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Singapore authorities await Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s return amid investigations; Reform Party chief responds

Local media in Singapore reported that authorities are awaiting Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s assessment of how long he will remain abroad to decide on the next steps in their investigations. In response, Mr Jeyaretnam criticized the public disclosure of details on Facebook, arguing that such information is usually kept confidential to ensure fairness if charges are eventually filed.



Local media in Singapore have reported that the authorities are awaiting Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s assessment of how long he will remain away from Singapore to consider the next steps in their ongoing investigations against the Reform Party chief.

The Singapore Police Force and the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office released a joint statement on 10 July, addressing the situation.

Mr Jeyaretnam is currently under investigation by the POFMA Office for potential offences under the fake news law and by the police under the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act 2016, which covers contempt of court. The investigations follow the issuance of his eighth POFMA correction notice related to false statements concerning government land sale prices and the transparency of its endowment and trust funds.

Currently, in the United Kingdom, Mr Jeyaretnam reported via a Facebook post on 6 July that he suffers from a health condition that prevents him from flying long haul back to Singapore. He disclosed his ailments, including deep vein thrombosis, bilateral pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia, and mentioned that he had assisted the investigations to the best of his physical abilities through email communication.

The authorities noted that they were unaware of the specifics of Mr Jeyaretnam’s medical condition before his social media disclosure. They also mentioned that despite their efforts to communicate with him since April, Mr Jeyaretnam has not returned to Singapore nor attended any interviews.

In their 10 July statement, the authorities emphasized the requirement for Mr Jeyaretnam to make himself available in Singapore for the investigations, reiterating the standard protocol for individuals under investigation.

In response to the media coverage, Mr Jeyaretnam posted on Facebook on 11 July, criticizing the public disclosure of details related to the ongoing probe.

He argued that such information is typically kept confidential to ensure fairness in case charges are eventually filed. Quoting Minister Indranee Rajah’s 2018 parliamentary statement, he highlighted that it is standard practice in Singapore and other jurisdictions not to identify individuals under investigation to avoid prejudicing any potential fair trial.

Mr Jeyaretnam expressed his willingness to cooperate by suggesting alternative arrangements for the investigation, including interviews via Zoom, at the Singapore High Commission in London, at a local police station, or through an intermediary like Interpol.

He lamented that the agencies had not responded to his previous communications from 2 May and 26 June, nor sought details about his medical condition.

He also criticized Channel News Asia’s reporting, claiming it contained falsehoods about his interactions with the agencies and accused the publication of failing to contact him for a balanced perspective. He accused the authorities of using state media to tarnish his reputation and potentially silence him ahead of the elections, suggesting that their actions may be intended to prevent him from running.

Mr Jeyaretnam concluded his statement by questioning the adherence of the agencies to the proper procedures, as outlined by Indranee Rajah and the Criminal Procedure Code, and called for an investigation into their conduct.

It is noteworthy that the joint statement was not published on the POFMA Office’s official press site, as has been the case with previous issues involving Singaporean activist Jolovan Wham, nor was it published by the SPF on its media centre. From this, it appears to be just a statement to the press to gain the effect of using the media to highlight the investigation on Mr Jeyaretnam.

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BlackMamaba&hirelings out on a slithering start to hunt!!!!!!

VERY clear if u give pap gagmt 90 percent of parliament seats…you get an autocratic gagmt who will use the power to suppress oppositions,stifle freedom of expressions. PAP gagmt come out with POFMA,draconian laws to stifle people voicing out problems the society facing. Confucius said an autocratic gagmt is more fearful than a tiger. Even if 51 seats out of 100 in parliament won by PAP , PAP can rule effectively. Made sure u and your children,grandchildfren are protected by having OPPOSITIONS winning some 40 percentage of seats in parliament to speak up for u,your children,gtrandchildren. RIGHT NOW THEY DONT… Read more »

Singapore PAP Media MediaCorp Channel NewsAsia is like that, criticize the opposition parties in order to please their boss Singapore PAP government.

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
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Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

Author- Martin Neimoller..a german pastor..

It is a s clear as day that they are mud slinging KJ publicly.

If what KJ said was untrue or incorrect just publish the information the government has in the Shit Times and let the Public discern the facts for ourselves. We don’t need a nanny government forcing a certain “food,” into our mouths. Stop insulting us!

This regime is playing dirty dirty, from the get~go, … where KJ’s concerned !!! Still incensed and seething from his RidOut expose, … this regime of plotters, chanivers and snakes have been plotting and planning for such a very scenario, … to smear and soil the standing of KJ, with full back~up from the shitty media and hand~held police force !!! All that’s been said about this regime’s machinations of propaganda, weaponising of POFMA, absolute abuse of powers by its ministers, engaging in dirty, shitty and gutter politics, monopolisation of all media platforms on the island to forward their devious… Read more »

Ang Mo Kio GRC voters who choose the wrong candidate causing this to happen result in such misery. Singapore voters who choose the wrong party result in such misery. Every action has its consequences. Those voters will eventually pay for what they have done. Singapore without freedom of speech will have bootlickers and salesman without product. Damage to the nation is incalculable. Singapore may be totally destroyed.

Looks like they are going after him come hell or high water.

I do hope KJ takes the necessary steps to protect himself.

There are certain rights and there are NO ABSOLUTE authority to ACCESS these rights. If not what is then known as PRIVY?

If ntg else WHY IS this PAP REFUSES time and again, TO CONCEAL so many public interest information to the public to make informed choices and decisions, esp WHEN TAX Payers MONEY are expended OR CAN EVEN SAY the PAP RAIDED the State Reserves many times without limitations.

So BLATANT dictatorship operate in SG under fake democracy, right?

Same old, same old, PAP playing dirty politics .
KJ should just stay away like LHY…
This sgov is chasing away all potential good smart candidates who wish to do good but cant speak out.
PAP loves everyone to be mindless sheep , makes their lives easier ….controlling the masses…hence keeping a grip on power in SG.