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Alleged dog mistreatment by Xavian and Pack sparks social media outcry

Netizens express fury over an Instagram video alleging dog mistreatment by Xavian and Pack. SPCA advocates humane training. Xavian issues apology and suspends staff. Concerns grow over pet well-being.




SINGAPORE: Mistreatment by pet professionals is sadly not rare.

Last year in Singapore, an employee at a pet store abused a puppy and there was another case where a director at a dog training center struck a dog with a metal bowl.

A recent case shared on Instagram by the account monkey_bear2 has highlighted the mistreatment of a dog by its trainer, bringing attention to the distressing incident that occurred on Monday (15 Jan)

The incident occurred at Telok Blangah Rise in close proximity to Blocks 39, 40, and 41

Since its upload, the video has amassed 276 thousand views and 338 comments from concerned netizens.

Accompanying the video, @monkey_bear2 posted a caption emphasizing that they are not affiliated with any company or business.

They expressed their fury at witnessing the treatment of the dogs by Xavian and Pack during a photo opportunity, condemning unscrupulous businesses and calling for accountability.

According to sgpetblacklist on Instagram, there are multiple reports against the trainers and their company filed with NParks, but no action has been taken.

The footage reveals a line of dogs arranged for a photo, and during this process, the trainers exhibited poor treatment of the animals.

One trainer forcefully pushed the dog’s back to make it sit, while the other pulled the dog’s fur, physically moving and slapping its body.

The trainer associated with Xavian and Pack has drawn the ire of netizens due to the perceived mistreatment of the dog, sparking concerns about the well-being of animals under such care.

Xavian and Pack address inappropriate behaviour in apology statement and take swift action

In a statement shared on their Instagram story (15 Jan), Xavian and Pack expressed their apologies regarding recent videos depicting inappropriate behaviour towards the fur kids.


Xavian addressed the issue personally, acknowledging the circulating videos and inappropriate behaviour.

He stressed that these actions don’t represent Xavian and Pack’s values, and they do not support such behaviour.

As a dedicated dog parent, Xavian expressed disapproval of mistreating dogs, clarifying he wasn’t present in the video.

In response to the incident, Xavian and Pack took immediate action by suspending the staff members involved in the video.

“The staff in the video has been suspended with immediate effect and will not be part of Xavian and Pack,” Xavian said.

Xavian expressed a commitment to scrutinizing all aspects of their service moving forward, aiming to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

Netizens express anguish over alleged dog mistreatment by Xavian and Pack

In the comments section of the Instagram account monkey_bear2, numerous netizens expressed their fury over alleged incidents involving Xavian and Pack.

One individual shared a disturbing personal experience, recounting how their skittish dog was mishandled by a trainer who carelessly dragged the pet down three flights of stairs.

The aftermath included knocked-down neighbour plants, a messy corridor requiring an hour of cleaning, and injuries and cuts on the dog.

abuse comment

Another netizen narrated a contrasting experience, expressing admiration for the seemingly perfect photos received during pack walks.

However, the tone quickly shifted as they speculated on the potential beatings their dog might have endured, expressing profound disappointment in Xavian and Pack’s practices.


In response to a specific video detail, netizens condemned the alleged act of pressing the dog down on the spine, labeling it as “horrible” and emphasizing the need for gentle handling.


Amidst the comments, a netizen questioned the necessity of subjecting a dog to such treatment for the sake of a photo shoot.

They expressed skepticism about the authenticity of pack walks, suggesting that many might be staged, concealing potential mistreatment behind the scenes.


The overall sentiment in the comments section reflects a collective concern for the well-being of the animals involved.

SPCA urges pet owners to prioritize humane training methods amid disturbing video controversy

The Singapore Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was made aware of a disturbing online video depicting two trainers mishandling dogs during a photo session.

The organization encourages a commitment to humane, science-based, and force-free training methods, emphasizing the importance of positive reinforcement to foster a loving and enriching relationship between pets and their owners.

Both pet owners and trainers are urged to avoid resorting to violence or intimidation in their interactions with animals.

The repercussions of hitting, hurting, or threatening animals can lead to heightened fear and anxiety, potentially resulting in long-term health and behavioral issues.

Individuals who have encountered negative experiences with the training provider featured in the video are encouraged to reach out to the SPCA at [email protected].

This contact will facilitate further investigation into the matter, and all provided information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

It is crucial to note that under the Animals and Birds Act, those found guilty of cruelty to animals may face imprisonment for up to 18 months and/or a fine of up to S$15,000.

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sheesh how much did they pay and are they superior FTs?

They should try this on a pit bull or a bull terrier and experience the retaliation. Cowards bullying toy dogs. Licence should be suspended for at least 10months and owner must go for up skilling courses.