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20-year-old woman assisting police investigation after allegedly placing placards at Israel Embassy in Singapore

A 20-year-old woman is assisting police investigations following an incident where she was observed purportedly placing placards at the entrance of the Embassy of Israel in Singapore.

Screenshots circulating online depict a series of Instagram stories featuring placards conveying messages to call for an immediate ceasefire and the cessation of all trade with Israel.



SINGAPORE: A woman is cooperating with police investigations following an incident where she was observed purportedly placing placards at the entrance of the Embassy of Israel at Stevens Close.

As reported by the Singapore state media the Straits Times, The police responded to a call for assistance on Monday (11 Dec) around 10:10 pm.

According to a police spokeswoman, the woman was reportedly seen positioning placards at the embassy’s entrance and taking photographs before leaving the scene.

Upon her identification, the 20-year-old woman is cooperating with investigations under the jurisdiction of the Public Order Act, which governs gatherings and demonstrations in public spaces.

The police investigation remains underway.

Screenshots circulating online depict a series of Instagram stories featuring placards conveying messages related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

On a social media platform known as “X,” one user characterized the incident as a “one-person protest by a 20-year-old student.”

In the Instagram stories, the woman claimed to be sitting outside a security checkpoint outside the Israel Embassy at the time.

The woman displayed two placards—one adorned with a Palestine flag and the words “Free Palestine,” while the other called for an immediate ceasefire and the cessation of all trade with Israel.

According to the same X post, the woman reportedly left the police station safely on Tuesday evening following approximately an hour of questioning. It was mentioned that the police took a video-recorded statement but allegedly did not permit the woman to take notes with pen and paper during the interrogation.

Singaporean activist summoned by police over solidarity actions at Speakers’ Corner for Israel-Palestine victims in November

In a separate development on Wednesday, Singapore joined 152 other nations in advocating for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in November, Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh was also summoned by the Singapore police for questioning as part of an ongoing investigation.

The investigation is understood to be centred around two incidents where Mr Goh was seen in his social media Instagram posts, showing him holding up a sign at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park, expressing his solidarity with the victims of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

On 18 Oct, the police and National Parks Board issued a joint statement prohibiting events and public assemblies related to the volatile Israel-Palestine conflict, citing substantial public safety and security concerns amidst escalating international tensions.

Defying authorities restrictions, Goh reportedly shared a monochromatic image on Instagram on 19 October, capturing himself at Speakers’ Corner, displaying a placard with a message that read, “Peace not war. Israel stop the killing at Gaza! Hamas release all the hostages!”

On 21 October, The Singapore Police Force (SPF) disclosed that investigations are underway concerning an incident involving Mr Goh.

On 6 Nov, a photo published on Mr Goh’s Instagram showed him holding a sign with the words: “CEASE FIRE NOW!” at the Speakers’ Corner.

In the description accompanying his post, Mr Goh wrote: “In solidarity with 2 million Palestinians at Gaza. In solidarity with those hostages still held by Hamas. ”

He concluded with a quote from Gandhi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Health Ministry in Gaza reports alarming death toll of 18,412

The Palestinian death toll from the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has mounted to 18,412, the Health Ministry in the enclave said on Tuesday.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said that 50,100 other people were injured in the Israeli onslaught.

“Some 326,000 cases of infectious diseases were detected by health teams in various shelter centers,” al-Qudra told a press conference.

Israel has bombarded the Gaza Strip from the air and land, imposed a siege and mounted a ground offensive in retaliation for a cross-border attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on 7 October.

The Israeli death toll in the Hamas attack stood at 1,200, according to official figures.

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She should go to Israel instead of protesting here. tsk tsk tsk

This 20 yr old woman better mind her own business and concentrate her studies.

Obviously this 20 yr woman does not know: 1) Israel did not started the war 2) Palestine did not own any land nor is it a country 3) There is no place for terrorism 4) Hamas wanted, not the radicals and supporters telling the whole war to stop war. 5) God promised land to Abraham and his descendants, etc Israel to Ishmael, etc etc 6) Iran terrorist leaders are funding Hamas to kill people in the name of religion of peace 7) Israel let Palestinians to stay in the Gaza strip, but they chose to built tunnels for terrorists, who… Read more »

She placed a placard kenna so fast.
Some hijab wearing monkey who was a ex President can go on even talking about humanritarian assist for HER KIND in public and nobody seems to dare to stop her!

Who is the current ‘handler’ for this monkey?

Don’t tell me is ‘What do you think’ Teo who is always sleeping on the job until call to clear shit?😆😆😆😆

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The PAP Administration
The SG Justice System

All ARE an Institution of the 3rd World Operating like Big Time Charlie’s of SG. How. Why.

Are THEY FULLY independent, are they SLAVES to PAP – Keppel Bribery Corruption seaks Volumes of PAP ethics, so is the AG punishment of Liew M Leong, and additionally, how the Ridout Bungalow Rental investigations CONCLUDED is a 2023 BIG JOKE AWARD.

Look at this VERY VERY CLEARLY – NOT the SPF is doing right. Because they ARE BEHOLDEN to BLIND POLITICAL Beliefs passed DOWN, ORDERED to by their EQUALLY blind Millionaire Pseudo Masters. The CLEAR as CRYSTAL line Drawn is, 1. Is the girl a political protestor, 2. How the Police verified she is a Politician – bcz the PAP DEMANDED Sheegaporean involved in Politics MUST join a Political Party and be a politician, 3. Is the girl acting on her POLITICAL BELIEFS, or her SENSE of HUMAN MISERY, no matter colour or ideology? The SPF is A CAVEMAN institution MUCH… Read more »

The twenty years old woman just put two placards in front of the embassy of Israel still can be considered as protesting by the police from Singapore Police Force,the mind of police from Singapore Police Force might be unsound. There’s a lot of people selling tissues on the underground path towards Ang Mo Kio MRT also can consider as protesting by the police from Singapore Police Force

cmon leh. why they so afraid of a bunch of paper? this is coming from a zionist guy like me.
it’s not they actually marched around and attacked jews like what happened in UK and USA.

Kudos to the young girl. She has shown that her humanity is still intact unlike the millions of the resident population who seem to be like dead men walking. Too much concrete removes our humanness. As the police have looked the other way for Liew Mun Wai who should have been charged in the Parti Liyani”s case. They should do the same here and also for Gilbert Goh. No one has suffered.

No doubt the situation in Gaza region is TERRIBLE now, and our well-wishes to all those caught in the sufferings. But we should first prioritize putting our own house in order. Can’t treat our own siblings/citizens well, yet want to kapo what our neighbors are doing – is that in our DNA?

If she’s not a dissident or opposition figure, then chances are she will be lightly punished.

If she’s a foreigner, then lagi better, she may just get a “verbal warning” and let off.


Since she is willing to risk being charged for this & that
she could have spoke up against the Government here.

Charity begins at home.

Must be one of the dumb idiots (70%)