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POFMA issues 8th Correction Direction to Kenneth Jeyaretnam over Ridout Road FB post

The POFMA Office issued its eighth Correction Direction under the instruction of Second Minister for Finance Chee Hong Tat against Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Chief of the Reform Party, for alleged false statements in his 15 June Facebook post, which criticized government policies and mentioned the two ministers’ estate at Ridout Road.



The POFMA Office has once again targeted Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Chief of the Reform Party, with its eighth Correction Direction. This latest move, directed by Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance Chee Hong Tat, aims to counter what the government claims are false statements made by Jeyaretnam in his Facebook post on 15 June 2024.

Mr Jeyaretnam’s online presence has been a thorn in the side of the authorities, who have flagged 21 of his posts for allegedly containing false information.

Since December 2023, his website, The Ricebowl Singapore, and his social media accounts have been labelled “Declared Online Locations” under POFMA, which means he cannot financially benefit from the operation of these locations, nor can anyone contribute financially to support their operations.

In his Facebook post, Mr Jeyaretnam laid out a series of statements against government policies, suggesting that they intentionally keep land prices high to inflate the nation’s reserves.

He cited the example of two properties rented by Minister of Home Affairs K Shanmugam and Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan on Ridout Road, arguing that the land could be better utilized for public housing rather than being preserved as heritage properties.

According to Mr Jeyaretnam, these plots could yield over 1,700 HDB flats, housing more than 5,000 Singaporeans if developed appropriately.

He also took aim at the transparency of endowment and trust funds, accusing the government of diverting funds into these opaque financial structures rather than using them to improve public services directly. Mr Jeyaretnam suggested that the government’s strategy leaves Singaporeans with rising HDB prices and little benefit from the reserves, which are being hoarded for future generations.

According to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Mr Jeyaretnam’s Facebook post contained three falsehoods.

First, the claim that the government intentionally sets artificially high land prices for sale to HDB. Second, the assertion that the endowment and trust funds are not transparent. Lastly, the allegation that the government maintains a large land bank of heritage properties to keep land prices high and boost reserves.

The Ministry of Finance, in its POFMA statement, argued that the prices for state land sold to HDB are determined by the Chief Valuer, an independent office, as if this would allay any suspicions about manipulation. This office, they assured, operates without government influence.

The MOF defended the transparency of endowment and trust funds, directing the public to the Revenue and Expenditure Estimates and various Financial Statements.

They also dismissed Jeyaretnam’s accusations regarding the land bank strategy, claiming that properties are conserved for heritage and historical value rather than to keep land prices artificially high and referred to Second Minister of Law Edwin Tong’s statement on state property rentals, made in Parliament on 3 July 2023.

Mr Jeyaretnam is now required to append a correction notice to his post, informing readers of the government’s stance and providing a link to their clarifications.

In the MOF’s statement, they also referenced that Mr Jeyaretnam has continued to make false and misleading statements about government policies and the operations of public agencies, despite publicly available facts and having the falsehoods and their corresponding facts pointed out to him.

“He has repeatedly made false statements, even when the facts are clear and should be known to him,” said the MOF.

According to the statement, the POFMA Office and the Singapore Police Force commenced investigations against Mr Jeyaretnam for possible offences under POFMA and the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act 2016.

It is said that agencies have been in communication with Mr Jeyaretnam since April 2024 and have invited him to assist with the investigations.

” He has thus far remained out of jurisdiction and not made himself available to assist in investigations by attending any interviews. “

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Thou shall not bear false witness. There are a lot of subtle religious laws used against the people.

Their arrogance has risen heavenward. 

Small, prideful, influential, or domineering. A beast no one can stop.

We love our land and we want it to be free from foreigners and immigrants. We want to have free speech and we want to be free from oppression, dictators, traitors and colonial dogs. We want it to be free, to be free. Merdeka.

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At this rate, it won’t be long before Shanmugam will amend the POOFMA law to one where if you “collect” more than 3 POOFMA, you will be EXECUTED and then jailed. In the meantime, Kenneth can wear each one as a badge of honour. Hopefully his shirt sleeve is long enough to hold them all 🙂

They cannot allow the skeletons to fall out of PAP’s closets…🙄

Whipping a horse to death?

Operation Coldstore II has started !!!

Like harrassing opp party members…the more prominent they are the more PAP finds fault with ev little thing …most of them already kena POFMA or getting charged..!!!
GE is nearing , so PAP trying very hard to get rid of competition , huh?


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Who is Leading Now???
KJ or Terry Xu???

We the citizens only know one thing. If anyone or anything get POFMA, it’s got to be true.
PAP don’t like truths without their approval or truth that’ll expose the rotten system.

Funny ppl can Spam but I can’t Maps. The comment system says input too short when both spam and maps are same 4 letters …

It is his own opinion. How can POFMA be used to force people to conform to the same group thinking of the PAP? We need KJ to shake up our brains. We may not agree with KJ but the right to free speech is in the constitution.

Thats why we cant get better people in govt.

The houses would be better served as hotels or other forms of temporary accommodation. The land around could be turned into a park or a fruit orchard open to the public. Yes, they could be turned into HDB flats. But, what for? If the population had not grown considerably due to two decades of immigration. I am certain that HDB flat supply would have remained stable. Since more people would sell their flats to new owners instead of renting them out. The ruling government would not need to build so many HDB flats in what is essentially marginal plots of… Read more »

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Meanwhile we know that being POFMA-ed means the article contains some hard truths.
Thanks to POFMA we know other alternative news.
Thank you POFMA !!!

The more they pofma KJ, the more credible and believable KJ becomes! Whenever and whatever the government denies, that is actually the truth!!!!

, …… which only serves to make every article, note and word that KJ puts out, all the more compelling to read !!!

The POFMA notice, … serves as a reminder cum highlighter to all perusers, to take in and pay specific attention to that “reminded cum highlighted” KJ piece !!!

The Streisand effect deployed beautifully, … once again !!!


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