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Former clients expose Xavian and Pack’s troubling practices, reports surface in 2023

A dog training firm in Singapore recently embroiled in dog mistreatment allegation. Despite the firm apologized and suspended implicated staff, more pet owners revealed troubling experiences entrusted their furkids to the company.



xavian and pack

SINGAPORE: Cases of animal abuse sadly occur frequently. Following a controversial video shared on Instagram by the account monkey_bear2 on 15 January, exposing the mistreatment of dogs by trainers during pack walks, additional reports of similar incidents involving Xavian and Pack have surfaced.

The video shared by the monkey_bear2 account exposed the harsh treatment of dogs during pack walks, revealing instances where trainers compelled dogs to sit by applying pressure on their spines.

Shockingly, it also depicted trainers slapping dogs that were already sitting obediently.

Responding to the outcry, Xavian, the owner of Xavian and Pack, issued an apology through the official Instagram account of the business.

In his statement, Xavian acknowledged the gravity of the situation and announced the immediate suspension of the two trainers implicated in the video.

Furthermore, he assured the public that these trainers would no longer be associated with Xavian and Pack.

Customer shares troubling experience with Xavian and Pack’s service

A customer of Xavian and Pack recently shared her troubling experience with Xavian, detailing the mistreatment of her dog, Bo.

xavian and pack

The customer had initially engaged Xavian’s services from 2020 to 2022 when she observed him using a slip leash on Bo during their first meeting.

Although this method seemed effective at first, the customer eventually stopped working with Xavian after a traumatic incident during a pack walk in Orchard.

On that occasion, Bo was lost during the walk, with Xavian attributing it to a carabiner issue.

However, the customer found it puzzling, considering the design of the carabiner.

Fortunately, with the help of a friend and a kind stranger who had seen her post, Bo was located and secured two hours later.

This incident marked the turning point for the customer, who began to notice a shift in Xavian’s focus and commitment to the dogs, perceiving his actions as more for show and personal gain.

In July 2022, the customer shared a video on her Instagram depicting Bo’s distressed condition after being lost.

Bo’s paw pads were severely damaged, making it painful for him to walk. Despite his suffering, Bo continued to express a strong desire to go outside and be with his owner.


The customer also discovered a video showing Bo being forcibly dragged into the water, dated 28 April 2022.

Xavian later sent a misleading video claiming Bo willingly entered the water on 2 May 2022.


These revelations, coupled with the traumatic experience of Bo being lost, raised serious concerns about the treatment of dogs under Xavian’s care.

Having gone through a lengthy process to rebuild trust with Bo after the incident, the customer decided to share her story to alert other pet owners.

“I just want other owners to realize that we all want the best for our fur kids but as we entrust our babies to others, we need to be mindful as well,” Bo’s parents said.


Another incident involving @xavian_and_pack 😢😢😢 “Hello, unfortunately this is my dog being dragged into the waters… 😞 honestly never knew him doing this to my dog, until this video came to light.” Hope Bo is safe and healthy now ❤️ @bovboyy If you have information, please do contact [email protected] @spcasingapore We understand that Xavian and Pack have turned off their IG and TT comments, and shut Google Reviews

♬ Here With Me – d4vd

A report was filed in 2023 regarding Xavian and Pack’s training practices

On 16 January, Facebook user Lee Celine shared screenshots of her report from last year on Xavian and Pack, highlighting concerns about their training practices.

Referencing the recent viral pack walk video, she explained that Xavian claimed the event occurred in his absence and expressed disapproval of such treatment towards dogs.

Celine raised awareness about her complaint, focusing on Xavian’s actions and detailing concerns about training techniques, including the flooding method, the use of slip leashes, and ignoring signs of a dog’s discomfort.

She emphasized the adverse effects, such as drained energy, learned helplessness, fear, and increased aggression.

Sharing her encounter, Celine described witnessing a friend’s dog being subjected to a slip leash, tugging, and poking by Xavian.

“I believe he (Xavian) is still using this method as I recently spoke to someone who uses his walking service who was recommended to do the same action to their dog,” said Celine.

She further criticized Xavian for off-leashing dogs during pack walks, including in the presence of stray cats, highlighting potential dangers.

Celine called for an investigation and action against Xavian and Pack for multiple offences, including off-leashing in public and alleged abuse against a dog named Bailey.

In response to her report, NParks, through the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), acknowledged the completion of their investigation and took appropriate enforcement action against the dog handler.

“We have taken the appropriate enforcement action against the dog handler for failure in his duty of care to the animals placed under his charge. We have also instructed him to refrain from walking dogs in packs,” said AVS.

While pack walks are not illegal, AVS cautioned that they might inadvertently cause suffering to dogs, emphasizing the trainer’s duty of care.

Celine concluded her post by urging pet owners to be cautious when engaging services from trainers.

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Why blame only the trainer? Take responsibility yourself. It is an animal why force it to take “tailored,” photos. You yourself and the trainer should be charged for animal abuse. There are so many people thinking they care and love these animals when they are actually torturing them. Why don’t you train yourself as a dog and take photos?