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Trial for People’s’ Voice chief Lim Tean postponed due to gut infection

Lim Tean, Chief of the People’s Voice, delayed his trial citing health issues.

Mr Lim is facing three charges of practicing law without a valid certificate.



SINGAPORE: Lim Tean, the leader of the alternative party Peoples Voice (PV), has postponed his trial due to health reasons.

Suffering from gastroenteritis, commonly known as a gut infection, the 59-year-old sought medical attention on Sunday, a day before his scheduled court appearance on 11 Dec.

He is set to contest three charges brought against him for acting as a lawyer without a valid practising certificate under the Legal Profession Act.

His defence counsel, Foo Ho Chew, informed the court that Lim obtained a medical certificate (MC), excusing him from attending court.

Consequently, the trial, initially set for Monday, will now reconvene on 27 Dec, as reported by the Singapore state media the Straits Times.

During the court session, Lim’s lawyer, Mr Foo, revealed that Lim had contacted him on 8 Dec, expressing illness concerns, suspecting a possible COVID-19 infection.

Advised by his lawyer, Lim visited a doctor on 10 Dec and intended to deliver the MC to Mr Foo’s office the same day.

However, despite waiting until late at night, Mr Foo reportedly did not receive the MC.

Subsequently, he found it placed under his office door the following morning. Lim mentioned having been at the office earlier but missed meeting Mr Foo.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Edwin Soh did not oppose the adjournment request, highlighting that this was Lim’s first instance of seeking a postponement due to health reasons during the trial.

Additionally, the prosecution verified with the clinic that issued the MC, confirming its issuance on 10 Dec just before 11 am.

Meanwhile, DPP Koh accused Lim of “delay tactics,” referring to the trial’s original commencement date set for 29 Aug.

At the trial’s outset, Lim sought an adjournment after disagreements with counsel Sankar Saminathan over his defence strategy.

Slapped with a total of seven charges

Lim Tean faced legal charges on 12 May last year, including criminal breach of trust, stalking a former employee, and practising law without a valid certificate.

He was accused of purportedly misappropriating S$30,000 entrusted to him between November 14, 2019, and December 4, 2019.

This sum was reportedly part of a settlement awarded to Lim’s former client in a civil suit involving motor injury.

During 2020, investigations were conducted regarding the aforementioned accusations of misconduct and illegal stalking.

In October 2020, Mr Lim was arrested as he allegedly failed to comply with a police notice requesting his attendance for a compulsory interview related to the ongoing investigations into his purported offences, as stated by the SPF.

Attempting to halt the police probe, Lim took his case to the High Court. However, his application was dismissed, and he was directed to cover legal costs.

The stalking accusation arose from allegations of harassing a former employee at Lim’s law firm in 2020.

Law enforcement authorities mentioned that the employee provided them with text messages exchanged between herself and Lim.

During the period between April and May 2020, Lim is accused to have sent numerous flirtatious text messages to the employee repeatedly, which reportedly caused distress to her, as outlined in the charge sheets.

Additionally, Lim also faces three charges of being an unauthorised person who acted as an advocate or solicitor.

He is suspected of engaging in the commencement, continuation, or defence of court proceedings for clients on 32 occasions spanning from April 1, 2021, to June 4, 2021.

Additionally, he is alleged to have prepared legal documents and instruments linked to court proceedings on 33 instances between April 1, 2021, and June 9, 2021

According to the Singapore Courts website, every solicitor acting as an advocate and solicitor must obtain a valid practising certificate.

These certificates are renewed annually for each practice year, running from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

In September 2022, Mr Lim was handed another two new criminal charges. He was accused of misappropriating S$5,500 paid by AXA Insurance as settlement monies to a person named Christianne Rameshwaran.

He was also charged with refusing to answer questions posed to him by an officer from the police’s Commercial Affairs Department on 10 June 2022.

On 22 Aug, the court found Lim guilty of grossly improper conduct concerning the mishandling of the S$30,000 belonging to his former client.

If convicted of unlawful stalking, Lim could face imprisonment for up to 12 months, a fine of up to S$5,000, or both.

Those found guilty of criminal breach of trust as an attorney may face life imprisonment, a maximum of 20 years, or a fine.

Moreover, practising law without a valid certificate could result in a prison term of up to six months, a fine of up to S$25,000, or both.


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Monopoly of their Rights

People’s’ Voice? more like Pāi pāi pìgu distraction voice. all these “no-name” oppo with hardly any voter support , are a waste of time. the bullshit alliance too.

PAPPies back by China and US … running parallel to each other with Dictators United … No hope liao

And where is Rebecca Lim … Another of the Lim family. No support for Lim Tean?!?

Where is Jamus Lim. The Lim family… Why ain’t speaking up for Lim Tean?!?

Why is ppl upticking for me again?!? I dunno how to express myself? Need others to do it for me?!? Forever snitching…

How is the F1 Is-wanted case? any updates?

None of the mini stars, the world highest paid ones, dare to challenge him for open debate.
Instead they resort to dirty, mafia-style ways to silent him.
How coward!!!

Has always been the tactic used by PAP.

The question to ask:

Who filed police report that a lawyer practiced law without valid certification?
AG does not act until police reports are made.

AG does not go around looking for cases to bring to court.
Neither does the police.
It is never an active role but a reactive one…
so who made a police report..?

Trying to use MC to keng or delay the evitable?
At least NSF boys who try this in army, maybe could get down graded but for this rascal Lim, he will not escape his just dessert!
Try harder, next time. Must his next stunt will be trying to attempt Harikiri on himself!😆😆😆😆

Is Lim’s offences any worst or more evil than the AG who apparently turned away eyes and brain, not taking action to proceed to prosecute PAP candidates GE offences?
Who is more corrupted, question arises?

Last edited 6 months ago by 80twenty