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Owner demands justice after pet dog succumbs to brutal attack in Jember, East Java

A viral video shows four teenagers brutally assaulting a Maltese pet dog with cement blocks in Jember, East Java. The dog tragically dies, sparking demands for accountability from the owner and threats of legal action against the assailants.



Maltese dog's family calls for legal action against Indonesian teenagers, rejects age excuse for cruelty

EAST JAVA, INDONESIA: A harrowing incident unfolded in Jember, East Java involving a 6-year-old Maltese dog named Viki, who became the victim of a vicious attack by four teenagers wielding cement blocks.

The incident occurred last Wednesday (10 April) at approximately 4:24 pm local time.

Viki was subjected to a brutal assault by four teenage boys, aged 15, who mercilessly struck her in the face and head with cast cement blocks.

The assailants callously abandoned Viki, leaving her critically injured and bleeding in the middle of the road, as they departed laughing.

The Fun Dog Community (Jember), acting on behalf of Viki’s owner, Lisa, took to Instagram on Saturday (13 April) to share the distressing details of the incident.

Viki, unbeknownst to her family, had managed to escape their fenced yard and was found frantically pacing on the road outside their home, where she fell victim to the vicious attack.

After enduring an hour of agonizing pain on the road, Viki was eventually rescued by compassionate individuals and reunited with her family.

Despite the efforts of two veterinarians to save her life, Viki succumbed to her injuries the following morning at 5:30 am local time, after experiencing excruciating pain and vomiting blood.

The devastating event left Viki’s family reeling with shock, particularly as they had brought her along on a holiday trip from Magelang to Jember, unable to bear the thought of leaving her in daycare.

Their cherished family outing was marred by the sudden and painful loss of their beloved pet.

Adding to their anguish was the discovery, upon reviewing CCTV footage, that the perpetrators had callously revelled in their cruel actions, laughing as they inflicted harm on an innocent animal.

Viki’s family threatened legal action against young assailants, stressing age is no excuse for cruelty

Despite the mediation efforts of local officials, the family observed no genuine remorse from the culprits, who, despite feigning tears, were caught betraying their true sentiments with smirks and smiles when they thought they were unobserved.

It has come to light that the perpetrators are well-known troublemakers within the local community.

“While some advocate for forgiveness due to their status as minors, we believe their youth, coupled with the severity of their actions, necessitates full accountability under the law,” expressed Viki’s family.

They express concern that if these individuals are not held accountable now, they may escalate to harming humans in the future.

“We hope this case underscores the importance of respecting and taking responsibility for all living beings,” they added.

“We refuse to let Viki’s death be in vain,” the family stated firmly.

Determined to ensure accountability, on 11 April, Viki’s family resolved to pursue legal action and report the incident to the authorities.

Netizens back legal action against minors in wake of Viki’s tragic assault

In cases involving minors, the excuse “they’re just kids” often normalizes mischief.

However, in this instance, many netizens support Viki’s family’s decision to pursue legal action as a deterrent against the perpetrators.

They believe it’s crucial to hold individuals accountable regardless of age, emphasizing the need to discourage such behaviour in the future.

A well-known Indonesian singer, Tiara Andini, expressed her shame as a citizen of Jember due to the perpetrators’ actions.

She hopes for a fair resolution, emphasizing that being children doesn’t exempt them from accountability.

“There is no mercy for animal abuse,” she stated firmly.


Another user commented that children like these need to be held accountable to grasp the realities of life and avoid arbitrary actions.

They also suggested that parents should face consequences if necessary.


In response to a different comment, another user emphasized not forgiving the perpetrators simply because of their age.

They argued that without strict punishment or sanctions, there would be no deterrent effect, emphasizing the seriousness of the crime.


Another comment stressed the importance of educating every individual about being kind to animals, highlighting that such behaviour could lead to harm to humans in the future.

They emphasized the satisfaction these individuals might derive from hurting living creatures.


Local authorities investigating the case

Responding to one of the comments, the Jember Police Public Relations stated that the case is under investigation and due to the suspects’ status as minors, it is being handled procedurally by the Jember Police Women and Children Service.


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If you consider the dog your property, then they are thieves for depriving your of companionship. Simple as that.

Take legal action, let age not be an excuse.

Furthermore, I would suggest getting a dog that is not a useless toy breed. Perhaps a normal dog that can defend itself would suffice.