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PV Chief Lim Tean questions timing of charges against WP’s Pritam Singh

PV Chief Lim Tean voiced “gravest disquiet” over the prolonged delay in charging LO Pritam Singh for alleged perjury in 2021 Privileges hearing He raised concerns about the timing of these charges, especially with the imminent General Election in Singapore.



SINGAPORE: Lim Tean, the leader of the alternative party Peoples Voice (PV), expressed “gravest disquiet” over the extensive delay before Leader of the Opposition, Pritam Singh, faced charges for allegedly providing false information to a parliamentary committee.

Emphasizing the more than 2-year gap before Mr Singh was charged, Lim Tean questioned the timing of these charges, particularly as Singapore approaches a looming  General Election.

Lim Tean raised questions regarding the investigation into Pritam Singh’s case, juxtaposing it with the relatively swift investigation into another case involving former PAP Minister Iswaran.

Lim Tean pointed out that Mr Iswaran’s case saw a swift investigation by the CPIB, resulting in charges within 7 months, later reduced to 27 counts.

“Was the Pritam case so difficult to investigate in comparison to the Iswaran case? Or were there other reasons why the charges against Pritam Singh were only brought now?”

Besides Lim Tean, Mr Leong Mun Wai, a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has also spoken out regarding recent developments.

He expressed solidarity with Mr Singh amid the ongoing legal proceedings.

WP Chief Pritam Singh affirms MP commitment amid legal challenges

On 19 March, Pritam Singh, who is also the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party (WP), pleaded not guilty to two charges of providing false information to a parliamentary committee.

He affirmed his commitment to fulfilling his parliamentary and town council duties “until the legal process comes to a complete close”.

The controversy ignited when former WP MP Raeesah Khan falsely claimed in Parliament in 2021 that she had accompanied a sexual assault victim to a police station, alleging that the victim had received insensitive treatment by the police.

After two further misleading statements in Parliament, in August and October 2021, Raeesah finally admitted in November 2021 that her claim was untrue, prompting an investigation that would ensnare Singh and Faisal.

A probe led by the Committee of Privilege (COP) was launched on 27 November 2021 to scrutinize Raeesah’s fabrications.

In February 2022, the Singapore Parliament voted to refer the conduct of Singh and Faisal to the Public Prosecutor, aligning with the committee’s recommendation in its 1,180-page report following the hearings.

After nearly two years of investigation, Mr Singh was charged with two counts of offences under section 31(q) of the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act for allegedly providing false answers during his examination by the Committee of Privilege.

These offences could lead to a fine of up to S$7,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years. Singh appeared in State Court to plead not guilty to the charges against him.

COP does not question Ms Khan’s credibility: Singh

In the February 2022 motion debate, Singh said: “the COP’s case at its highest relies on one pillar – it believes Ms Khan’s evidence that she had been told to take her lie to the grave. This belief rests on an uncorroborated piece of evidence, a WhatsApp text originating from Ms Khan herself.”

He added, “The COP deems the fact of its contemporaneousness to be critical in coming to its conclusion. The COP does not question Ms Khan’s credibility even though she was the one who lied in this House, by her own admission, and even though she also lied when she first communicated with me about this matter.”

In rejecting the second part of the motion, which seeks to refer the two to the Public Prosecutor, Singh said, “While Mr Faisal and myself are prepared to be referred to the Public Prosecutor, we don’t agree with this particular paragraph because the basis of the referral to the Public Prosecutor is from the findings of the Committee of Privileges and we reject the allegation that we told half-truths.”

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we definitely need more oppositions parties.

Someone said: cheaperr, betterr and fasterrr …tsk tsk tsk

The morerrrr can serve Singapooreans.What do you think?

The PAP Administration has manipulated and controlled Govt Services to the People for years without checks and balances – millions of foolish SGpns traded off civil liberties, for chicken wings, peanuts. This has got to be the most dumbest place on earth – cheap and easily manipulated, with the shallowest brains, or even no functional brains.

The world is so interconnected, and worst yet Millions of sheeps in SG oblivious to this blatant bastard Administration’s ways and means to coerce them to toe the line comparing with other progressive places on earth.

Any opposition get charged is political motivated, there is no wrongdoing of opposition, definitely. Anything happens close to election is also political motivated, as nothing should happen during election window. Any establishment get charged like Iswaran is definitely not political motivated as they supposed to be protected, like politician immunity. And the timing doesn’t matter, as long as is expedited to my satisfaction. What’s the logic, and oppies expecting AG to follow this rule. That’s the silly oppies mentality I read so far.

There is no question that the timing is political motivated.

Who exactly believes that government institutions are free and independent from the ruling party? In fact, it has never been free since independence.

This LT really a joke, can’t even take care of his ownself and yet talk so much. If you get associated with him you don’t expect to win any election. First he asked why drop iswaran charges when he already have 20 over charges. Now he questioning the timing of ps charges when these 2 cases are just few months apart. Ps just have 2 charges against him, not 20 charges, and oppies already pulling their hairs and cried political motivated. Do be fair when making comments. LT so when is the best time to charge ps, huh? Or you… Read more »

why mee siam mai hum not charged for withholding information about carton box exercise guy who has 2 years of inappropriate relationship with cha bo? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Just wondering that the COP was headed by TCJ and TCJ did not disclose his standing and despite the PM knowing he let TCJ head the COP. Under these circumstances can AG then declare the COP session null void since has not con ducted in some what transparent manner because of TCJ. Lot of tax payers money will be saved.

This regime need all the votes it can get, … in their egregious efforts to reclaim lost ground and constituencies !!!

Do not blame their methods, … not when they hold all the cards and have always played dirty !!!

That’s a rhetorical question right?

Pap rule BY LAW.

Aiyah the elephant in the room is so obvious. Is anyone even surprised anymore. Their old fashioned tricks have no room for improvement.

When it’s the look of a corrupted aggenda from corrupted politicians to annihilate opposition, fearing for their political lives and rice bowls, and also to prevent their slave Singaporeans from having a chance to elect their beloved representatives to raise their voices on their behalf in Parliament – it does not require basic common senses to believe and brand this PAP is the MOST DIRTIEST, MOST STINK bunch, POWER HUNGRY LOT of anti Singaporean self indulged political thieves, ever, ever. How can one judge from this PAP actions that they say they have our backs, they serve SG truly and… Read more »

A person who has so many charges on himself, question the timing of charges on others?
If the opposition continue to have friends and association to ppl like LT, I am afraid the opposition ain’t going to make it into Parliment.
Didn’t their own papa and mama of these ppl in oppo teach them….don’t mix with bad company?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣