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HOPE updates Caitlyn’s recovery, the neglected dog from Choa Chu Kang

HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore updates on Caitlyn, a neglected dog’s recovery journey. Despite kidney issues, arthritis, and neglect, Caitlyn thrives. HOPE expresses gratitude to every support.



HOPE rescue neglected dog

SINGAPORE: HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore provided an update through their Facebook page on Thursday (8 Feb) on the dog that had suffered neglect from its owner in Choa Chu Kang street number 62.

The dog, named Caitlyn, underwent a comprehensive medical examination.

The findings revealed that she is dealing with chronic kidney disease, which is secondary to age, along with kidney stones in her left kidney.

The veterinarian estimated her age to be around 10 years.

Despite her health challenges, HOPE reported that Caitlyn has exhibited a remarkable transformation, displaying a playful and puppy-like behavior since starting her recovery.

In addition to chronic kidney issues, Caitlyn also struggles with severe arthritis in her hind legs, necessitating weekly visits to the vet for catrophen injections.

Her hind legs are weak, leading to a poor sitting posture—likely a result of being chained up and experiencing limited movement.

Plans are in place to introduce massage therapy once she is more settled.

Fortunately, Caitlyn’s urine and kidney blood test results yielded positive outcomes, with no signs of urinary tract infection or bacteria in her urine.

At present, no further medical intervention is required in this regard.

While there were indications of pancreatitis, it appears to be a chronic issue rather than an active infection, as Caitlyn is clinically stable.

Before her rescue, Caitlyn endured a challenging diet, primarily consisting of Pedigree kibbles on the days they remembered to feed her.

Remarkably, she weighed a mere 3.3kg before undergoing the necessary grooming to remove years of matted fur and feces stuck to her coat.

Caitlyn’s foster family is now tasked with vigilant monitoring for any potential symptoms, such as tummy discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

Caitlyn faces health challenges, progresses with care and support

A recent ultrasound found gall bladder sludge, leading to the start of ursofalk medication for dissolution.

A follow-up liver assessment in two months aims to ensure stability, as her initial blood test showed normal values.

Beyond gall bladder concerns, Caitlyn has an unspayed status and a bladder stone.

Though she has stage B1 mitral valve heart disease, no medications are prescribed.

HOPE noted that monitoring her breathing and biannual ultrasounds will track her heart condition.

Once Caitlyn gains weight and strength, plans involve spaying and cystotomy for the bladder stone.

Dental care is delayed to avoid overwhelming her.

Post-medical care, Caitlyn is in a volunteer’s home for a week while potential fosters are screened.

Adapting to numerous changes, she works on settling into her new surroundings.

Caitlyn thrives despite past neglect, seeks foster care and adoption

Caitlyn craves human attention, expressing herself through barking, playful bites, and occasional howls when confused or anxious.

Enjoying her new pink bed, food is a significant joy for Caitlyn, given her history of starvation.

She devours meals in under two minutes, currently receiving three small meals daily.

Limited water intake may be due to past deprivation, contributing to kidney and bladder stones.

A dedicated volunteer sits with her during meals, ensuring she gets water by pouring it into her food.

While Caitlyn exhibits initial discomfort around other dogs, constant barking and a lack of boundaries suggest a need for gradual introductions.

HOPE anticipate that, with time, she will learn to socialize with other dogs.

Despite her past neglect, Caitlyn radiates happiness, wagging her tail when engaged in conversation, stated HOPE.

Impressively, she is 80% pee pad trained, showcasing her intelligence.

Her case is now under investigation, Caitlyn is currently seeking foster care, with adoption plans pending approval.

HOPE expresses sincere gratitude to everyone for their invaluable assistance and support in this rescue mission.

Additionally, they have shared a video capturing the heartwarming moments of Caitlyn’s rescue in their latest update.

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Guess a neglected abused doggie gets a better chance in life and way better chance to MAKE A COMEBACK then the locals themselves ,now struggling with very HIGH cost!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣