couple and over how many years?

I not elucated .

If I see it correctly

SP NCMP Leong Mun Wai highlights financial struggles of unseen Singaporeans

Forget about the 60 couple lah .