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Multi-Millionaire PM: Lee Hsien Loong’s Pomp and Power in Global Arena

Former ISD director Yoong Siew Wah critiques Lee Hsien Loong’s tenure as Singapore’s prime minister: A life of luxury, high salaries for ministers, and questions of justice and legacy in Singapore’s political arena.



by  Yoong Siew Wah

In Singapore’s history and as a tribute to its founder, the name Lee Hsien Loong never fails to arouse pompous curiosity in Washington and Beijing. Joe Biden and Xi-Jinping would greet him with more than open arms. Does profound prostration before they bring about this honour? It’s fascinating, and your guess is as good as mine.

Sonny Boy Lee Hsien Loong was born with a golden spoon and was doted and pampered throughout his early life. He never knew a day of the suffering of a deprived citizen, and now he had the temerity to pretend to serve the common people .

He and his avaricious ministers are paid salaries of millions with the people’s money, ostensibly to provide public service to the people.

What kind of public service do they provide that requires millions of people’s money to be paid to them?  Lee Hsien Loong unabashedly pockets around S$2.4 million, more than four times what the American President gets at USD400,000 a year.

Is he trying to hoodwink the people that Singapore is four times more important and bigger than the United States?

David Marshall was flummoxed and asked quite cynically what they wanted to do with so much money which they could not bring to their graves with it.

A dumb woody Goh Chok Tong could show such preposterously shocking dement to say that the PM and ministers were underpaid. He needs to have his head examined by a shrink.

This just goes to show the level of hypocrisy the People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders are capable of in hoodwinking the people that they serve the people when they are serving themselves by enriching themselves with people’s money. If the gullible Singaporeans who voted for them in every election do not watch out, they may wake up one day to find themselves utterly impoverished, holding a begging bowl like a mendicant.

I pointed out to Lee Hsien Loong that his knowledge of Singapore’s history is quite atrocious, especially in the battle of supremacy against the Communists.

Where was he when I and my colleagues were fighting the Communists in the front line at the risk of our lives?  We made all the sacrifices to save Singapore from Communist rule, not for him and his millionaire ministers to sit on their fat asses to enjoy the luxuries of life at the people’s expense. They draw millions of people’s money, and we live on poverty pensions below the state poverty line proposed by Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Seng Kang GRC.

When we asked for a raise to our poverty pension, we were told peremptorily by the then Finance Minister Richard Ho, tacitly endorsed by PM Lee Hsien Loong, that what we received was enough for us and they were waiting for us to die, emphasizing that we had served our purpose.

Are they human beings or satanic monsters in human attire? They pocket millions from people’s coffers, and what we ask for could be so minuscule compared to what they dip from the people, and only a few of us still live.

Lee Hsien Loong is a Chinese zodiac dragon, and I am a zodiac tiger. He rules the heaven and I roam the earth and never the twain shall meet.

By an irony of fate, we were brought together in combat for justice. It was a parable of David and Goliath, but whether in the end a dragon slayer will emerge will depend on God’s wisdom.

As a prime minister, it would be a disaster to make concoctions in his speeches to embellish ignorance. I had written to him that he was treading on dangerous ground in his fabricated condolences to the widow of the late director ISD Lim  Chye Heng. Is he capable of such guffs in his international stand-up comedies? The world is his playground, and he bum-sucks Joe Biden and Xi Jin Ping to try to balance one with the other, and both leaders were delighted to string him along.

The Chinese saying To place righteousness before family (大义灭亲) is an idiom that Lee Hsien Loong has yet to adopt to make a public apology for his father’s sin. Lee Kuan Yew had iniquitously committed gross injustice against me, and I have requested Lee Hsien Loong to make a public apology. So far, he has avoided doing this honour for his father.

Lee Hsien Loong’s era is coming to an end what the Lawrence Wong’s regime will portend we will as the Chinese saying goes Watch with abated  breath (拭目以待).

Mr Yoong Siew Wah was the Director of Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) from 1971 to 1974. He was Director of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in the 1960s. He runs a blog, Singapore Recalcitrant.

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The way he treated his own flesh and blood brother, sister and his sister in law and his own nephew already informed us he is 六亲不认,无情无义。 He is basically a 人渣,so how can he ever do right to those he did wrong? Even his own family members he will tekan until die!

We all know that Ah Loong will be nothing if not for his fucking dead father. But karma will find him and drag him to hell hopefully soon.

The wages of SIN are founded on faulty and damning wisdom. Leaders who flirted and consumed extravagant, wanton and obscene rewards in power, for the elites and elect in society, have contributed to the rising tide of high costs or deathly wages at the expense of others, people, nations, earth and world.
They served, themselves, and indulged while in power.

It would take a wise leader to reverse the course of destruction for everyone.

You don’t have these leaders, unfortunately. They love money too much.

Ah loong will always be remembered because of his daddy. That is the greatest FAILURE for a person in life. No wonder he knows the term “Free Rider”, hor.

The op-ed criticizes PM Lee’s leadership, citing his background, ministerial salaries, historical context, and his father’s actions. However, it’s important to consider multiple perspectives: Firstly, focusing on PM Lee’s background and upbringing, while accurate, does not necessarily invalidate his ability to serve the common people. Many leaders in the world come from privileged backgrounds, and their effectiveness should be judged based on their policies, decisions, and impact on the citizens. The argument regarding high ministerial salaries is a recurring debate in Singaporean politics. This policy has been a subject of public debate, but it’s not accurate to categorically label it… Read more »

for your saying, fck u and your whole lineage.

this fcking old man should go jump HDB! many bad things had done, even in coffin, rot like worms in the hell.

Nothing wrong hankering for apology when apology is Overdue. His rights to hanker for what he wants … Even if he were to chant it under his breath everyday as long as he feels happy. Mental Health Recovery.

Yoong Siew Wah, Are you going pass away feeling better with that apology from LSL, Just get over it and move on.

Talk about the suffering of the current climate under which citizens suffering if you wnat to say anything.

Stop hankering for useless apology from a deadman’s grave. Move on Sir,

Do the PAP ever apologize? Only CHT did a few days ago but how about those in Operation Spectrum, those who were forced out of Singapore because of political affiliations? Tharman and Shanmugam were seen in the event of the appointment of the Anglican Church regional appointment. To me it is most impropriate as the Church requires confession of our souls and forgiveness and to have Pappies attend is losing sight of our spiritual values. Prof. JL should have been invited.The elders in our midst deserve a living wage. They should not be made to beg. The Church should not… Read more »