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Plastic bag wrapped around dog’s legs in Woodlands sparks allegation of animal abuse

In Singapore’s Woodlands HDB void deck, a video captured a pet dog with a plastic bag around its legs, held on a short leash by a domestic helper engrossed in her phone. Accused of animal abuse, she claimed her employer instructed her to use the bag. Netizens’ opinions diverged on this incident, which sparks concerns about animal treatment.




SINGAPORE: In a Woodlands HDB void deck, a concerned individual made a startling discovery: a pet dog with a plastic bag tightly secured around its hind legs.

The scene unfolded as a domestic helper, seated on a knee-high ledge, focused on her mobile phone, held the dog on a leash that was too short to allow it to lower its head, exacerbated by the restricting plastic bag.

Allegations of animal abuse quickly arose, with the man accusing the helper of cruelty towards the dog.

However, the domestic helper defended herself by claiming that her employer had instructed her to place the plastic bag on the dog.

The incident, captured on video by a TikTok user with the handle “wanfly” on Monday (4 Sep), depicts a helper and her employer’s dog in the Woodlands HDB void deck.

The plastic bag, bound around the dog’s waist, prevented it from sitting comfortably. Oblivious to the dog’s discomfort, the helper remained engrossed in her phone, using her feet to manage the leash, thereby limiting the dog’s mobility and leaving it standing awkwardly.

The original poster (OP) expressed his concerns, citing the inability of the dog to sit comfortably due to the plastic bag.

In response to the OP’s inquiry, the helper reportedly removed the plastic bag and questioned the reason for being recorded. Subsequently, she resumed walking the dog, asserting that her employer had instructed her to tie the bag to the dog.

The motive behind this unusual directive remains unclear.

Opinions among netizens diverged significantly

The video, which has garnered more than 260 thousand views, captured the interest of netizens.

While many expressed distress at what they perceived as dog abuse, some suggested that the helper might have been waiting for the dog to relieve itself into the bag before removing it.

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Meanwhile, a segment of commenters criticized the OP for intervening in what they deemed a private matter involving domestic helpers.


However, some individuals who identified themselves as domestic helpers chimed in, affirming that they treated their employers’ dogs with utmost care and respect.


Nonetheless, irrespective of the plastic bag’s purpose, it remains unacceptable to hold a dog on such a tight leash, potentially causing discomfort and distress.

This incident raises important questions about the treatment of animals under the care of domestic helpers. Whether or not there was a valid reason for the plastic bag, the welfare of the dog should be the top priority.

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Most of this DH’s are low level IQ. They only think about themselves.

About 250,000-280,000 FDWs here, MHA/MOM has yet to tell us how to “integrate” them into our society, apart from the Master-Slave method. Also can MHA/MOM guarantee that there is no dilution or corruption of our society values with such a large influx of foreigners, eg. the recent Kinderland teacher abusing the children?

Or only GDP growth, maid levy fees, etc. are the main concerns?

I won’t trust my children or my pets with foreign maids. Any abuse by the maid and the child and pet will have psychological disorders for life. Our lifestyles are so different.