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SPCA rescues 48 hamsters from hoarder, seeks fosterers

SPCA swiftly responded to a hoarding case, rescuing 48 Syrian hamsters from cramped and unsanitary conditions. Urgently seeking fosterers, they aim to provide temporary care until forever homes are found. Donations of suitable enclosures are also welcomed.



SINGAPORE: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) responded to a distressing hoarding situation in MacPherson on 12 March, uncovering a troubling scene within the premises.

A total of 51 Syrian hamsters were discovered confined in cramped conditions within the apartment.

On their Facebook page, SPCA announced the rescue of 48 hamsters, of which 24 needed medical attention or had pre-existing injuries.

Another 24 were taken in by hamster rescue groups Little Hammy Rescue Singapore and Hamster Society Singapore.

Meanwhile, three males were left behind for the owner to take care of, each housed separately to prevent inadvertent breeding and overcrowding.

SPCA’s Facebook post also highlighted their urgent need for fosterers due to exceeding their current capacity.

They emphasized that until space becomes available, they are unable to accept additional emergency cases.

Fosterers (aged 21 and above) with experience in handling hamsters are preferred, though not necessary, the organization said.

“Fosterers should be able to provide a temporary home for our rescued hamsters, including medical care, visits to the vet, and day-to-day care like feeding and changing of bedding.

“In other words, fosterers should care for the rescued hamsters like they are their own, until they find their forever homes,” SCPA added.

“The SPCA will be able to provide follow-up veterinary care if fosterers are unable to bring them to their own clinics.”

Moreover, in their post, SPCA urged individuals who are unable to offer direct assistance but possess suitable enclosures in good condition to consider donating it.

“The minimum size for a hamster enclosure should be 80cm*50cm. If you do not have a suitable enclosure but still want to help, please let us know,” they wrote.

Disturbing footage captured by SPCA depicted multiple hamsters confined within a single cage.

Taking prompt action, SPCA intervened by rescuing 48 hamsters from the premises.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of pet companionship for individuals experiencing social isolation, SPCA reiterated the paramount importance of safeguarding the welfare of these animals.

SPCA volunteers offered guidance to the owner regarding proper hamster care, stressing the imperative of maintaining hygienic enclosures.

Additionally, SPCA plans to make surprise visits to check on the remaining hamsters’ well-being and prevent more hamsters from being accumulated.

SPCA’s Executive Director, Aarthi Sankar, revealed that they were initially notified about the concerning situation by the Brahm Centre, a local mental health charity.

Upon arrival, SPCA officials encountered numerous hamsters cramped together in inadequate enclosures, suffering from injuries and poor living conditions.

Sankar highlighted the solitary nature of hamsters and their tendency for prolific breeding, especially when housed in groups.

Those interested in fostering can complete the SPCA’s form.

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