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HOPE rescue responds to disturbing Choa Chu Kang neglected dog case

Choa Chu Kang residents discover a distressed dog chained in filth, sparking SPCA’s intervention. HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore responds swiftly to rescue the neglected canine, urging community support for medical expenses.



HOPE save neglected dog

SINGAPORE: A concerned resident made a distressing discovery when they noticed a dog chained to the gate of their neighbor’s flat on Choa Chu Kang Street 62 on 27 January 2024.

Upon closer inspection, the house appeared to be in disarray, with visible signs of what seemed to be feces scattered across the floor.

The dog, tethered tightly with a metal chain to the house’s gate, exhibited a visibly deteriorating condition, with dirty, long, messy, and matted fur.

The overall state of the flat mirrored the dog’s distressing situation.

The resident observed a dirty floor, and notably, there was an absence of food and water for the canine resident.

Two automatic pet feeders near the front door were found empty and in a filthy state.

The flat also contained other items strewn about, including clothes on furniture and unopened food products on the floor.

Concerned for both the dog and the flat’s owner, the resident took proactive steps to address the situation.

Despite their efforts to alert the owner by ringing the doorbell and knocking repeatedly, there was no response.

In an attempt to gather more information, they inquired with neighbors about the flat’s occupants, learning that it belonged to a local family, and this troubling situation had persisted for some time.

Given the chaotic state of the flat, the resident expressed genuine concern for the owner’s well-being, speculating on the possibility of illness or the owner being unresponsive at home without anyone noticing the distressing issue.

SPCA responds to distressing case

Responding to Mothership’s inquiry, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) acknowledged that they had not been previously aware of the case in question.

Subsequently, upon being informed, they promptly visited the flat; however, their attempts to engage with the occupants were met with silence.

The SPCA expressed their intent to make another effort to reach out to the occupants and assess the welfare of the dog.

Notably, based on preliminary assessments from the provided photos, the organization identified that the living conditions for the dog were dissatisfactory, raising concerns about the animal’s timely care.

Highlighting the complexity of pet guardianship, the SPCA recognized that individuals may encounter difficulties in caring for their pets due to various reasons, including sudden illness or unexpected financial setbacks.

Emphasizing their commitment to animal welfare, the organization extended their concern to the well-being of the humans responsible for each animal.

While acknowledging the limitations in offering assistance to every family, the SPCA assured their dedication to providing relief where possible and connecting them with additional sources of support.

SPCA reported a concerning 79% rise in animal cruelty and welfare cases in 2023, marking the highest number in over a decade.

The latest Animal Cruelty and Welfare Report revealed a jump from 511 cases in 2022 to 915 in 2023.

The majority, 61.2%, related to issues of neglect, with more than two-thirds involving dissatisfactory living conditions for pets.

Of these, 558 cases included overcrowding and prolonged confinement.

Notably, pet abandonment cases doubled from 2022, with 137 cases involving 285 animals attended to by the charity last year.

HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore successfully rescues the dog

In the latest update on 1 February, HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore successfully rescued the dog.

The organization’s volunteer stumbled upon an article detailing the dog’s plight and promptly shared it with the rest of the team.

Responding swiftly, volunteers reached the specified block within an hour, meticulously searching each level to find the matching gate mentioned in the article.

After hours of negotiations, the rescue operation concluded close to midnight, with the dog safely in their custody.

Currently, the dog is undergoing treatment at the hospital, and HOPE plans to share her full story soon.

According to the report, the dog was found covered in feces and severely matted fur, requiring extensive efforts to address the situation.

Evidently, the poor animal had endured this neglect for an extended period.

“One can never imagine the stench, torture and suffering this sweet doggy had gone through,” said HOPE.

Chained to a gate with a short leash, surrounded by dried layers of feces, without food or water, the dog was ignored by passersby until HOPE intervened.

In a heartfelt plea, HOPE urged the public to join their efforts in saving the dog.

They emphasized the urgent need to turn her life around and shared contact information for those willing to contribute to her medical expenses.

To support financially, individuals can reach out via email at [email protected] or send a private message, with a request for patience in awaiting a response.

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Locals get ‘abused’ by their rulers so they abuse their pets?
Says alot about supposedly FIRST WORLD country kind of ppl here!😆😆😆😆

As costs of living rises, some people may not be able to look after their pets. Some may abuse them as stress wears them down because of job loss. It is n’t going to get better as the PAP do not want to stop increasing the population.